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Brand of tradition of textile industry garden boasts again brilliant

Published on:2014/11/28 11:21:20

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Introduction:In former days Ying Chang Luna paragraph, initiative formed Xu Chang's earliest textile distribution centre. Although do business,the area is rebuildi...

In former days Ying Chang Luna paragraph, initiative formed Xu Chang's earliest textile distribution centre. Although do business,the area is rebuilding after augment also alone many mus of 10 ground, hold store of many 270 business, but everyday passenger flow bright will reject toward, formed Xu Chang's most flourishing business to encircle.

The textile industry garden now, already change comes south article peak road paragraph, cover an area of an area to add reach many mus 200, average everyday turnover amounts to 4 million yuan, become me to save the textile major market with the biggest dimensions.

Of textile industry south change, rise, polished not merely the spin that make prosperous this one traditional brand, still formed treatment in development innovation, trade, deserve to send wait for textile industry catenary, dish lived the resource such as the manpower of circumjacent village, material resources, the area development that promoted Xu Chang further flourishs with the city.

Bedding treatment is made.

Shop of the business inside textile industry garden is bristly.

Design and color of the textile inside business shop each different, breed is diversiform.

Inside inn of a high-quality goods, business door is choosing bedding.

Textile product garden 2 period the project is basic already and finishing. Qiao Lifeng photographs this edition picture


Old market walked out of Xu Chang the first batch of people that dig gold

Speak of textile market of Xu Chang, many people that make prosperous can be ticked off to have pair of urban district railway stations with south the memory of market of that old textile.

1975 around, in Ying Chang Luna paragraph, at present fat east on a clearing on vivid square of a future life, the person ” that ten “ eat crab is raised removed textile stall, initiative formed Xu Chang's earliest textile market. Although each stall is open air,put, but attracted a lot of passenger source, the market flourishs with each passing day. Be them in those days active, accomplished make prosperous “ throughout the country in the future the earliest textile is current the position of base ” .

Lichun of chairman of chamber of commerce of the textile austral the city is become, it is to make prosperous be engaged in one of ten people with wholesale textile the earliest. His memory says: That road still does not call “ Ying prosperous road at that time, call Chu Beilu, it is an earthy road, photograph comparing is narrow, can allow two cars to pass only, and rain extremely muddy. We ten SOHOs placed textile stall initiatively in road both sides, did not think of the business is good still, business door recruited a few people later. ”

As this textile distribution centre gradually flourishing, municipal Party committee, municipal government offerred high attention, not merely the former Xu Changnong on the side of clearing trade center old warehouse undertakes rebuilding, still clearing the eastern side, in the west the place that can use plans to come in, unite built two business to use Xiaolou, made a relatively normative textile market. This market was managed 20 old, a lot of business door from this get rich becomes rich, become Xu Chang the first batch of people that dig gold, and was walked out of many current and active the businessman in each domains.

20 centuries after 90 time, the business of market of textile of Ying prosperous road door development goes to many 270, business store overall arrangement is concentrated with each passing day, already can no more garrison new business door. To satisfy the development need of textile industry, the our city begins to plan to build the textile market of the region austral the city, market of triangle of the gold austral the county making prosperous that gains fame later namely. Golden triangle market covers an area of many mus 20, with one action inducted the change austral many 100 Laoshang door so far. New Laoshang door in the development development of new site austral the city, education gave number of famous golden triangle name, formed now the rudiment of market of the textile austral the city. Be when, market of the textile that make prosperous follows Nantong of Zhejiang bridge stalking or branch, Jiangsu to stand side by side for “ whole nation ” of circulation market of 3 big textile, in it may be said of countrywide textile market 3 minutes of the world have firstly.

As further progress of the city, the program of market of our city textile, level of management begins to show lag sex. To 2008, golden triangle market already cannot satisfy the requirement that textile market grows, the of 80% business in the market door, special the strength business that is one major center door, transfer Zhejiang bridge stalking or branch in succession, prop up the world that had market of Ke Qiao textile. “2012 year, when we are contacted with Henan chamber of commerce to Ke Qiao, hair is current over there the management businessman that make prosperous has had 1500 much people. Matter of the trade austral ” Xu Changcheng sheds garden area to be in charge of appoint conference chairman Wang Shijun says: We feel “ , this makes dry goods the ray of prosperous tradition brand by cover, it is moment polished it afresh. ”

Upgrade to have transition to traditional textile market, extend larger development space, since 2008, textile market once more south change, in succession change comes south article peak road paragraph textile industry garden. Here, garden area first phase 2 period cover an area of many mus 120 in all, garrison business door is close 400, business store program is orderly, street dry clear span is broad, management is more normative, the storage that many mus 60 still include in the center uses a room, show the face that reveals market of a contemporary textile. In new textile industry garden, infrastructure is more perfect, service of form a complete set is more considerate. Take content to flow for, industrial garden is circumjacent already be stationed company of 10 content shedding matchs just a little send a drop, business door makes a telephone call, van leaves come over loading.

