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Dye is changeable printing and dyeing blast a Jing thunder

Published on:2014/11/28 11:19:55

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Introduction:Industry of printing and dyeing underwent heavy test 2014, it is all-time environmental protection pressure makes enterprise of printing and dyeing pr...

Industry of printing and dyeing underwent heavy test 2014, it is all-time environmental protection pressure makes enterprise of printing and dyeing provoking above all, of the cost of acuteness and fluctuant production that is the raw material price such as dye next considerably violent wind promotes your part business cannot gain, still having is terminal market is dejected, order atrophy makes partial enterprise cannot normal go into operation, these bring greater pressure to enterprise of printing and dyeing undoubtedly. But in light of whole 2014 is an industry a year when achieve significant progress, innovation technology emerges in endlessly, progress of technology of industry of printing and dyeing, energy-saving decrease a platoon to score gain of plentiful and substantial with environmental protection.

Capital of printing and dyeing " multicoloured deduce "

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2014 New Year beginning, our country banking supervises administrative committee to make known one's position, will advance banking reforming and opening. Civilian battalion bank inside year pilot go ahead of the rest. First pilot Home 3~5. Maturity opens.

National all along was pushing financial industry 2014 bank of reforming and opening, civilian battalion inside year pilot etc, these finance are new industry of politics meeting printing and dyeing brings far-reaching influence. For the job of printing and dyeing with the bad to be in financing for a long time occurrence of civilian battalion bank, it is one big profit undoubtedly good, this means a business can the means of financing is increasing more agile also.

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2014, blowdown authority mortgages the ceaseless hasten such as loan business is heated up, this contains Troy with blowdown authority promotion, must not be divided closely by the favour of numerous finance orgnaization.

Instantly, lucky abundant bank, medium bank of letter bank, the people's livelihood and of all kinds and small the orgnaization of many 20 finance such as finance company already open business of loan of blowdown authority mortgage. If insecurity of requirement of capital of company of printing and dyeing counterpoises through blowdown,guaranty borrows money, will be a very effective and quick outlet.

Below the situation with at present difficult financing, especially in case encounter capital to be on the move nervous, enterprise of printing and dyeing can borrow the fund with brushstroke not small amount by blowdown authority, to the development of the enterprise it may be said is provide timely help.

Recrudesce of wind and cloud of dye all corners of the country

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On Feburary 13, " People's Daily " county of cloud of fill of harbor of reportorial Jiangsu Lian Yun faces harbor estate division to develop limited company to bury venture firm to abandon be related secretly with Li Ruike ability, the report causes public opinion heat to discuss. At this late hour, about the public feelings of this incident attention spends all along to was not decreased, bissextile earth share also follows benefit luck to be pushed to where the wind and the waves are highest because of subsidiary. One stone arouses 1000 billow, dye all corners of the country immediately like a rising wind and scudding clouds, bissextile earth share publishs excuse announcement, zhejiang dragon fills back-to-back move to publish announcement to make known one's position, this company does not have environmental protection problem, dye raises price in the round, and quote of acid of H of group of Zhejiang Ji Hua rises considerably, other dye enterprise also in succession somewhat movement.

The editor is commented on

At present printing and dyeing expects the key that raise price contradicts to already changed, as a result of environmental protection weigh, breach of trade supply and demand is shown, by previously " raise price actively " change is " passivity raises price " , the space that raise price is opened thoroughly.

And on one year of metaphase, although dye raises price,be to be based on bibcock enterprise to follow control force to the consequence of the industry. Look from industrial catenary structure, dye spends outclass printing and dyeing centrally, assume the printing and dyeing mill is had no longer carry valence to follow ability of cost marry again, the net profit margin of 15~20% of printing and dyeing was eroded 5 to nod by dye factory first half of the year 2014, dye occupies the 10~12% of cost of printing and dyeing.

Environmental protection ministry will be sent " guideline " prevention and cure acquires whole infection

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March, environmental protection ministry discloses, make by its " spin catchs entire industry to affect prevention and cure feasible technology guideline " seek an opinion publicly. Catching full treatment is the core industry that spinning of the path before the join in catenary of textile industry industry, weaving follows class of textile of dress of the path after rising, family expenses to follow additional cost, it is one of link with highest content of the technology in catenary of textile industry industry, but also be the link with the most serious infection at the same time, 80% what discharge capacity of its liquid waste takes textile industry total discharge capacity, spin catchs gross of complete liquid waste big, infection is severe and unmanageable, it is one of causes of infection of the key in Chinese industry system, also be the key that textile industry environmental protection works.

The editor is commented on

" spin catchs entire industry to affect prevention and cure feasible technology guideline " the key is the current situation that should change instantly environment management to lack a technology to prop up, construction accords with China to follow the environmental protection situation inside certain henceforth period to manage the technology that each link covers suitably to run a system with the environment at present, make branch of enterprise, environmental protection OK the technical situation that affects prevention and cure expediently, quickly from open channel understanding, suitable scope, effect, environment and economic benefits, right choice, use advanced, efficient technology or equipment.

Zhejiang removed blowdown cost to increase one times on April 1

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Zhejiang saves prices bureau to publish, since April 1, before blowdown cost collects mark brigadier to compare, the standard increases one times above. The blowdown cost of factor of 5 kinds of heavy metal in water infection content, atmosphere infection content imposes a standard, affect equivalent by every respectively 0.7 yuan are united with 0.6 yuan adjust it is 1.8 yuan. And each factor outside factor of 5 kinds of heavy metal is being removed in water infection content, blowdown cost collects a standard to affect equivalent by every 0.7 yuan are adjusted it is 1.4 yuan. This brought major effect to enterprise of printing and dyeing undoubtedly, the raw material such as dye rises in price, artificial expensive it is difficult to use worker worker, the environmental protection requirement of more and more severe exacting is to let enterprise of broad printing and dyeing feel pressure hill is big more.

