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Another spins look forward to to close down many 20 cotton spinning operator suffers embroil

Published on:2014/11/28 15:17:53

Keyword:The home is spun, cotton spinning, spin a city
Introduction:Recently, poetic home spins Shenzhen dimension accept to close down suddenly. The message is transmitted, many 20 cotton spinning operator of Nantong ...

Recently, poetic home spins Shenzhen dimension accept to close down suddenly. The message is transmitted, many 20 cotton spinning operator of Nantong turns pale with fright, because manufacturer still owes their 1000 much payment for goods, can be this loss still taken get? Wang Shaona is connecting a city to running acting plant of a quilt, poetic home spins Shenzhen dimension accept to close down suddenly, he follows other many 20 cotton spinning operator also encounters embroil together.
Brash in, groups big think of to take goods pay a debt in kind or by labor, poetic home spins accept of dimension of Shenzhen of as it happens to set warehouse in Nantong.
What walk along this batch of goods by accident is an old surname boss, in the morning, the reporter finds him to spin the storefront that the city manages in home of the bridge that fold stone.
How to recover money? Lawyer proposal, operator of damage cotton spinning can adopt legal approach, spin those who contend for so that this approves goods to deal with to counterpoise or discuss other to compensate for method from home of poem of Shenzhen dimension accept. Local management department makes known his position, meeting attention a got-up affair develops, go to Shenzhen to chase after for damage operator when necessary denounce debt to offer a help.
As we have learned, this company has been in the current year September shutdown, ceng Yin is returned to default worker pay before, be watched of billows execute the law the branch closes down. Up to instantly, this company still is defaulted many 100 supplier many yuan 4000 payment for goods. For this, the supplier contacts the legal person delegate that home of dimension accept poem spins for many times, but nobody receive all along of phone of the other side,listen. Some supplier makes known his position, poetic home spins Wiener to have actual strength very much, the product also is to garrison what large trade exceeds.
2009, the investment firm of dimension accept poem and ” of city of financing of a “ cooperates, thenceforth begins, the payment for goods of the supplier is paid by generation of financing city firm. Now at present, dimension accept poem went to go bankrupt predicament, supplier people think, regard ” of “ financing city as the company, ought to want to assume responsibility.
The current year August, the home spins an industry to fill house home to spin, taste grand home to spin, Home Bo Ming is spun, beautiful beautiful home spins effect of domino of rice of Nuo of just like bone to be entered in succession commonly close down recombining road, before paragraph time, illume industry just exposed to the sun give boss of scene legend illume to run road incident, at present the home spins an industry to explode again piece close down enterprise, can't help letting a person plaint is the current year after all how?
Somebody points out, many enterprise surface light are bright beautiful, can be substantial however as bubble general one disclose is broken, so much home spins a business close down, those who refract a this industry catenary is insalubrious, all suppliers that swim up and down answer this thoughtful, be given be used to by oneself bad? Bills due follows not bills due, owe how long, not doesn't bills due have the business? You owe two months, he owes 3 months, I owe 4 months, to finally it is the foot that moves a stone to break his, did not have even the mainest contracted drive, the industry earnestly of this already clammy deformation wants a standard!