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Yin Tai overtakes consumer

Published on:2014/11/28 11:19:09

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Introduction:In the department store that faces hopeless situation together, the behavioral extent that Yin Tai transforms him is the biggest, and beg the courage ...

In the department store that faces hopeless situation together, the behavioral extent that Yin Tai transforms him is the biggest, and beg the courage that change to result from: The client's experience.
Bemoaning with those winter of course of study of our country general merchandise and ” of departure person of “ general merchandise is different, the foliaceous dawn Beijing that worked ten years in general merchandise inn still is holding to.
But she also does not plan place footfall, recently, the shop of west lake of Hangzhou of silver-colored peaceful general merchandise that she is taking herself to manage has a few new trials.
On November 7, in lock oneself in after 97 days, this is located in the end austral the road of business street Yan'an with the most flourishing Hangzhou, be apart from a west lake hundreds of Mi Zhiyao's market are new practice. Hangzhou of silver-colored peaceful general merchandise regards as the 2nd inn before following 6 years first practice is different, this second it had a new name: ” of Yin Taicheng of “ west lake.
In group of silver-colored peaceful trade, silver-colored peaceful general merchandise belongs to two different career ministries with shopping centers cent, ” of “ Yin Taicheng is the product line of a brunt in ministry of career of its shopping centers. When the west lake Yin Tai changed shop sign, also mean it to exist with the configuration of inn of traditional general merchandise no longer.
Beijing of Xie Xiao of door store general manager is shutting inn to transform the ability after beginning to be made finally more renown decision, “ name changed, you have to force you change toward shopping centers, do not have leeway. ”
But, the west lake Yin Tai becomes to approach the market of shopping centers more on consumptive experience, it is to transform the end that before beginning, places however.
Transform in what hold 3 many months in, the business area of 90 thousand much square metre undertakes face-lifting entirely almost, break the pattern with densely covered bar of inn of traditional general merchandise as far as possible, construction is more reasonable clipper-built move a line to follow capacious space, and open up gives atrium to follow scatter everywhere communal rest area.
“ still is in golden age when general merchandise course of study when, our idea is inch of earth very little gold, hate cannot the area of each square metre should do shop. But you see current guest, they are early shopped to shop only not merely, beijing of ” leaf dawn says, you get “ to dig the thing that they need afresh. ”
As double the year after year of data of electric business sale of 11 is climbed litre, the dead ” of “ general merchandise became a truism almost. Yin Tai starts from general merchandise of a place, have many 30 general merchandise to follow many 10 shopping centers at present, already became the person that the ginseng with our country retail essential industry follows. With many person of the same trades exactly like, it extends antenna to electric business — but set out from practical aspect, yin Tai does not get the voice of general merchandise course of study that can abandon occupational and huge system measuring thoroughly.
Regard general merchandise of all of one handed down from the older generations of the family as the general manager of inn, foliaceous dawn Beijing should plan meticulously transform train of thought.
After member of inn following the door undertook interview survey, foliaceous dawn Beijing discovers, a lot of clients leave as a result of changes of urban trade situation. And in the frequenter that stay, 90% above live in Hangzhou urban district, having higher demand with recreational fun to life character. They need better consumptive place — to want to have the store with an all ready kinds or types of goods not merely, if one can have the space that recreational recreation lives,return.
In Xie Xiao Beijing looks, quite at shopping, people is willing to ramble at present, increasing it is to stem from at socialization, or the requirement that relaxes on spirit, this is meant, in transforming program, bazaar must give the dimensional scale of densely covered before retail brand compress come down.
Be opposite market is original after the concrete analysis that brand of 600 many dress undertook outstanding achievement follows a brand to locate, foliaceous dawn Beijing them cut do not reach 300, added 100 many new brands again. In the meantime, she monarchs again give increasing area to transform the condition of experience type job such as meal, recreation, the scale that occupies its door inn area arrives from 18% promotion 40% .