The editor is commented on

Instantly country is not little the processing task that large company already regarded a Chongzhongzhi as to weigh enterprise liquid waste. Enterprise of printing and dyeing is liquid waste discharges one of large family, but all along of industry of printing and dyeing is being advanced energy-saving decrease a platoon, all along is making his effort for environmental protection, even if such, environmental protection problem already became environment of ministry of inside and outside to restrict the industry of domestic printing and dyeing below not to get evasive serious problem.

No matter be from at present the situation looks, still plan with respect to long-term development of the industry, course of study of our country printing and dyeing can no more be used really " gray printing and dyeing " will help the growth that moves economy, various government follows industry of printing and dyeing and broad industry, in policy, management, in technical reformation, technology development tackles key problem with science and technology angle promotes industry of printing and dyeing in effort with energy-saving the product that reduces a platoon to be a key upgrades.

Course of study of printing and dyeing " god is crying "

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In spin industry, very rare product can resemble dye waiting as a result of rigidder and rigidder environmental protection policy so appear soare. Recently, the personage inside course of study makes known his position, dispersive dye raises price 4000 yuan / ton reach 44 thousand yuan / ton;4 month 27 days, active dye raises price 5000 yuan / ton reach 50 thousand yuan / ton. Be apart from raise price last dispersive dye only 20 days, active dye is not worth 30 days, number of the scope that raise price year since the biggest. Other, acid dye raises price with active dye synchronism 6000 yuan / ton.

"The client is sacred, " however, as a result of dye spurt in prices, allow company of printing and dyeing this god is in " cry " .

The editor is commented on

Since 2014, because environmental protection pressure increases, body produces an enterprise to be restricted to produce among partial dye, bring about intermediate body to rise in price, but because see sudden huge profits enlarges the crop of intermediate body,make intermediate body H acerbity as a result of partial medium and small businesses give present price case to steep fall again, make thereby dye price also goes now to fall.

Inside course of study think generally, dye rises in price to still basically depend on the supply situation that upriver raw material carries, but enterprise of downstream printing and dyeing is spent to the acceptance that rise in price, cost move ability still is market attention and consideration of dye industry need.

Capital is heard " raw meat or fish " and move

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The newest IPO that inspect of card of inchoate 2014 our country can publish publishs list beforehand in, jiangsu inferior state dye Inc. plans to hand in place to appear on the market, issue this do not exceed 72 million, jiangsu inferior state dye been waitinging to appear on the market.

Public data shows, jiangsu inferior the yield of nation company can utilization rate is higher, be in the condition that full load produces basically, produce can bottleneck has developed in what the company restricted on certain level, company urgent need is increased produce the demand that can increase quickly with getting used to the market.

Jiangsu inferior nation company produces per year dye of 20 thousand tons of commodity project and produce per year ability of 8000 tons of vat dye to change project bid to carry out will raise a company to have productivity oneself considerably.

The editor is commented on

Inferior state dye is structure of Kun of domestic production anthracene the bibcock industry that dispersive dye follows vat dye, inferior project of investment of this collect capital will center state dye in area of garden of chemical industry of the harbor that connect the cloud to carry out, fundamental industrial chemicals is formed in area of garden of same chemical industry - among core body - the whole industry catenary of dye, be helpful for reducing manufacturing cost, promote the market competition ability, promoted an industry to be spent thick and fast at the same time, be helpful for " 3 useless " center processing to follow reduce infection.

So, afore-mentioned collect cast project bid to carry out develop the effect with having main to follow a meaning in the future to the company not merely, and to promoting inferior the promotion of level of technology of production of dye of state dye company, adjust the function with reduce environmental infection to also having industrial structure, particular to follow a meaning.

Storm of all corners of the country of printing and dyeing of thunder of noisy Jing of Wu Jiang environmental protection is cruel

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On July 18, government of Wu Jiang district of city of Jiangsu province Suzhou allots " the announcement that carries out stop production about antimonial to whole area experience enterprise " .

The announcement says, because of occurrence wave motion of water quality of section of short for Zhejiang Province of near future river, partial index appears unusual, to make sure downstream drinking water is safe with all one's strength, implement measure of temporary stop production to enterprise of whole area printing and dyeing since this day so.

In the meantime, censorial personnel will chase bureau of bureau of environmental protection of city of hall of Jiangsu province environmental protection, Suzhou, environmental protection of Wu Jiang area an examination, once discover the business that do sth without authorization produces, the processing that undertakes moving sending public security office to delegate of its legal person lawfully, carry out to the administrative controller of area under administration ask duty.

The editor is commented on

Although enterprise of printing and dyeing of area of Jiangsu Wu Jiang already go back to work, the influence that but give printing and dyeing the industry,brings is far-reaching however.

Chen Zhihua of chairman of guild of our country printing and dyeing once suggested to say: "Cannot turn all pressure to link of printing and dyeing, resemble a cup of clean water, you give inside added candy, ask next the link from the back candy take out, increase difficulty not merely so, and create austere resources waste. Whole spin industry must be controlled from fountainhead, the upriver raw material of printing and dyeing supplies an industry, candy is not added in water supply, just won't create company of requirement printing and dyeing the result the candy take out in water. Just won't create company of requirement printing and dyeing the result the candy take out in water..

Keyword:Printing and dyeing, comment on, the price, the market, textile industry, spin industry, state, the current situation, circumstance, textile

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