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Heat pipe leakage near 170000 square meters garden road heating area affected

Published on:2014/12/5 15:28:51

Introduction:Yesterday, zhengzhou garden road intersection of the Yellow River near a heating pipeline leak, near 170000 square meters area of heating in the affec...

Garden road

yesterday, zhengzhou Yellow River crossing near a heating pipeline leak, near 170000 square meters area of heating in the affected area.The leakage reason is not yet known, 10 o 'clock last night, to repair is in progress.

pipe leakage is located in the southwest corner of the Yellow River intersection garden road.Around 10 o 'clock last night, the henan business newspaper reporter saw the scene, under the strong light irradiation, six or seven of the rescue workers are in white water vapor in the work.


, after several hours of repairs, deeply buried leaking pipes is staff to find out, but because of the high temperature reason, want to immediately will leak repair is not easy.

because of the heat pipe main damage, five road, garden road, JingQi Road dimness, weft stretch of road, such as district heating under the influence of different degree, the affected area of about 170000 square meters.


, according to the on-site staff for construction environment and condition of underground pipeline is relatively complex, concrete repair MCP - T360 time temporarily not sure.Zhengzhou thermal head office staff also said that the only take the time to repair.

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Zhengzhou thermal pipe why problems mount


year begins heating, zhengzhou thermal pipeline leakage or explosion accidents has always been to continue.

The henan business daily reported on November 3,

the shaying river road no. 50 yuan thermal pipe burst in the pressure test.Then, the next day, the henan business daily reported the three national railway changxing road north 700 meters a heat pipe burst in the pressure test.

On November 7,

lingyun road store inside the heat pipe burst, water and mud splashing around.

On November 10,

three red flag road near a non-motor vehicle road, an underground heat pipes burst.

On November 21,

cotton spinning road with qinling road occurrence blowout of heating pipe network, more than 40000 heating user is suspended.

On November 25,

Qin Linglu underground heat pipes burst, road surface collapse into a hot water pit.

On December 2,

, songshan road, near the river crossing heat pipes burst, about 20000 households heating affected.