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Developed by chongqing golden cat high-end traveler

Published on:2014/12/5 15:16:19

Keyword:Steel wire ring, ring, spinning, yarn, price, chemical fiber, textile engineering, textile machinery
Introduction:Not long ago, take part in the national textile equipment meeting with chongqing golden cat textile equipment co., LTD., research and development pers...

not long ago, in the national textile equipment meeting with chongqing golden cat textile equipment co., LTD., researchers learned that the national 12th five-year plan included high performance steel wire ring and ring in the textile machinery industry special foundation research project.In recent years, the industry association to guide and help, plagued China for more than ten years of high-speed spinning the bottleneck of high performance steel wire circle was finally open chongqing golden cat, and won the China federation of textile product development contribution award for 2013.The prize of chongqing the golden cat, domestic well-known institutions of scientific research personnel and carried all the textile colleagues hope, should this say it's a "battle".

spinning core technology demanding

steel wire circle is experience of ring spun yarn yarn twisting and winding shall not lack of parts, affecting the yarn quality, production efficiency and so on many core index in ring spinning.First from a quality point of view, after the high speed of steel wire ring, ring can increase the yarn hairiness 3 mm above or H value, and the CV % value of yarn, coarse details, nep, cotton ball, such as indicators, reduce yarn strength, increase the twist CV % value, strength CV % value, and the CVb % value of cop, hairiness CV % value, so that reduce the grade of the finished product.Wuxi YiMian more than ten years ago, a large number of application of imported steel wire ring, ring, they made detailed contrast test, the result shows that the domestic steel wire circle of individual difference is big, high speed when more evident differences, compared with foreign products, hairiness CV % value is large, the cloth on the uneven distribution of hairiness formation, reduce the quality of the finished product.


ring, the use of steel wire circle and the interaction of the two is very important to improve the production efficiency.Almost no good traveller walking period, and using extended cycle than ordinary steel wire circle 1 ~ 3 times.The author in subei deeply realized the importance of steel wire circle selection in one power plant, in spun yarn spinning long car 60 combed yarn, adopt steel wire circle thousand pounds at a factory in more than 15 root, switch to a higher quality of domestic new type steel wire circle, broken down to about 10, not only using the number of days increase, maintenance man for traveler also greatly reduce the workload.Its functions are as follows: thousands of ingot in when spinning chemical fiber and its blended yarn is 6 within the root, pure cotton within 10 root, machinist stands a amount of 30% ~ 30%.And increase production directly linked with benefit, reasonable adjustment of steel wire circle model, the thousand pounds when yield can be from 37 kg up to 38 kg, total output increased 2.63%.According to the average count 32, ten thousand pounds a year to increase production about 41 tons;Such as J40 spinning cotton yarn, speed can be increased from present 16000 r\/min to 16000 r\/min, production is increased by 10%, or ten thousand pounds by about 110 tons, according to the processing fee of 9000 yuan per ton, increase 990000 yuan a year.Therefore, steel wire circle is small, but four two dial one thousand catties.

Besides technology demanding

high-end traveller, but also meet the need of high-speed operation.Ordinary traveler linear velocity in 30 ~ 38 m\/SEC, generally through 40 m\/s even if high-speed, foreign products can reach more than 50 meters\/SEC.If to 40 meters\/seconds, 24 hours a day to walk 3456 kilometers, if can use 20 days, will run almost 70000 kilometers.Of course, with the ceramic ring traveler running 105 days and travel 300000 kilometers is very large.

targeting high-end strive to top

to move into the 21st century, Chinese spinning industry fast and fierce development, high speed, high efficiency, high yield of spinning equipment launched, but to meet the needs of high speed and high yield of high quality equipment research and development is relatively lagging, especially the use of steel wire ring, ring features, significantly lag behind foreign product service life.Remember one power plant has a new type of steel wire circle will all domestic high-speed wear-resisting try to get the car, almost all failed, cannot not involving the 800 yuan to buy a box of imports of steel wire circle, the equivalent of domestic prices nearly 20 times.

a valuable equipment and the use of the components is usually through its function, reliability, and to create the ultimate value of life.Foreign traveler, ring manufacturers based on do high-quality goods, the price is high, quality is guaranteed.Many domestic enterprises often only takes the capital expansion, willing to give up spending on big projects, but "stingy" on a few small equipment.Traveler a box of calculated at 5000, ordinary carton prices less than 50 yuan, each less than a penny.Once upon a time, traveler manufacturers have dozens, and interacting with each other, cause equipment factory cannot not think to reduce the manufacturing cost, this kind of blindly seeking cheap does not pay attention to the quality of behavior, the class would only lead to a product, only in quantity.

Chongqing golden cat

is not the same.Under the national related department to support, through to the traditional equipment and process for a new type transformation, chongqing golden cat by 10% a year above research fund input, to complete the process reengineering.More than half of traveler to shorten production cycle, the labor productivity and the product qualified rate increased substantially.Chongqing golden cat first developed in 2009 BS (sapphire) steel wire circle, break entirely dependent on imported high-end traveller situation, at the same time, with independent research and development of tsinghua university original TP (topaz) steel wire circle, significant in terms of quality, size, hardness deviation on the new stage, can be done as imported similar products the same: no go period;Traveler individual difference control within 1.5%;Using life of 20 ~ 30 days;Highest speed breakthrough 50 meters\/seconds.High precision ring can do three 0.01 mm, namely the runway in roundness, surface roughness, the parallelism are below 0.01 mm, these indicators have reached similar foreign product completely related indicators, and meet the demand of high speed, high count and high quality yarn (the 360).Golden cat Yang Chongming chairman has a mantra: do anything in.In order to catch up with the same products abroad, do know both sides, he went around almost the whole of Europe.At present, the company relies on China's textile machinery equipment association of steel wire circle ring product research and development center, China textile engineering society national steel wire circle ring technology research and development center two resources platform, to the enterprise technical personnel as the main body, strengthen the union at the same time, focus on cultivating high-quality innovative talents, and strive to in a short time a group of international lead in new product development, with confidence to build the best equipment brand in our country.

Keyword:Steel wire ring, ring, spinning, yarn, price, chemical fiber, textile engineering, textile machinery

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