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Expert: China is gradually push the international textile machinery products

Published on:2014/12/5 15:28:55

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Introduction:November 28, ZhongFang foreign company will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the anniversary.As our country textile field industry and trade ent...

November 28,

, ZhongFang foreign company will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the anniversary.Textile industry in China industry and trade enterprises, the earliest ZhongFang foreign companies, foreign economic and technological cooperation company, China's textile industry in China textile machinery and technology import and export co., LTD.) each step through the adhere to seek their own development with the benefit of the country, the industry and the dual responsibility of the society.

3 0 years, ZhongFang foreign company in the introduction of foreign advanced textile equipment, textile machinery products in China has the international experience, Bridges play an irreplaceable role, become an important driver of our country's textile industry to continue to progress.Move into the new century, foreign company is in the core of reform and transition occasion, giving full play to the advantages of foreign platform with professional services actively, in leading our country textile enterprises "going out", help improve the international competitiveness of textile industry has made outstanding contributions.

challenge for 30 years, as China's textile industry to world textile with strong power of the involved with with witnesses, foreign companies with a generation to catch up with a lot of similar foreign enterprises in one hundred, the process which wind and rain on the road?What story will accumulate in the future bring forth?Reporter has an interview with the chairman of the board of directors of the company, general manager bao-lin zhu.

30 years accumulate lead FangQi to improve international competitiveness in China


ZhongFang foreign companies set up 30 years of grades with has the contribution to the industry.Reform in recent years, with the transformation and upgrading is the main melody, ZhongFang foreign company for related enterprises "going out" for what?What kind of breakthrough itself obtained?

bao-lin zhu: foreign company set up for 30 years, giving full play to the advantages of foreign platform with professional services actively, make contributions to the rapid development of industry of his own power.Generations of leaders and employees, will be dedicated to the company, work hard, devote quietly, laid a solid foundation for the development of the company.After keep exploring in recent years, with the unremitting efforts, the company gradually formed a textile machinery exports, textile trade, engineering contracting with foreign cooperation four big main business coordinated development of comprehensive operation pattern, the company's operating strength to further enhance the key competitiveness.At the end of 2013, the annual sales income historic high of 6.4 billion yuan., textile machinery exports grew by more than $5000 five years ago to $2013 in 260 million, hitting a record high.Textile imports from 5 years ago $60 million to $2013 in 530 million, also hit a record high.

company seize the national strategy of "going out" development opportunities, with the industry well-known enterprises store, BaiLong and waffer close cooperation, for enterprises to deliver value-added services to the whole process of "going out", in some key markets successful implementation of a batch of large projects, ensure the rapid growth of the export of textile machinery.With the same time, comply with the national foreign trade policy shift, surrounded by cotton yarn, grey cloth, cotton linter, cotton series, cotton products, build a wide range of channels in a short span of a few years, and explore a set of suitable for its own business model and strategy, promote textile imports and established the industry take the lead in advantage.Cotton imports account for $2013 in 439 million, the import quantity reached 140000 tons, three consecutive years ranks the first.

projects continue to obtain substantial breakthroughs, beat more than 1997 multinational companies won the bid for Syria Jeremy bligh textile engineering, and drive the development of several other projects, in influenced by the financial crisis in 2009 won the bid for the two textile engineering, strong support the company with partners through difficulties.In recent years, the company will develop field extends to the water and environmental engineering, water supply, Qingdao has won hunan changsha regiment island sewage plant, Qingdao sea mooring river sewage plant and so on, more than 10 engineering procurement and supply project, combined with successful listing CTEXIC investment of membrane science and technology, tianjin, more perfect to run published with the company's environmental protection engineering.This year's $79 million in Sri Lanka sewage project contract signing on, created the company to undertake the textile EPC project goals.

