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On November 26: Spin of the 12nd China reachs the industry that make the clothing (fine promote) exhibition

Published on:2014/11/28 11:22:01

Keyword:Dress, yarn, knitting, fiber, woollen sweater, fabric, printing, printing and dyeing, printing machine, the market
Introduction:Fine promote be located in Shanghai, hangzhou, suzhou, nanjing, the crucial position of the city of center of the eastpart part such as Ning Bo, railr...

Fine promote be located in Shanghai, hangzhou, suzhou, nanjing, the crucial position of the city of center of the eastpart part such as Ning Bo, railroad, highway, canalage, haven is all ready, it is hub of long three-cornered traffic. With Shanghai Hang Yong, suddenly bay of freeway of highway of fast highway, Shen Jia lake, Hang Pu, Hangzhou crosses fine Su Gao Hai Daqiao be a backbone " 3 horizontal strokes 3 vertical 3 bridges " freeway network, finished fine promote with circumjacent city " a hour of traffic " swift passage, as Shanghai, fine the city border train that begin follows Shanghai Hangzhou Gaotie to debut in succession, make fine promote finish with Shanghai " change with the city " , area the advantage is advantaged. Famous city of base of 12 big industries, characteristic, fine promote have a famed throughout the country, be famous in famous city of city of global base of spin garment industry, characteristic: Courtyard of tung countryside Pu, famous city of our country woollen sweater, smooth lake, production famous city of dress of our country exit, Hai Ning, Xu Cun of city of base of property of our country spin, Hai Ning, town of stage name of our country cloth, Hainingma, be in fine promote half hours of economy to encircle the base of industry of this spin garment inside to have enterprise much home. The production of wool unlined upper garment and foreign trade dress machines base fine the courtyard that promote Pu regards the whole nation as base of the largest woollen sweater production, enjoy decisive status on home and even international. Pu courtyard woollen sweater produces an enterprise to have much home, make an appointment with from personnel of course of study 200 thousand, sales volume takes countrywide market export world each district 62 countries follow an area. "The whole world 100 garments, smooth lake has firstly " , fine promoting is base of the throughout the country's biggest production of foreign trade dress, whole world in dress of every 100 brands, 1 is produce from Yu Ping lake. Smooth lake has dress to produce a business many 2000, from personnel of course of study 160 thousand, year manufacturing dress makes an appointment with 300 million. Industrial transition upgrades, new opportunity. In recent years, spin garment industry suffers the environment, effect that waits for an element with labour, this also forces on certain level the enterprise undertakes transition upgrades. Spin garment industry will produce major change, can have from technical level, equipment standard, product level promote considerably. Be faced with transition of spin garment industry to upgrade, certainly will brings unprecedented market space to industry of spin clothing machinery. Our country spin reachs the industry that make the clothing (fine promote) exhibition is Jing Jiaxing city people government agrees, the brand that key of commission of trade of economy of You Jiaxing city fosters is exhibited meeting. Through elaborate education of 8 years, course of study already became the distinguished gathering of spin garment industry with domestic not much number. At the big inning that transition of spin garment industry upgrades, we will enlarge strength ceaselessly, develop our constituent dominant position, be dedicated to be fine promote the benign development that reachs industry of garment of circumjacent area spin to offer us excellent service!


Knitting equipment exhibits an area:

Machine of machine of horizontal loom, round loom, embroider, jacquard weave machine, hosiery machine, underwear;

Printing equipment exhibits an area: Machine of digital printing machine, plain net printing, round net imprints

Equipment of machinery of equipment of button equipment, machinery of loom, brand, loom machinery, printing and dyeing, fiber, flocking;

Instrument of test of equipment of system of the design, system that make, system, business information management, spin, special purpose parts and accessory, spin follows experimental equipment, electric equipment and control system, fight electrostatic device, air to purify, adjust technology of automation of system of match colors of equipment, computer, spin, ship with;

Dye of of all kinds spin reachs auxiliary of printing and dyeing.

Computer embroidery machine, sew with long stitches seams equipment of slide fastener of equipment, knitting equipment, laser equipment, ultrasonic equipment, printing equipment, button to wait for tailor machinery equipment:

Of all kinds sewing machine, seam pre-treatment to reach equipment and system are arranged after seaming

Information of the design, system that make, business runs system, other system;

Dress birth control follows carry equipment

The computer is auxiliary equipment, hit edition and plate making system to wait

The equipment that pack, raw material transmission equipment follows system, automatic storage system to wait

The of all kinds equipment that make the clothing is relevant product

Information medium orgnaization reachs relevant publication

Fabrics: Grey, cotton is knitted, wool is knitted, hemp is knitted, silk, knitting and coating fabric, of all kinds and complex web;

Belt of inwrought, lacy, liner, button, line, brand, slide fastener

Make up field reach a horizontal stroke to make up knitting the yarn, tatting yarn, yarn that knit socks, yarn that make the clothing, industrial yarn, copy flix yarn, vestee yarn

Natural fiber, synthetic fibre and fluctuation swim product;

The design reachs manufacturing system: System of CAD, auxiliary production, pattern inputs the of all kinds spin such as the system

Dress color card, example, CD, professional newspaper, magazine


Agree with an unit:

Fine government of the people that start city

Sponsor an unit:

Fine the economy that start city follows informatization committee

Undertake unit:

Fine the innovation that start city can exhibit concoctive limited company

Contact information

Our country spin reachs the industry that make the clothing (fine promote) exhibition organizing committee

Address: Zhejiang saves fine the road austral the city that start city poineering service center of 1369 city science and technology 3 301 postcodes: 314001

Keyword:Dress, yarn, knitting, fiber, woollen sweater, fabric, printing, printing and dyeing, printing machine, the market

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