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Zhu Baolin: Build the international bridge of Chinese spin industry

Published on:2014/11/28 13:19:56

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Introduction:On November 28, pair of grandfather department are spun to will greet 30 weeks of time birth in. Regard domain of our country spin as the labour trade...

On November 28, pair of grandfather department are spun to will greet 30 weeks of time birth in. Regard domain of our country spin as the labour trade that holds water the earliest enterprise, pair of grandfather are spun to manage in (our country textile industry external machinery of spin of company of economic technology collaboration, our country follows limited company of technical imports and exports) the each step that has taken is condensing the double duty that development of seek enterprise oneself follows benefit country, industry and society.

Come 30 years, pair of grandfather are spun in department is introducing foreign advanced spin to equip, in driving our country to spin machine product to take the experience of situation international, developed without commutable bridge action, those who become our country textile industry to continue to progress is important the person that drive. March new century, to grandfather department is the core hour come out boldly that follows transition in reform more, active play external platform serves a dominant position with major, guiding “ of enterprise of our country spin to walk along ” , outstanding contribution was made in aiding force spin industry to increase the experience of international competition ability.

30 years encourage wades, the person that the active ginseng that strides with powerful nation to world spin big country as our country textile industry follows follows the person that witness, the time that uses generation person to grandfather department overtakes many abroad's congener hundred years enterprise, the process on this road what harships? Will come will accumulate what kind of story to lay? " our country spin signs up for " reporter a few days ago special interview Zhu Baolin of company president, general manager.

Accumulate 30 years lead our country to spin look forward to to enhance international competition ability

Reporter: The achievement that pair of grandfather department spin to hold water 30 years to obtain in contributes be obvious to all with what make for the industry. It is thematic that in last few years reform upgrades with transition, are pair of grandfather spun to manage relevant enterprise “ walked along ” what to contribution make for the industry in? What kind of breakthrough did oneself achieve?

Zhu Baolin: To grandfather department holds water 30 years to come, active play external platform serves a dominant position with major, the flying development that is an industry is contributing his force. Generation acting leader follows a worker, will lifetime painstaking effort gives company, willingly bear the burden of hard works, dedicate silently, laid the company's solid development foundation. Follow indefatigable effort through carrying make a thorough inquiry in last few years, the company was formed gradually spin trade of machine exit, textile, project to contract follow to cooperate external 4 big advocate the operation pattern that business Wu coordinates development in the round, the management actual strength of the company increases further with crucial competition ability. By 2013, annual sales revenue achieves 6.4 billion yuan historicly. In the center, spin machine exit to rise the 260 million dollar 2013 by the 5000 much dollars 5 years ago, achieve a history import of textile of new tall; rises the 530 million dollar 2013 by the 60 million dollar 5 years ago, also achieve a history new tall.

The company captures national “ to walk along ” strategy to expand a scope closely, wait for close cooperation with the rainbow of well-known business day, 100 grand inside the industry, Hua Fu, walk along ” to offer appreciation of whole technological process the service for enterprise “ , a batch of huge projects are implemented successfully in market of a few keys, ensured the rapid growth that spins machine exit. With this at the same time, comply with change of policy of national foreign trade, surround the product of ” of “ cotton series such as bombazine, grey, linters, cotton, in weak point extensive channel was built inside a few years, and the management pattern that dug gives to suit oneself follows strategy, drive textile to import and establish the industry takes the lead in advantage. Bombazine imported amount 2013 439 million dollar, quantity of number of feed inlet achieves 140 thousand tons, reside the whole nation firmly 3 years continuously the first.

Project project continues to achieve substantial breakthrough, beat many transnational corporation to win the bid 1997 Jiebulai spins Syria weaver Cheng, drive the project with much more specific development, won the bid 2009 in what affect by financial crisis Burmese two spin project, the strong company that prop up spends predicament with the partner. Domain of company general development is outspread in last few years reach environmental protection project to water Wu, win the bid early or late the goods and materials of 10 many projects such as plant of sewage of river of Haibo of plant of sewage of round island of Hunan Changsha water supply, Qingdao, Qingdao is purchased supply a project, the ferry film science and technology that increases CTEXIC investment appears on the market successfully, the environmental protection project of the company develops watch bureau to be perfected increasingly. The current year signs Yaosililanka successfully contract of business affairs of project of sewage of 79 million dollar, initiated a company to carry on blame spin kind beginning of bid of EPC project project.

