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Thirteenth China (lion mountain) leather skin provides a section to be entered time each large window one by one looks

Published on:2014/11/28 11:19:28

Keyword:Leather, the market, box bag, shoe, dress, statistic, dynamic, sewing machine, tailor equipment
Introduction:On November 26, reach as opening ceremony rostrum two big advocate the assembly room undertakes spread out in the round, the thirteenth that gives pri...

On November 26, reach as opening ceremony rostrum two big advocate the assembly room undertakes spread out in the round, the thirteenth that gives priority to a problem with ” of mountain of lion of business of cable of mountain of “ originality lion our country (lion mountain) leather skin provides a section to march sprint accepts government-owned level, will come on November 28 in succession will be in 5 days on December 2 mountain of bethel · lion (international) leather skin provides mountain range of market of bibcock of city, hardware, lion skin of leather of major of a mountain waiting for lion provides the market to be held ceremoniously. Current leather skin provides a section to the skin that comes from global each district provides equipment of brand enterprise, tailor the numerous enterprise ginseng such as makings manufacturer exhibits Yuan Fucai of card business, famous leather, will spread out to taste the trade that publishs business of meeting, cable to discuss a series of rich and colorful, technology newly to communicate an activity with vogue during, all ready of catenary of brand assemble, industry, content is rich, window confused is shown.

  Window one: “ bethel special subject exhibits area ” collective to appear on box to wrap finished product to exhibit

   from sponsor just obtain an information, current leather skin provides a section to share come from sewing machine of bag of finished product box, hardware the enterprise such as instrument is exhibited 200 many, bag of finished product box is exhibited in the center installed 124 (include to be installed especially exhibit 16) , outside including the country such as Ni of skin of treasure of charming of Pierkadan, Baolande, Gong Gu, dream spy, day, Yi Rong, division, the skin provides a brand to sleeve couplet ginseng exhibit, and the bethel special subject that carries many 30 outstanding skin to provide a brand to comprise by bethel group exhibits an area, will give each to get coquettish, all-embracing lion mountain skin to have a brand to follow meeting guest to reveal, line of a when have a red-letter day into current skin distinctive scenery.

   exhibits an area in brand client in, bethel group is had 6 exhibit greatly, give network of our country leather except space an independence is exhibited outside, the others reveals combination cross ministry of general affairs of condition cable business, international, meeting to exhibit rich of steam of ministry, bethel to collect etc, it is all previous skin in providing a ginseng to postpone a business, obtain postpone a most business.

  Window 2: “ derma indicates cup ” originality continues: Dash forward show internationally element of aggrandizement our country

   thirteenth our country (lion mountain) leather skin provides a & Ldquo; derma to indicate originality of cup ” ceaseless advocate designs a concept, have a lot of breakthrough before relatively: Established in the contest first face the whole world to collect the original package that start case to design work, take part in the match to major the person that award of group special grade is obtained weighs award 50000 yuan, the architect that special grade award designs new beautiful ” with “ will be obtained go to Italy to undertake box wraps a design to groom the award that weigh a head. So, current contest attracted the stylist of numerous foreign nationality beyond native land stylist attend, the player comes from the many countries such as Italy, Holand, India, England, there is no lack of in the center have the foreign nationality stylist that comes from brand or the company such as evil spirit of Longhang the world, Hannuosi, Sha, benevolence fox, Lidiya.

   from mobile group appoint square understanding arrives, this the contest drafts 356 effects blueprint, objective chooses link to get work of set of 93 academies team in all, work conception is original, the style is disparate. What work of design of “ the current year achieves formerly is not little, the element of our country culture of work is stronger, the west cuts out with Oriental culture also first-rate confluence goes to. ” commissioners are right current take part in the match work offerred high assessment.

Stylist of    foreign nationality takes part in the match actively, reveal a match internationally. The graph is undertaking the spot choose for the commissioner

  Window 3: Mountain of electric business lion, the skin has industrial economy new normal state

   instantly, electronic business affairs already became skin of this “ our country to provide the condition of burgeoning economy employment with fundamental ” , the development of electronic business affairs such as bag of Ni, bright like division skin bag compares good enterprise more to give what at present leather skin has a red-letter day to exhibit a stage to go up, but the grand opera that has electric business the red-letter day as leather skin and theme, still be first time.