Although strength is greater, dan Xiexiao Beijing does not think general merchandise course of study can be abandoned thoroughly by consumer, latter still favors traditional general merchandise has enough goods to choose leeway. We cannot say “ is the shopping center that becomes common sense to go up thoroughly, traditional general merchandise abounds Yin Tai of degree of advantage west lake above to still can be withheld in commodity, grant more and more options to consumer. Beijing of ” leaf dawn says.
Transforming the west lake Yin Tai after implementation, you can see cosmetic, shoe kind the thematic house form that appear or approachs general merchandise counter what wait for category with underwear, but every other 56 shop, can appear from time to time again hall of a coffee or sweetmeats inn.
“ group this second adjust should make experimental product, may err. But we can hold the open, state of mind that dare play in the arms. ” unless when practice after 1 year, instantly of foliaceous dawn Beijing is not quite affirmative still this second transform the effective program that whether can bring to solve dilemma of general merchandise inn.
West lake silver-colored peaceful is an attempt in transition of whole of group of silver-colored peaceful trade only. Be in almost the corresponding period, below Yin Taiqi many inn begin to weigh model, this is commodity is adjusted simply with the space only not merely absolutely.
Service of commercial real estate follows be an official of manage of the Kingdom of Wei of nation of investment firm age to ever was in " the pattern of our country retail trade in evolving: General merchandise industry " the analysis in the report crosses inn of our country general merchandise to appear in the whole in going 3 years two the reason of coast. Besides new-style retail trade voice follows the double converging attack of electric business, traditional general merchandise manages area confine, excessive depend on “ affiliation ” mode causes ceiling of wool interest rate, lose commodity business ability at the same time, course of study of general merchandise be consideringed as cannot break through the internal cause of predicament.
Yin Tai also must not avoid the ground to encounter similar problem, it is it marchs only of passageway of be issued to lower levels when the dot should compare a person of the same trade in the evening.
The outstanding achievement of before 2014 3 quarters that according to Yin Tai commerce publishs reports, yin Tai in the whole nation outstanding achievement of sale of 17 doors inn appears negative growth, the total sales growth of the group is only 1.9% , the sale that be the same as inn dropped 2.9% . And going up one year only the corresponding period, total sales follows the sale that be the same as inn these two amplitude still is respectively 14.2% with 11% .
Yin Tai is not to did not foreknow Lu of this industry slippery iron.
May 2009, silver-colored peaceful general merchandise (2013, silver-colored peaceful general merchandise more the name is group of Yin Tai trade) tall canal attends a meeting in black town, made known his position to want to change the think of a way of condition of industry of pure development general merchandise, affirm new strategy: “ experiences to comply with consumer type, one-stop shopping demand, key development experiences form shopping centers, brunt develops brand of condition of industry of ’ of ‘ Yin Taicheng. After ” wherefrom, besides established or it is to buy an item, yin Tai adds the item of condition of general merchandise industry newly lesser alone.
This second conference is called in silver-colored peaceful interior ” of meeting of “ black town. “ black presses down the conference to be a turning point. We placed innovation to follow changing masterstroke, arrive a few this years from general merchandise inn net of shopping centers, silver-colored peaceful [small gain] , and with Alibaba [small gain] cooperate, it is to surround this masterstroke begins. This also makes we grow in last few years very fast, marched industry the first echelon formation. Chen Xiaodong of CEO of group of trade of ” silver-colored peaceful is right " weekly of the first finance and economics " say.
Afore-mentioned strategy adjust peaceful letting silver to build an another pillar besides general merchandise very quickly, in 5 years after black presses down the conference, in all practice of 15 shopping centers.
With this at the same time, yin Tai also believes condition of general merchandise industry has its distinctive commodity battalion carry to manage a dominant position. It thinks active breakthrough accumulates the problem of the inn of door of many 30 general merchandise that come down in 10 years at first.
Silver-colored peaceful general merchandise also includes to be in a Hangzhou of door inn — when Hangzhou build up among this fierce forest inn.