Cooperate external the advantage continues to develop, the many collaboration project of national aid Africa, southeast Asia was implemented after the company holds water, the near future relies on around of experience of long-term aid foreign to win the bid goods and materials of 17 aid foreign bids project, become A of Department of Commerce 3 years continuously kind the company wins the bid the company with the biggest amount. Our country cooperates in the round with African cotton Shikoku most first cotton of Benin of aid of our country of —— of a project cultivates a project, department of Commerce also is handed in be carried out by the company and start smoothly already, the way that builds abroad cotton base to dug has important sense with commercial pattern. Benin spin company (demand of market of CBT) grip place improves, the opportunity that oneself competition ability increases, last 3 years continuously gain, example of success of bid of project of the spin outside be known as condition of Chinese privilege loan.

Our country is driven to spin machine manufacturing industry to upgrade in the round at the beginning of holding water

Reporter: As large and state-owned company, what manage to grandfather is spin to be born in affirming is bear is worn national mission, at the beginning of holding water, the company just starts in the industry when, what effort to make?

Zhu Baolin: Before 10 years after pair of grandfather department are being spun to hold water in, it is our country textile industry follows spin machine industry to accelerate development pace, effort to shorten the period that follows difference of world advanced level. Craft of difference of textile industry equipment, technology is backward at that time, line of the products is little, introduce the advanced equipment that be badly in need of to follow a technology for the country so, raise textile industry to follow those who spin machine industry to make a standard as soon as possible, become fall in the historical mission that goes up to grandfather department shoulder. The company is in related the country below sectional leader, through uniting a negotiation external, assumed emphasis of nation of numerous spin chemical fibber to build project bid to introduce and the entrance job that produces enterprise technical reformation, add up to imports about 3 billion dollar, if be 3 gun groups of Beijing printing and dyeing mill, Shanghai, Tianjin,many 70 unit such as one cotton introduces machine of coloring of high temperature high pressure, air-jet loom, automatic winding machine, Qing Dynasty to comb the; such as couplet is chemical fibber of factory of dacron of factory of mesa curtain cloth, Jiangxi, Jilin many 30 unit such as the factory is introduced. Pair of grandfather department are spun to follow those who spin a mechanism to make a trade to produce for Chinese spin, chemical fibber in can rise with upgrade replacement made important history contribute.

Our country of open of 90 time metaphase spins 20 centuries the road of the internationalization of machine

Reporter: The times is different, pair of grandfather are spun to manage the mission of company of such large and state-owned imports and exports affirms in different, in Chinese spin machinery the industry follows after the company grows flourishingly, when policy of national imports and exports makes massive shift rectify, what measure did the company adopt to answer environment of complex imports and exports? What kind of result to achieve?

Zhu Baolin: 20 centuries 90 time metaphase, policy of Chinese foreign trade produces tremendous change, mass-produced enterprise obtains self-supporting imports and exports to counterpoise. Company acumen ground takes phasic change, decisive adjust advocate business Wu structure, used nearly 5 years of time, business from give priority to in order to import transfer to develop simultaneously to imports and exports, the new framework that is a key with spinning machine export business is established finally in new century.

2004, the profundity that happens to get used to external environment changes, the company knits mechanical joint-stock company to build overall strategy to cooperate through following classics abb to spin, undertook recombining changing making. This second change making is Heng Tian the group straightens exit channel, make the significant move of joint-stock source effectively, change those who make is successful carry out the competition ability that promoted a group to spin machine exit greatly. Through spinning the resource conformity of machine exit to constant day group, the business flow of oneself of company give somebody a new lease on life, make perfect exit platform, with the relevant production of group inside and outside the enterprise built close cooperative relationship, centered a batch of outstanding major to serve a team, formed perfect foreign sale network at the same time, built place of delegate of India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bengal, Indonesian, Thailand, Egypt, West Africa, East Africa to follow wholy-owned subsidiary of our country Hong Kong, establish after service center in many countries, exert oneself spreads out sale to be changed with service personnel this locality, form stage by stage unified, perfect, harmonious spin machine exit system to follow after service system, do to maintain do by force spin machine exit greatly this are crucial advocate course of study lays next solid foundations. A group of data can introduce an issue clearly, pair of grandfather department are spun to spin machine exit to be 25.61 million dollar in 2002, broke through 50 million dollar 2005, crossed on 100 million dollar again 2006, reached 156 million dollar 2008, reached 265 million dollar 2013, achieve a history new tall, in the center advocate the 40% above that exit of machinery of battalion product cotton spinning occupies the whole nation to export, spin machine export market to enclothe Asia, Africa, latin america to follow 50 many countries of European to follow an area.

