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Japanese brother drafts transition machine tool to make be pointed to will luxuriant change personally

Published on:2014/11/28 11:19:12

Keyword:Sewing machine, the market
Introduction:Outstanding achievement of near future of group of brother of Japanese well-known company is improved greatly, this group announced on November 4, 201...

Outstanding achievement of near future of group of brother of Japanese well-known company is improved greatly, this group announced on November 4, 2014, will March 2015 period predicting profit adds 2 billion yen, promote 51 billion yen, this one word was 2014 2.7 times of number of the corresponding period, if can be finished,will be this company comes nearly 8 years highest profit number. J-CAST website analysis says, what gave major impetus for the development of brotherly group is production branch of its machine tool, this hundred years old company is completing luxuriant transition at present now.

The message says, brotherly group founded 1908, father installs Jing Jianji to have to all sorts of machinery have deep love for indefinitely. The rudiment of brotherly group is to install what what Jing Jianji founds " chamber of commerce of the sewing machine that install a well " , in installing Jing Jianji to begin to be in the home of a Gu Wu in those days, do a few repair, the work that sells sewing machine. Later, anjingjianji's cornstalk installed the offspring such as Jing Zhengyi to accede father line of business, founded 1925 " chamber of commerce of brother of the sewing machine that install a well " . The sewing machine with that time most popular whole world is the United States make " Singer sewing machine " , and the sewing machine that Japan produces without mainland almost. Anjingzhengyi in " the industry that the industrial make it that imports need can export " of spirit lead, with founding Japan produces sewing machine brand to be a purpose, began their poineering process.

1928, bring Jing Zhengyi special sewing machine that developed tailor straw hat, they name this kind of sewing machine for " clear follows 3 type sewing machine " , the brand that is oneself gets off " brother " this name that reflects spirit of their brother collaboration, this is the origin of brotherly group name. 1932, family expenses sewing machine finishs batch successfully to produce, brotherly card sewing machine takes situation world gradually, before jumping house Singger sewing machine. Pu Kangliang of develop of brotherly group BM-7A spent the family expenses sewing machine that family planning produces to establish good brand image for its, the active enterprising, does not fear failure diversity after this also is their World War II managed guiding principle to lay a foundation.

After World War II, the family expenses sewing machine of brotherly group is exported Euramerican, get the favour of broad consumer, also built consumer to be opposite at the same time " brother " the accredit of the brand. Diversity of travel of their carry out runs policy later, begin the home appliance market such as sortie washing machine, fanner, they wait for even autocycle, musical instrument to be involved somewhat even.

The diversity of brotherly group manages the development that just is aimed at a company to having long-term positive effect, 1960, the career of information communication machine that the typewriter of group development is brother to make their company hard core later laid a foundation. 1984, the typewriter that brotherly group still made los angeles Olympic Games is special give trader.

Another angle, brotherly group returns new product of positive research and development, product of machinery of electronic technology infuse. 1971, brotherly group makes the whole world the first company that develops printer of high speed lattice successfully. This is current a milepost of printer market, win first-rate public praise with abroad in Japan no matter. 80 time later period, brotherly group begins to develop electrograph, laser printer again, for the development of career of machine of their information communication laid a foundation today.

J-CAST website analysis says, although the management guiding principle of brotherly group diversity also has failure when, but they have large differ model however with the other company of period of Japanese bubble economy same. They are right investment estate, fry etc " conduct financial transactions " do not be interested, develop intently however industrial. Because of the 90 time that this breaks down in Japanese economy bubble, they also can rapid display vigour, and calculate in the light of the electron greatly all-pervading United States rolled out new product -- the compound machine that collect faxes a function to be an organic whole with the function that print, in American market make a great coup.

Other, besides information communication industry, the organic still bed of group of the brother that prop up makes an industry. Production mobile phone needs burnish metal crust, can use to a kind to be called " TappingCenter " machine tool, this is the domain with a very exuberant demand. In domain of production of smartphone spare parts, many enterprises of Japan are contended for cooperate with the well-known company such as American apple. Below so intense competition pressure, the machine tool of brotherly group made a branch still complete the brilliant outstanding achievement that follows to grew 93% compared to the same period 2013 in the financial settle accounts September 2014, machine tool production industry also is to drive brotherly company to obtain 8 years to come the one big source of specified amount of the biggest profit. J-CAST website says, not the place that the Wei failure, brother group that dares to innovate has many is worth that learn.