foreign cooperation advantages continue to play, the company was set up after the implementation of state aid to Africa, southeast Asia more than cooperation projects, based on recent experience in long-term care before and after the winning 17 aid supplies bidding project, three consecutive years become the largest company in the ministry of commerce companies such A bid amount.With the four comprehensive cooperation of African cotton in our country the first a project - the signing of benin cotton planting projects, the ministry of commerce also to the company to implement and has set up a smooth start, to explore the construction of overseas cotton base path with business model has important significance.Benin textile company (CBT) cling to the local market demand, competitive opportunities for improvement in three consecutive years continue to profit, is known as China's preferential loans overseas textile achieved success story.

was established at the beginning of the

textile machinery manufacturing industry in our country comprehensive upgrade

journalists: as a large state-owned enterprises, the birth of ZhongFang foreign company confirm is shouldering the national mission, its inception, the company in the industry has just started, what efforts?

bao-lin zhu: ZhongFang foreign companies after the establishment of the first 10 years, is China's textile industry and textile machinery industry to speed up the pace of development, efforts to shorten the disparity with the advanced world level.When textile industrial equipment is poor, backward technology, product variety, less so for the country introduced in urgent need of advanced equipment and technology, improve the level of textile industry and textile machinery manufacturing industry as soon as possible, be left shoulder the historical mission in the foreign company.Company under the leadership of the national relevant departments, through foreign negotiations, to undertake a number of textile chemical fiber national key to establish a goal to introduce and import task production enterprise technical renovation, import roughly $3 billion in total, three guns group such as dyeing factory in Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin YiMian more than 70 units, such as the introduction of high temperature high pressure dyeing machine, air jet loom, automatic winder, carding couplet, etc;For pingdingshan shenma plant, jiangxi fault-tree, jilin characteristic more than 30 units, such as the introduction of nylon, polyester, nylon, viscose, acrylic and so on many kinds of chemical fiber equipment;For our country to xianyang textile machinery, textile machinery, textile machinery, shenyang changde zhengzhou textile machinery, textile machinery, such as more than 20 enterprises imported water spray, rapier, air-jet loom manufacturing technologies, high speed warp knitting machine manufacturing technology, sizing machine design and manufacturing technology, etc.ZhongFang foreign companies with China textile, chemical fiber and textile machinery manufacturing productivity improvement and upgrading of industry have made important contributions.

In the mid - 1990-

opens the road of the internationalization of China's textile machinery in

reporters: age, ZhongFang foreign company mission to confirm such a large state-owned import and export corporation, the China textile machinery industry and enterprise vigorous development, the national import and export policy to make a huge adjustment, the company take what measures to deal with the import and export of complex environment?Got what?

bao-lin zhu: in the mid - 1990 - s, China's foreign trade policy shift, a large number of production enterprises has the self-management import and export rights.Company keenly capture of the change of the situation, decisive, adjust the structure of main business in nearly five years, the business transition from mainly imports to import and export, and eventually lay the ground in the new century a new architecture for the export business of textile machinery.

in 2004, in order to adapt to the profound changes of the external environment, the company through the construction comprehensive strategic cooperation with jingwei textile machinery co., LTD, the restructuring.The restructuring is a smooth constant day group export channels, important steps to effectively integrate resources, restructuring the smooth implementation of the competitiveness of the textile machinery exports, greatly increasing group.Through the constant day group textile machinery exports of resources integration, corporation reengineering their business processes, build perfect export platform, with group inside and outside the relevant production enterprises to build the close relations of cooperation, focus on a group of excellent professional service team, and formed a perfect overseas marketing network, construction of India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, west Africa, East Africa representative office with Hong Kong wholly owned subsidiary in China, and in many countries set up after-sales service centers, focus on localized marketing and service personnel, gradually form a unified, perfect, coordinate system of the textile export and after-sales service system, for keeping to do strongly does textile machinery exports the key of study to lay a solid foundation.A set of data can introduce problems clearly, 2002 ZhongFang foreign textile machinery company exports was $25.61 million, $50 million in 2005, 2006, up $100 million, and again in 2008 to $156 million, 2013 to $265 million, hitting a record high, the main products of cotton spinning machinery exports account for more than 40% of the national export, the textile export market coverage in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe more than 50 countries and regions.