Accelerate transition to upgrade make a project follow commerce internationalization industry

Reporter: In last few years, international followed two markets of domestic to produce the change of world-shaking, competition also more turn white-hot. Industry business also process hard “ decay ” , spend change of direction of management to intensive by extensive, was on the development road that gives priority to with innovation with connotation. You can talk in last few years in spun pair of grandfather department what to do to adjust in management strategy angle, how to serve for the industry better?

Zhu Baolin: In last few years, face deepen the reform, formidable task that accelerates development to upgrade with industry transition to follow urgent situation, to grandfather department holds to the spirit of ” of “ reform, innovation, move an orgnaization with “ , build platform, catch management, hurried to develop ” to be total fundamental key, firm catchs structural adjustment to follow administrative innovation, active dug company grows new pattern, transition of management strategy of effort stimulative company follows rise. Wraparound rise advocate if finished “ ,4 angle transform ” : It is to finish advocate the change of business Wu structure. The company adjusts business in time to develop the strategy according to phasic change, develop new market to develop new business energetically, integrated and in-house resource, optimize orgnaization setting, formed “ to spin project of trade of machine exit, textile, project stage by stage, cooperate external 4 big advocate the operation framework that business Wu coordinates development ” , make company whole actual strength increases apparently. The 2 change that are structure of resource of the manpower that finish. Team of before be aimed at a few years of talents is fast the serious situation of ageing, the company grows according to business in needing to make, long-term talent plans, breed through invite applications for a job this year's unripe with introduce photograph of social qualified personnel to be united in wedlock, optimized talent structure quickly, form old in light configuration the new manpower resource team that quality of reasonable, whole raises apparently. The 3 change that are means of service of the major that finish. The company improves function of institution functioning abroad actively, exert oneself enrichs team of abroad and professional sale, advance “ this locality actively to change ” strategy, surround domestic and international client the demand of mutiple level, diversification, promote individuation service capability hard already, raise integral plan to solve ability energetically again, get widespread recognition of the client. The 4 change that are mode of the business management that finish. Through carrying out comprehensive informatization management, promoted company operation level of management to follow efficiency; to plan to follow through taking worker profession career seriously optimize firewood fulfil to follow performance management, enhanced company vigor to follow creativity; to follow critical valve to accuse through strengthening budgetary management, raised what the company installs firm health to retain development ability.

Reporter: Pair of grandfather department are being spun 30 years to achieve result in is be obvious to all, talk about a company to follow future development end train of thought please.

Zhu Baolin: Reach the period of time henceforth at present, the core period that pair of grandfather department spin to still be in transition of the important period that accelerates development, innovation in, change the period of assault fortified positions that increase. The company grows oneself of base oneself upon 30 years formation basis to follow a dominant position, deepen reform further, accelerate transition to upgrade, accelerate implement new development strategy. It is base oneself upon two large trades. With spin, environmental protection two large trades attach most importance to a dot, form face structure of the entire industry, oneself superiority that faces domestic and international market, business to follow management trait, farther promotion is in of the international market famous degree, strengthen the force in relevant industry. 2 it is transition business framework. Change the current situation that parallel of Wu of 4 great undertaking develops, construction “ is bibcock with engineering professional work, trade of mechanical and electrical products, textile is prop up, cooperate to push the new-style business framework of ” to aid external. engineering professional work fixed position is bibcock, the belt that the target is each the integral competition ability that promotes a project to develop ability to strengthen a company through exert oneself, business what motivation follows gain level; to be fixed position of trade of mechanical and electrical products the company is important prop up, the target is play company traditional dominant position, the another that enlarging the cooperative; textile that follows entire industry and raw material commerce is a company is important prop up, fixed position increases the dimensions, effective carrier; that increases financing capacity to add up to exercise Wu external for the company is to follow a government to contact continuously, draw industry resource, accumulate a company to develop the roll booster of aftereffect. 3 it is change development means. Develop drive of ” of “ reform, innovation ceaselessly, the bitter fleabane rise suddenly that complies with electronic business affairs rises, active attempt transforms traditional business with Internet thinking, innovation business mode, reform the unified deploy of development according to state-owned company, spread out a variety of collaboration, dug mixed economy, liven management mechanism, continue to enhance competitive ability. Through implementing new development strategy, the company outside trying hard to will be opposite makes the project that follows industry force to have crucial competition ability follow commerce internationalization industry, the transition that leaves our country textile industry for new period, new normal state upgrades, contribute new power to promote the comprehensive cooperation of industry of spin of China and foreign countries further.

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