Because    answers current leather skin provides ” of mountain of lion of business of cable of section theme “ , sponsor just roll out a series of electron business affairs to reveal, include to be in mountain of bethel · lion (international) leather skin provides a city to follow lion mountain (international) hardware bibcock market rolls out a flower electric business special administrative area, include the flower is major outstanding electric business company, this has a lot of already is through cleaning out cat of treasure, day, Beijing east those who wait for mature platform to sell a product is individual with small miniature enterprise, if get together,also the service wraps skin of leather of mountain of bag, lion to provide city electron business affairs to sell platform, easily at the platform of business affairs of tripartite electron of these enterprises, our country skin has one of mountain of the net that seek sheet, lion bag of platform of number cable business, bright bag, and representing —— of condition of a kind of when international trade development develops tendency in the future special course of study to cross platform of condition cable business. From sponsor square understanding to arrive, just obtained batch become Guangdong the bethel group that first provincial and pilot “ steps enterprise of ” of condition cable business will provide the independence on the section to appear in this leather skin. May foreknow, the electric business ginseng that provides finished product without the skin postpones business or will become current ginseng to exhibit a of the enterprise distinctive scenery.

   electron business affairs already became what skin of this “ our country provides lion mountain range stage by stage the condition of burgeoning economy employment with fundamental ” . The seminar of electronic business affairs that expands development of incoming telegram business tendercy delibrate ” to be crucial theme content with “ will be one of window that current leather skin has a red-letter day. From flow of organizing committee activity arrangement sees, fell that day in the opening ceremony midday, lion mountain will hold seminar of series electron business affairs, come from skin of bethel lion mountain to have market of major of “ of put up with of Zhang Jun of city general manager how does the transition of O2O of business of cable of have the aid of that finish upgrade ” undertakes the theme makes a speech, and share traditional industry with meeting honored guest and audience especially professional market this how to use electronic business affairs to accelerate transition to upgrade the experience of pace.

  Window 4: From media big linkage, promotional small letter platform is interactive

   as we have learned, intense prepared leather skin has a red-letter day, the flower works besides the conduct propaganda that makes very traditional medium ceaselessly beyond, still innovate energetically propagandist means, enough play network especially the action from media platform, whole town small letter interacts greatly become current leather skin to have an one large window. The activity is sponsorred just surround closely the crucial theme of ” of mountain of lion of “ cable business, offerred “ lion mountain range technically platform of E” government small letter; Mountain of lion of bethel group, bethel (international) the small letter platform that leather skin has a city also is developed amply from media platform action, roll out " lion mountain skin has a red-letter day " series report, publish what have a red-letter day about current leather skin in time everyday outside all sorts of trends, information, combination is numerous small letter platform undertakes extensive linkage is pushed send publish, the activity having reward that develops rich and colorful. In the center platform of lion mountain E wraps a bag 10 thousand yuan to send ” freely the activity through spreading out “ , instantly had attracted on 10 thousand netizens to pay close attention to follow-up to interact all right; Mountain of lion of bethel group, bethel (international) leather skin provides the platform such as the city to also will combine numerous ginseng to exhibit business to roll out “ to sweep me during the festival civilized ” activity, will lift at the appointed time sweep small letter madly 2 small yard activities.

   is reviewed domestic and international, exhibit largely not less can monarch specialized industry media is exhibited, convenient media undertakes to the activity comprehensive and rapid story is publicized, this leather skin provides a section to comply with this to develop tendency, regard the government as cooperative media by net of our country leather, exhibit in box bag finished product first on establish exhibit alone, undertake to the activity the scroll form with comprehensive, standard essence reports, reveal its amply in the industry main event reports those who go up is fast, seasonable, accurate with authority.

   occupies not complete count, besides Guangzhou daily, southern daily, Guangdong TV station, beautiful now, the mainstream public media such as sina, Netease, Tecent, 21cn often reports with footprint this leather skin has a red-letter day outside, the skin provides skin of net of bound of skin of business newspaper, our country, Hui Cong, our country, shoe of dress of network of bag of box of net of talent of our country leather, whole world, world takes a hat leather of net, Beijing, round-the-world skin has a net, flower information harbor, beautiful, publicize battle array huge.

Net of leather of    our country will provide a section to undertake the scroll form with comprehensive, standard essence reports to current leather skin

Keyword:Leather, the market, box bag, shoe, dress, statistic, dynamic, sewing machine, tailor equipment

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