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Development of group of state of look forward to makes chain of entire industry of garment of · of spinning · knitting

Published on:2014/11/28 11:20:00

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Introduction:In recent years, city of state of look forward to relies on area advantage, chain of outspread cotton industry, make pily industry do greatly strong, ...

 In recent years, city of state of look forward to relies on area advantage, chain of outspread cotton industry, make pily industry do greatly strong, initiated “ to machine new phase of industry of ” of spin of · storage · , make a ” of dress of · of knitting of “ spinning · industrial entire chain, finished “ cotton resource to be in Heibei, ” of city of look forward to of industrial chain benefit, promoted development of pily industry group, jumped out a ” of luxuriant dance of “ much person.
City of state of look forward to is Heibei visits base of high grade cotton, it is our country cotton produces 100 strong counties. Instantly, whole town cotton grows an area 400 thousand mus or so, in the meantime, periphery has inside limits of 60 kilometers radius south palace, wide ancestor, the cotton such as gigantic deer, power county, Xin Ji cultivates large county, it is countrywide inland cotton cultivate most one of centralized area. Produce big city as cotton, ji Zhou has substantial resource dominant position, but photograph of all along of pily estate development is compared logy, industrial chain is short, the product is add the cost is low, be confined to agriculture to cultivate benefit to follow primary treatment beneficial result.
How to produce area resource advantage better, spin pily industry chain, cultivate advantage development to drive more and more industry group with cotton? Municipal Party committee of state of look forward to, municipal government combines project plan with photograph of industrial dominant position, isogon is built to spend in capital attraction, project emphasize particularly on area advantage, it is a foundation with showing some rising to amount to spin, introduce relevant industry item actively. Pass market survey to discover, pily storage machines an enterprise to follow bond with the bridge of spin enterprise as join cotton, developing more and more the motive that be not gotten or lacks. Then, this city affirmed new development way, executive industry catenary enrols business, followed cooperation of company of raw material of spin of Heibei star eaves to build constant to connect pily storage content to shed a center 2011, storage capacity achieves 500 thousand tons, in occupying store 1/8 what cotton total storehouse allows.
Constant connects pily storage content to shed a center to always invest 500 million yuan, cover an area of 316 mus, give priority to with pily storage, collect cotton merchandise on hand examines, superintend, treatment, content shedding deserves to send for an organic whole, close fluctuation link, strengthen industrial conformity, promoted the rapid development of the industry such as whole town cotton. Constant connects a company to contact fluctuation link cheek by jowl, reduced fluctuation to swim the inventory pressure of the enterprise, use constant to tell company storage service, treatment company finishs a product 0 inventory, thereby absorption extend cotton to close store, treatment business. In the meantime, system of sale of company of world of star of have the aid of, countrywide spin enterprise can connect storehouse to purchase place to want raw material in constant, constant connects a company to wait according to lint producing area, character, make known his position to machine a proposal to spin enterprise. Constant is connected machine ” of supermarket of company product “ as cotton, go to the lavatory not merely treatment company sale, facilitate spin enterprise is purchased again, trade for what both sides gave advantage platform. Instantly, constant connects a company to already became countrywide cotton to trade library of market complete a business transaction, become cotton of company of imports and exports of spin of American fine auspicious, our country, our country to lay in a company to follow Heibei the merchandise on hand that company of raw material of astral eaves spin saves in me is purchased with trade base, the 3 big cotton of countrywide after Ji Zhou also makes bridge of the Kingdom of Wei of afterwards Xinjiang, Shandong one of storage distribution centre, it is Chinese northward dimensions the biggest, class the modern cotton storage with highest, all ready function is distributing center center.
Connect pily content to shed project bid be born as constant, convenient, quick storage content shed a service to attract city of look forward to of settle of enterprise of a batch of outstanding spin, present a “ to introduce an item, remove an industry catenary, activation repeatedly the favorable situation of an industry ” . In June 2013, ji Zhou introduced the Xiamen that always invests 1 billion yuan project of cloud lustre spin, established garden of industry of science and technology of dress of Heibei Yun Ze spin. Cloud lustre spin is international a gleam of well-known trademark Italy the our country accredit of Niu Bailun of cat of KITTY of Dishini, Japan, United States produces Pierkadan, England business, the product exports an international market entirely. This project built the hand-me-down workshop of 20 thousand square metre, produce per year production line of 50 million clothing, complementary makings, hand-me-down makes embroider of spinning of whole project collect, weaving, printing, clothing at an organic whole, rank Heibei to save front row of spin garment industry. Instantly, this company produces working procedure to throw production entirely each, annual produce can amount to 1.5 billion yuan, profit tax 180 million yuan. This project is Ji Zhou spin industry directs to exit, brand, technology technical mark sex project, get through catenary of entire industry of ” of dress of · of knitting of “ spinning · .
Rely on constant to connect pily content to shed a center 500 thousand tons of cotton lay in ability, city of state of look forward to is divided introduced Xiamen besides project of Yun Ze spin, still grow happy active butt joint with Fujian, introduced what always invest 300 million yuan is medium blessing knitting project, make ” of bridgehead of “ of northing of industry of long happy spin. Instantly, limited company of spin of the blessing in Heibei is high-grade project of bud silk fabrics already settle Ji Zhou, throw production, the product basically sells and other places of past Guangdong, Zhejiang, produce per year amount to 1500 tons, sales revenue 1 billion yuan.
Be in city of state of look forward to at present, pily estate company amounts to more than 20, the share in whole city economy increases gradually. Cloud lustre spin, medium blessing spin, bright follows fiber of auspicious function sex, litre amount to spin to wait for local spin enterprise, rely on constant to connect pily storage content to shed a center, purchase raw material at any time according to producing a condition, safeguard production is supplied, finished raw material 0 inventory, spun pily industry chain, activationed whole spin industry, finished win pattern more.