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Childen's garments of lukewarm city mainland " eight saints go across the sea " how does last cake eat?

Published on:2014/11/28 11:22:04

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Introduction:Show according to an investigation of national statistic bureau, production value of property of Chinese childen's garments year increase rate can amo...

Show according to an investigation of national statistic bureau, production value of property of Chinese childen's garments year increase rate can amount to 25%~30% . As most one of potential industries, childen's garments market benefit from benefit from 80 hind, 90 hind the change of parental consumption idea and 2 embryoes policy, to 2015 dimensions of market of our country childen's garments will achieve 140 billion yuan. The encouragement of profit from data and actual state, either very the industry of garment of lukewarm state city of boom also is turning into to childen's garments industry at a stride: Start a brand oneself, extend for masterstroke with female outfit close child other product develops outfit, integrated children compositive inn has childen's garments to develop to children industry catenary from childen's garments even.
The chest that a place of strategic importance does not issue
Wang Hong (alias) in the urban district an institution goes to work, eat lunch to be driven toward a married woman's parents' home hurriedly these days, she should transfer the child dress that has not worn at present. “ several bags big, I still am not moved. ” Wang Hong says, it is in “ chest before this basic the dress that is I and husband, but two this years one the individual's dress had become the child leading role. My child is 3 years old, stature grows fast, because this clothes is newer speed is far want than our husband and wife many fast. Send plus kin friend, a little new clothes has not been worn became ‘ to expire directly product ’ . ” accords with the Wang Hong of requirement of 2 embryoes policy to preparing to give birth to 2 embryoes, “ imposes the sentence of a child again, current chest affirms a place of strategic importance does not leave the child's dress. ”
But Wang Hong's trouble is becoming dress huckster Min (alias) good news, she begins to pursue childen's garments trade from 2011, what do before is adult dress. “2011 year that meeting business has exceeded, although these two years because do the person more of childen's garments, the business decreases somewhat, but clothing of person of purer than be before this still make it is good many. ” Min has hope very much to this industry, before “ two days I went rambling the H&M of fast fashionable brand of strong start business, their childen's garments area is decorated very conspicuous, the area exceeded female outfit area even. Apparent big shop sign values this market. ”
It is only not merely Min , the reporter understands with partial clothing company from the market last week, lukewarm state city has more “ to wake up to reality the dress brand of ” , begin attempt general antenna outspread to childen's garments course of study.
How does last cake eat?
After public figure of a lot of industry thinks childen's garments is stepdaughter outfit, men's clothing, whole garment industry contends for last cake that grab. But how should eat this cake, different company view is different. Limited company of Zhejiang bagpipe dress begins trade of sortie childen's garments from 2012, president Feng Yiyue makes known his position, the development that bagpipe daughter installs already relatively mature, to let a brand more diversity develops, we choose to do high-end childen's garments. Look in Feng Yiyue, in childen's garments domain she is returned is a new personality, still fumbling two this years to the operation of the brand level, but the market is resonant pretty good still. On sale mode, she will be changed before the traditional pattern of bazaar of layout general merchandise, will emphasize in electric business to follow vermicelli made from bean starch economically the innovation that makes sale pattern.
And other company chooses from close child the respect of outfit sets out, wen Zhou daughter installs limited company of dress of song of snow of bibcock enterprise Zhejiang to begin layout childen's garments from the beginning of the year of the current year. “ our childen's garments is the concept that is a key with the family, give priority to a line with female outfit outspread to childen's garments, in order to kiss child outfit give priority to. Market echo is quite pretty good still since rolling out, instantly has opened a 100 doors store in the whole nation. Xu Zhiyong of president of limited company of dress of song of ” Zhejiang snow makes known his position.
Have exactly like of idea still have have his moment in order to restore ancient ways with chivalric style “D-HARRY”(of native land brand Dihali) . “ began us to also extend childen's garments domain from the beginning of the year of the current year, childen's garments is the development tendercy that will come, impose policy of on 2 embryoes unlock, the demand to childen's garments can have remarkable growth. We were developed on the foundation of female outfit close child outfit, instantly our compositive inn is in order to kiss child hold a line, the person that there is two to become in shopping guest can buy childen's garments at the same time, the mom that the introduction will come to shop are in for him choose and buy while also can look to the child. ” Xie Jie of this brand controller makes known his position.
To intervening enterprise of prior of childen's garments industry considers to be managed integratedly. Water childen's garments was in the Zhejiang that regards Wen Zhou as brand of famous childen's garments at 3 o'clock the current year undertakes resource conformity to childen's garments industry, president Chen Zhonghuai makes known his position, he begins the current year the collaboration between attempt brand, inn of will onefold door forms the mode of compositive inn, of the resource that finish, client share. integrated in door inn the children that includes childen's garments inside is other product, wait like things of children's footwear, glasses, satchel, toy, study, grant more and more options for shopper.
And weathy person idea may be a few greater, resemble regarding as appear on the market what the dark horse group of the enterprise chooses is catenary of entire industry of get through children.
Appear on the market the childen's garments strategy of the enterprise