“ is quite before this, the little male girl that fierce forest inn comes to a few this years kind client amount is decreasing slowly really. A of ”9 month afternoon, yuan Xingfu is accepting general manager of registered office of Wu Lin of Hangzhou of silver-colored peaceful general merchandise " weekly of the first finance and economics " when interviewing, the inn of this general merchandise that mentions his place management is lying a relatively hard phase. “5 before New Year, I dare say fierce forest inn calculates in the whole nation going up is absolutely fashionable surveyor's pole, but today, this kind of very surveyor's pole status is shaking. ”
Yuan Xingfu just rang down the curtain follow president of division of Asia-Pacific of group of cosmetic of an a gleam of meet, yin Tai adjusts the Wu Lin that should prepare to attend to be in his office to hold 5:30 again the job is met.
Before a few months, the attune that he started a by a definite date 3 years in fierce Lin Yintai changes plan, try to change declining tendency. The commodity structural adjustment that tone changes plan to involve large area, brand is combed and environmental figure upgrades transform.
After this plan is started, he secures the controller that calls together all branches 5:30 in midday of every the world to attend a meeting, discuss with solve the problem that in was being transformed that day, encounters. This conference can hold nearly two hours normally.
The current year is this Yin Tai the 16th year of inn of general merchandise head. It is in the crucial position that the Wu Lin business with Hangzhou the most flourishing downtown encircles, the fixed position of Ceng Yinian light vogue, encircle with same a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale, ever was domestic sheet edifice of Hangzhou of bazaar of high end of inn sale first undertakes dissimilation competes differring, speedy establishment has the place in Hangzhou retail trade.
The inn November 2005 celebrates day, it with odd-numbered days 82 million yuan sale was created odd-numbered days of inn of domestic onefold general merchandise is highest at that time sale record. This lasts all the year round a person of same business is highest level ground effect (the sale of unit area) general merchandise inn, also be at that time Hangzhou youth memory shops mediumly first selection.
But go 3 years, fierce forest silver-colored peaceful marched a bottleneck period. After sale broke through 3 billion yuan 2011, its outstanding achievement grows marked slowdown. Since 2012, the growth range of sale of before inn is annual 3 quarters is silver-colored Tai Wulin respectively - 3.9% , 0% with - 8.3% (Yin Tai did not publish only store year sale data) .
This follows industry of whole general merchandise suffer basic synchronism. The current year first half of the year, the sale of inn of 46 general merchandise of Beijing drops compared to the same period 7.76% , and this number is in Shanghai is 9.5% . The corresponding period, home has shut up shop of inn of 12 general merchandise at least.
Supplier of Yuan Xingfu tells him, countrywide turnover was visited to be after the general manager of general merchandise store of 3 billion yuan of above recently, he feels, it seems that person of all general merchandise is very confused everybody thinks — pursuit innovates, but unsure why to plant the change is right, do not understand where the direction in the future is.
“ these a few years of shopping centers, and system of Xin Rui's experience traffic develops change to must comparative fast. In this kind big environment falls, our progress appears very small, hardware, experience is inferior to others, goods other people also has our some, do not have more and more advantages. ” Yuan Xingfu describes his pressure so, include in last few years Yin Tai is in Hangzhou practice more and more general merchandise or shopping centers project, also billabong the consumer of Lin Yintai of one part fierce.
“ Hangzhou itself is one of places with the most dynamic Internet, if fierce forest inn is again changeless, do not have a law to give consumer strange thing. ” Yuan Xingfu says.
Making the decision that tone changes is 2013 year end. Yuan Xingfu just rang down the curtain at that time pair of silver-colored peaceful general merchandise are lukewarm inn of state world trade rectifies what bodily form resembles to upgrade, be moved to fierce Lin Yintai to hold the position of general manager.
In interior of silver-colored peaceful system, yuan Xingfu by accepted it is a get right on the job model inn always. Since adjust begin, next his time are delayed to in the evening 10 when later. The worker that there always is the supplier that awaits a negotiation, discussion business at the door his office is discharging cue to waiting to see him, and once have space a bit, he can follow office be apart the Wu Lin of a corridor is silver-colored inn of peaceful make one's rounds.