Assemble of “ textile market is spent taller and taller, fame also does noisier more. The textile making prosperous that prediction of a person's luck in a given year of one's early years goes to Ke Qiao, Nantong business door, nearly two years gradually circumfluence, expanded to make the team of prosperous textile industry. Xue Jianfeng of secretary of Party committee of Xu You agency shows county of ” Xu Chang.

Store opens bigger more, the business is done more jump over fire

Young Liu Bing, it is a “ spin 2 acting ” . Her parental one's early years is in business in market of textile of Ying prosperous road, the change austral after this comes golden triangle market, hired two in all the shop of 559 square metre. The market condition that “ awaits in those days is finite, the road is very narrow, establishment of form a complete set is not quite whole also. Memory of ” Liu arms says. 2010, they arrived along with market move again current textile industry garden, hired 6 shop front, manage all sorts of textile finished product, line of the products, turnover broke up than be before this severalfold.

After the business is handed in in Liu arms hand, she developed new business way again, begin oneself to process material. She buys gauze from textile mills, look for a processing factory to machine calico again, perhaps look for a printing and dyeing mill to imprint into cotton print, smooth calico this one, there are ten kinds of different materials in the inn of her home. She still employed just a little home of 10 workers treatment spins finished product, leased 4 warehouse, in the center besides a storehouse in the market, still have 3 alone the courtyard is used do storage. Liu Bing says hilariously: “ is current market name is big, frequent visitor is much, traffic, content shedding also developed than be before this, the product sells weller, we get busy move to deliver goods outside everyday. ”

Business Hu Tanli opened a home to spin inn in textile industry garden, management product has hundreds of kinds of design and color, cover high school cheap product. Begin to be in from 1990 in her home deal of market of old textile of Ying prosperous road, move golden triangle market later, hired a just a little the shop of 10 square metre. “ is awaited in those days, market place is little, we do not develop, product breed is little also, cannot attract how many client, product advocate if sell,go to city of Xu Changzhou border district, where resembling is current, unseal not merely, the client of the Zhou Kou, inn that be stationed in a horse comes here replenish onr's stock, and and other places of Fujian, Heibei, Ningxia has our old client. ” Tan Li says then, “ sheds a company without content in those days, shipment is not quite convenient, we ourselves must use tricycle to carry to road of workers and peasants the transport company there, 10 come to li of ground far. Current and much more convenient, a phone, the car of content shedding company leaves came over. ”

Business door Li Yuxia says: “ business, also do slowly big. Many business door but when golden triangle market so alone 9 houses, arrive at present here hind shop has 34, the business is done big, breed also is managed more, benefit also promoted accordingly. We ourselves press embryo cloth at present, oneself seek pattern printing and dyeing, treatment, go out outside everyday goods, a day of or else sells also must sell 30 thousand two money. ”

Lichun says into the specification: “ is current, business door includes Xu Chang's dry goods not merely the business of garden of industry of the textile austral the city door, the Laoshang that still includes to stay around storehouse road door, go up with dimensions in the amount rank countrywide front row. ”

Drive periphery a few villages are rich rise

In effect of textile industry assemble drive, still be born south the city delivered a treatment, trade, deserve to send wait for the textile industry catenary with complete link, formed those who follow a place is benign and interactive, drove periphery a few villages are rich rise.

“ is taken leave for the village of the operatic circle recently, textile industry garden is added one year to the village receive many yuan 1000. In these income, one angle is the empty room rent that serves as storehouse, another angle is to assemble and unassemble, carry, the artificial charge of treatment. ” Li Chuncheng explains: “ is current, every family does not have village of the operatic circle idler, can to step on of sewing machine wait for finished product with respect to treatment sheet, blanket, childen's garments. Every family also does not have idle house, or deposits textile, or machines textile inside. ”

Business Hu Tanli also employed the villager to help her process material: “ we from cloth of average of Shandong, Jiangsu, machine in periphery again, cost of each moon treatment is about 2289 yuan. ”

“ does not see textile machine link simple, our textile not merely wholesale arrived countrywide each district, and go to middle east, on the west inferior ten countries. ” Wang Shijun thinks, urban progress relies on an industry to prop up, industrial development advances a city to flourish again. This kind of market imposes the pattern of base, drove the operatic circle, Li Jian, big Shi Qiao, garden and face the circumjacent area such as Ying to add close become rich, circumjacent manpower, room is abandoned waited for resource to drive Xu Chang again the development of textile industry. And, promise the brand benefit of prosperous textile to rise further, make prosperous county return shortly to will build grand install trade harbor plan technically to give one part area, reveal with what will do high-end home to spin a product with trade, the development that promotes industry of the textile that make prosperous further expands.

Keyword:Textile, the market, the home is spun, printing and dyeing, sewing machine, textile mills

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