What mix ” a few this years to get wind unboiled water to rise in “ of childen's garments industry still is to want the Wen Zhou that belong to number to appear on the market dress of enterprise dark horse. The newspaper of money of the 3rd quarter that publishs in dark horse dress shows, dark horse dress acquired 1~9 month 2014 analyzer of colour of business income CA-210 5.362 billion yuan, increase 8.8%; business profit compared to the same period 881 million yuan, grow compared to the same period battalion of the 3rd quarter closes among 22.3%; add fast achieved 10.3% , main profit from of business of sportswear of dark horse dress pick up and the steady growth of childen's garments business.
Chen Qi of secretary-general of chamber of commerce of dress of lukewarm state city circle in the air make known one's position, childen's garments continues to increasing to the contributive rate of dark horse dress. Balabala is in brand of dark horse childen's garments original with 3~12 in year old child on the foundation of the dress that give priority to, roll out 0~3 year old baby child things and dress brand Minibalabala, and professional shoe is tasted with deserve to act the role of brand Mongdodo, take next Sarabanda to follow Minbanda dealership of brand of dress of children of the high end in two Italy. Other, horse of dark of the current year still bought ” of “ talent baby to follow ” of “ small world two education brand and business of relevant children education, start working builds the collect children recreation that covers an area of 200 mus to teach the dream at an organic whole great small town. Instantly is planning again dark horse school, the entire industry chain that will form the child be born to blossom in the future develops.
Same, appear on the market dress of company beautiful state also begins to grow outstanding achievement focal lock to decide childen's garments domain. Data shows, the autumn of the current year of state is in the beauty orders goods on the meeting, mi Xidi (ME&CITY Kids) orders goods growth exceeds 100% , moomoo childen's garments grows more than 200% . Go to just was being entered before long beautiful country dress, this occupies very bright look. Liu Yi of vice-president of beautiful country dress makes known his position, this company popularizes those who enlarge childen's garments brand strength, strive 3~5 marchs inside year domestic childen's garments sells the first group.
The personage inside course of study makes known his position, be adopted with dark horse and buy augment to follow aggrandizement childen's garments board piece kind is different, beautiful country basically is centered in the hair force of childen's garments business online go up to issue business get through with the line, to beautiful country childen's garments market is not the cake that eats easily together, more the character that resembles be being gnawed hard together, beautiful country needs to follow to fly first not merely the dark horse argue of one pace, still need to follow quick style and brand of many abroad childen's garments to contend for sharp edge.
Shopkeeper gives a thick soup of the cup that enrol cent
Besides the brand attention to childen's garments, the sale pattern that shopkeeper also begins to take childen's garments seriously follows experience pattern. In general merchandise of urban silver-colored peaceful, the current year undertook new adjustment to childen's garments area October, our childen's garments keeps “ in sale childen's garments only not merely, we are outspread to Tong Qu, let mom be being taken while the child buys childen's garments, dot has the place of amuse oneself. Chief makes known his position related area of children of general merchandise of silver-colored peaceful of ” lukewarm city. Silver-colored peaceful general merchandise undertook to brand of childen's garments of original Paw In Paw Eden type experiences inn adjust, area from original alone 100 square metre are less than increase to 240 square metre, added division of children You Le, still have the area that watch a movie.
“ this brand serves as first pilot, next year will be rolled out. Look from the moving state of instantly, a kind of such new pattern effects that experience form are pretty good still, person discharge increased a lot of. ” the relevant personage of this bazaar makes known his position. Since the current year, the sale of area of childen's garments of silver-colored peaceful general merchandise also appears compared to the same period the growth of 30% . And the current year 100 children shopping centers also enhanced the Wen Zhou of practice May of condition of children line of business occupy than.
The quality of monk more congee wants to ensure
But, follow childen's garments as ginseng of more investor, capital, of the market turn white-hot competitive unavoidable. The personage inside this your part course of study feels anxious not enough to satify everyone, partial manufacturer controller feels childen's garments of the current year is so good without in former years, safeguard urgently.
Zhejiang before Chen Zhonghuai of president of limited company of water childen's garments thought the development of industry of childen's garments of lukewarm city of the current year is compared at 3 o'clock two years, be in opposite low fan period, but contrast,still last at long last for the other clothing such as sportswear smooth and steady. Look in him, the security of childen's garments should cause industry this to follow the attention of consumer. Because category attribute is restricted, childen's garments safety, test gauge division is advanced the condition that causes all along of childen's garments market to be in good and evil people mixed up. Level of childen's garments fabrics is very high, the country all also has strict regulation to each index of childen's garments, the making craft of childen's garments also is resided with the charge such as labor cost do not fall high, because the value of this brand childen's garments is relative the meeting is taller also have a reason. And as competitive aggravate, price war causes the impact of pair of safe quality easily.
Xie Xiandong of president of Inc. of dress of red Huang La of chairman of branch of childen's garments of association of Zhejiang province clothing, Zhejiang also thinks, from industry of whole Zhejiang childen's garments development is pleasant to the eye, increase rate of these two years drops somewhat, but still be in health to develop level, the gross of childen's garments is lasting the growth of 10% above. But the mode of electric business, mart produces billabong to childen's garments terminal, at present of brand of a childen's garments establish and rely on to garrison only not merely a bazaar, hit advertisement to publicize, need “ to return to this former ” however, the product just is a foundation, measurable isogon spends alone product quality, security, easy promotion just can let an enterprise go far.

Keyword:Dress, dress, the market, female outfit, the dress, shoe, the price, state, fabrics, investigation

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