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Ningxia ecological textile industry demonstration garden open new silk road development engine

Published on:2014/12/5 15:28:53

Keyword:Yarn, silk, spinning machine, automation, cotton yarn, clothes, fibre, textile industry, home textile, cotton
Introduction:"Boom", November 27, when the reporter walks into demonstration garden is located in the helan county of ningxia ecological textile industry workshop ...

"rumbling", November 27, when the reporter walks into demonstration garden is located in the helan county of ningxia ecological textile industry workshop 2, capacious and bright super ultra high workshop, arranged in the intelligent textile machinery plow woven sounds than more amazing.Shuttle in the workshop of sporadic visible weavers, just move finger can monitor spinning machine operation experience.

, "you see, I just watching the monitor, experience can understand the whole machine is running, simple?"Spinning lady xiao-mei ma pointing to the 92.58% of the work shown on the monitoring equipment efficiency, told reporters.Currently, trained xiao-mei ma a person with two 144 ingot charka, change a, clean after doffing of stop, machine...All these procedures only need 8 minutes to implement.

On September 2,

this year, with the fashion industry park of ningxia ruyi science and technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "best company") no. 2 workshop production line put into production, xiao-mei ma GenJin 300 workers to work together, open the domestic first the prelude to a spinning automatic complete sets of production lines.

full automatic, which is the core of ecological textile industry demonstration garden.Ingot labor not more than 25 people, 100 mu of only 260 operating workers set up shop, four people in charge of a workshop, even yarn break line all by machine.Satisfied company secretary of the party committee fannie tell reporter, the company factory workers have moved into more than 1200 people, nissan 30 tons, cotton production by the end of 12 month will break through 1000 tons, the factory will be at the end of December 4 trial production, is expected to reach 5000 people at the end of next year the number of labor.

recently, satisfied the company plans to in helan county group buying 2000 housing units for the employees, let the workers in this height to live and work in peace and contentment.Heard that the future can live low into the new house, near xiao-mei ma with sisters very happy: "my house in the countryside, if live in helan county, their children to school is convenient."

satisfied company landing in ningxia, have the right people with the condition.Ningxia heavy industry development not balanced, but the surrounding is rich in oil, coal and other benefits.For this reason, the autonomous region government to make key decisions, with the development of textile industry agreed to a "demonstration garden planning of ningxia ecological textile industry in China, and must be autonomous region" no.2 engineering ", yinchuan it must be "number one project".From yinchuan comprehensive free trade zone of preferential policies, the best company to enjoy the tax exemption, not the cotton index such as support.

from yinchuan heald bao zone importing cotton from the raw material, low purchase price per ton to 5000 yuan.Combined with the park's geographical advantages and abundant local surplus labor force, good conditions, such as the project put into production well.No. 2 workshop, after the production of cotton products by reprocessing, directly through the group company are sold to guangdong, jiangsu and zhejiang area.

reporters saw in the park, located in no. 2 opposite of no. 1 factory, the workers are debugging installation far spinning equipment imported from Germany and Switzerland.Next year, the world's only 125000 pounds of total imports, total process intelligent, digital and automation spinning production line, the armour, boot out of yarn.Thousands of ingot labor 12 people, this is a higher than no. 2 workshop loom speed data.This means that the digital spinning factory production will be more efficient for light industry in ningxia to sail.

reported that as of today, the park has accumulated investment of 6.072 billion yuan, for the four main item goals set by the company issue 10 factories are delivered to use, year production value of up to 3 billion yuan, tax revenue of 150 million yuan.

in the future, a new color polyester fiber materials production as a main body, colored spun yarn dyed, clothing, home textile, etc for the integration of new modern ecological environmental intensive textile industrial base will rise.The output of filar silk cotton spinning machine, will into a pretty nice shirt sold everywhere, as a new growth point of economic development in ningxia.Expected to ningxia ecological textile demonstration garden, after the production of all industrial output will reach 250 billion yuan, the park will gather a population of 150000 industrial workers.By then, the proportion of light and heavy industry in ningxia, will also be optimized by the 15-85 to 30, 70.

as the birthplace of China's first article spinning automatic complete sets of production lines, ningxia demonstration garden of ecological textile industry will follow the ancient silk road, as the new engine in ningxia new silk road.(reporter greeny Chen ling)

Keyword:Yarn, silk, spinning machine, automation, cotton yarn, clothes, fibre, textile industry, home textile, cotton

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