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Yarn ShaSao trelawney's suffering and joy

Published on:2014/12/5 15:28:55

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Introduction:Talk with current GuoMianChang retired old people, the old yarn ni ShaSao are hard to hide a sense of pride is still between the words.I've found for ...

talked to current GuoMianChang retired old people, the old yarn ni ShaSao are hard to hide a sense of pride is still between the words.I've found for zhengzhou textile business offer half of the old people in the era of GuoMianChang brilliant proud with the upsurge of selfless dedication.

zhengzhou GuoMianChang textile workers very hard, bitter unbelievable to young people.At work, the working environment is poor, high labor intensity, work strain.The noise of the spinning machine was deafening;Machine shop workers speak to bite a ear shout;Of yarn spinning workshop worker a person see a dozen machine, a class down to go a few miles;Pure flower shop cotton fly, even if the worker wu wear two masks are inevitable batt into his mouth.In life, housing conditions, three shifts take children to give.Because the housing difficulties, unmarried men and women live in dormitories, married two double employees in the factory hostel for ten days and a half months and separated into men's and women's dormitory.Children after the female weavers, according to the seniority system in "mother", the so-called "mother room" is also a room is divided into two or three space for two or three mothers with children live in;Children with mother three shifts, in the middle of the night is the night shift of the sleeping child's mother take home is awake when weavers' children the most profound memory;Tournament to technology and technology model comparison and give up the only day off, throw the child home is weavers often work overtime to do...

these seemingly not acceptable by us, unbearable, shall not be incredibly hard were GuoMian textile worker with a confident smile, work with enthusiasm, with selfless dedication to accept with a smile.So, be a workshop machines roar, batting, three running three shifts, 24 hours without a stop hard;With zhengzhou GuoMianChang workers motivation is big, not a lazy praise;Three factory factory have GuoMian 50th anniversary, paid about 1.66 billion yuan of taxes for 50 years, were known as the national finance and foreign exchange "cornucopia" reputation;With zhengzhou textile industry golden period in 1981, the industry complete tax is 332.63 million yuan, accounting for 70% of the revenue, become a "pillar industry" in zhengzhou city.

Zhengzhou GuoMianChang

textile workers are optimistic.Although work is very tired, but their spirit is very rich.Everyone asked aspirant, everybody when advanced pacesetter.That kind of optimistic self-confidence, to a pain for a pleasure and active, dare to the spirit of devotion is what is needed, transfer, promote positive energy!


s of the masses "May Day", "11" celebration meeting, after the parade, the first phalanx is necessarily a textile worker team, textile girl stood in the scene of floats will be as when a beautiful beautiful scenery.That is their pride and pride;That s, a worker is "twin" status, higher wages, crowd, textile employee treatment is good, young textile factory became a unit of each organ who seek object.That is their self-confidence and charm;In order to improve productivity, they practice technology, forget all about eating and sleeping, working overtime, but perseverance and enthusiasm.It is their responsibility and dedication;The staff meeting, versatile textile workers use day off the director from literature and art show, the weekend movie screening, such as cotton mills in the library.Is that they enjoy colorful amateur life calmly with light;As the GuoMian textile industry gradually fade out, once the weaving girl became the "ShaSao" of the laid-off again obtain employment, weavers shifting from the rumble of the machines to ShaSao stewed noodles hall, ShaSao housekeeping service jobs.It's their self-help and self-reliance......They obscure, selfless dedication, for the development of textile industry in our country, made a significant contribution to the development of the city of zhengzhou, as the younger generation, we need to remember them.

GuoMianChang unique architecture, is the witness of the era, as a unique scenery, they increase the cultural background of the city, record and witnessed an important period in the history of the development of industry of zhengzhou, and bearing the zhengzhou memories of this period work and life, as a national textile city is zhengzhou symbol of history and culture, is an important part of urban historical and cultural heritage.They should be the protection, also worthy of protection, however, the rapid development of the city is gradually erase city memories in people's mind.GuoMian four factory production the gate, how many of the older generation weavers in this height to stop thinking, tears streaming down her face.Machines roar, however, the collapse of the wall of dust shrine of their youth and sweat.

ended an era, high spirit of the age is older textile labor condensed with wisdom.Passionate time, textile, brilliant s memory, su shi building these kept traces of age characteristics in the process of rapid development of urbanization shouldn't this be forgotten, nor should this be running a giant bulldozer relentlessly shovel.Keep that s unique buildings get to keep the spirit and soul of the city, to make those who exists as a part of the city, is bearing the weight of the architectural heritage of people deep feeling memory footprint, retaining city urban development.

A new era of

, the birth of a textile museum.GuoMian three factory is located in zhengzhou city of zhengzhou textile museum in all kinds of the preparation is in steady progress.Zhengzhou textile museum will restore the memory of zhengzhou textile industry, show textile workers once brilliant, display the modern textile industry's contribution to the development of zhengzhou.The dedication of textile workers with good memories will be materialized for exhibition, in zhengzhou textile museum as the carrier for all-round.So, it is a city of memory, the memory has GuoMianChang yarn ni ShaSao's youth with pay, bitter with joy and memories and feelings, that is with a total with the growth of day!