to speed up the transformation and upgrading of building project with

international trade enterprises

journalists: in recent years, domestic and international two markets, earth-shaking changes have taken place in the competition is more heated.Industries also process the difficult "metamorphosis", from extensive to intensive management change direction, took to the connotation and innovation to give priority to the road of development.You can discuss ZhongFang in recent years, foreign companies are doing in business strategy Angle adjustment, is how to better service for the industry?

bao-lin zhu: in recent years, in the face of deepening reform, accelerate the development of the enormity of the task with the transformation and upgrading of industry with the urgent situation, foreign companies adhere to the "reform, innovation" spirit, to "institutions, jianping platform, management, and promote development" for the tone, vigorously promotes the structural adjustment and management innovation, and actively explore the new development model of the company, efforts to promote the company's business strategic transformation to improve.In summary the main if completed the "shift" four perspectives: one is to complete the structure of the main business transformation.According to the situation changes in a timely manner to adjust business strategy, vigorously develop new markets to develop new business, integrate internal resources, optimizing institutional Settings, gradually formed a "textile machinery exports, textile trade, project, chinese-foreign cooperation in four main business coordinated development" of the operating structure, make the company's overall strength significantly increased.Second, the structure of complete human resource transformation.For talent team rapidly aging serious situation a few years ago, the company according to the needs of business development for long-term personnel planning, by hiring nurturing fresh graduates with introducing social talent, talent structure was optimized quickly, formed in the old light overall quality improved obviously and reasonable allocation of the new hr team.3 it is to change the way of professional services.Company actively improve foreign institutions function, strive to enrich the overseas professional marketing team, actively push forward the strategy of "localization", multi-level, diversified demand around domestic and foreign customers, both efforts to promote personalized service ability, and improve the overall scheme solving ability, widely praised by our clients.Four is to achieve the transition of the enterprise management mode.By implementing a comprehensive information management, improve the company's operating management level and efficiency;Through attention to employee career planning and optimization compensation and performance management, enhance the company's vitality and creativity;By strengthening budget management and risk control, improve the company stable healthy development capacity.


ZhongFang 30 years for foreign company work is obvious to all, please talk about company future development goal with ideas.

bao-lin zhu: current and future a period of time, ZhongFang foreign companies are still in the transformation, innovation, speed up the development of an important period of core, improve the crucial period of change.Company will form the basis of his 30 years development and advantages, further deepen the reform, speed up the transformation and upgrading, speed up the implementation of the new development strategy.One is based on two major industries., focusing on the textile, environmental protection two big industry to form the industry and the domestic and international market of their own advantages, business pattern, and management features, further enhance visibility in the international market, the influence of the increase in related industries.The second is business architecture transformation.To change the status quo of four parallel to business development, the construction "to a engineering business, mechanical and electrical products, textile trade, international cooperation for booster" new business architecture.Engineering business may be defined as tap, goal is to improve its engineering development ability to enhance the company's overall competitiveness, the driving force with a profit of the business level;Position mechanical and electrical products trade the important support for the company, the goal is to play to the traditional advantage of the company, to expand cooperation with the industry;Textiles and raw materials trade is another important support company, positioning for the company to increase the scale, improve financing ability of effective carrier;Foreign cooperation business is continue to be linked with the government, industry resources, the accumulation of the company's development boosters.Three is the transformation of the mode of development.Continuously carry forward the "reform, innovation" spirit, with the booming of e-business, actively try to use the Internet to transform traditional business thinking, innovative business model, based on the reform of state-owned enterprises in the development of unified deployment, a variety of cooperation, to explore the mixed economy, enliven the operation mechanism, continue to strengthen competitive ability.Through the implementation of the new development strategy, and strive to establish foreign company as an engineering with key competitiveness and industry influence and trade internationalization of enterprises, for the new period, the transformation and upgrading of textile industry in China under the new norm, to further promote the comprehensive cooperation of Chinese and foreign textile industry contribution to the new power.

Keyword:Textile machinery and the market, the textile industry, textile, cotton, chemical fiber, textile industry, gas loom, polyester, textile of China

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