All along of female shoe division of layer of A house B1 lets Yuan Xingfu feel a head to ache, this floor did not have a change ten years in the past, in 2.4 meters of spaces of a tall, 2000 much square metre, swarmed tens of female shoe brand, between brand area by exhibit ark to break up, brand of the island in some gives enough trying shoe division without method even.
When on one year inn is celebrated, what the Yuan Xingfu of inn of make one's rounds sees a certain area is 25 square metre is medium inside insular brand bar, the station is worn 78 assistants, but because the space follows the entrance very narrow, the alone in very long period of time 3 two clients are willing, and in the center a client still must stand to try a shoe. Can then he still have “ what experience? ” Yuan Xingfu is determined to want to change such condition.
Whole transformed plan to throw more and more attention to spend to female shoe division. Yuan Xingfu and its group invited design firm to plan technically new clipper-built use a line, break the island in following by the side of traditional general merchandise differentiate means, play the brand arrangement of the both sides that use a line more uniform standard, also increase integral space feel fully.
In the meantime, the area of 100 square metre regards lay off of new the program that use a line as the PK area of SKU, the program lets 8 originally competition ability is not very strong brand parts 100 SKU do concentration reveal, with reducing the repetition between each brand design reveals — this is close to what buy a hand to make ” at the “ in Euramerican general merchandise to choose goods to manage mode a bit.
Of SKU revealing is the key that Yuan Xingfu pays close attention to, stylist of his specially requirement will originally the amount of female shoe SKU that every square metre shows is added from 6 reach 8, he thinks to let a client see commodity is most important thing increasingly.
Think of a way of Beijing of dawn following a part of a historical period is different, yuan Xingfu thinks, the fierce Lin Yintai that business area is less than half of west lake silver-colored peaceful, get amount of body of be confined to, do not suit complete transition to be shopping centers, also do not change to give the experience of shopping centers. So, he still insists to retain the general merchandise dominant position of fierce Lin Yintai, change mix directional set to do the most high grade commodity structure ” for “ .
Rising the category combination that does not put together originally is Wu Lin Yin Tai adjusts a method distinctly. The row if, bobbi Brown, handsome was loaded to green jade in 4 female outfit area [small gain] wait for the hairdressing of 4 cosmetic cards, and in integrate male product after putting C house, he still plans to be in in the center add male cosmetic and the special administrative area that deserve to act the role of sheet to taste.
The youth with current “ more and more individuation, they are not willing and others exactly like, want to capture them, we must give them enough option when offerring goods. ” Yuan Xingfu still wants to arouse the consumptive interest of little male girl afresh, for this, he monarchs technically give 3 floor to be aimed at the young customer that starts from the high school student, offer the goods that includes wet card, recreational outfit to be installed with the girl, special administrative area of a wet shoe also includes in the center.
Commodity is the advantage that fierce Lin Yintai needs to capture most from beginning to end. Yuan Xingfu hopes to be in in the future, shopping centers can go when the consumer of young vogue has recreational demand, but still can think of fierce Lin Yintai when thinking of to buy goods.
According to his plan, the first phase involves the commodity structural adjustment of 891 brands to already came true before November 10. On the public transportation platform opposite inn of silver-colored peaceful Wu Lin, stick the ad that has Slogan of new edition of inn of this general merchandise. “40 10 thousand fashionable general merchandise, search him ”— that never is tired of this is the signal that Yuan Xingfu hopes his consumer is experienced.
Regard group of silver-colored peaceful trade as highest controller, happiness of Yuan of encourage of Chen Xiaodong all along follows foliaceous dawn Beijing to be adjusted in door inn interior on make more and more attempts.
We do not want “ transform deal in generalities, no matter shopping centers is changed general merchandise inn, still be the shopping centers of kind of general merchandise, we still are finally with the guest first. Satisfy the client's requirement, let them feel better off, just be the business that we should do finally. ”
In the public opinion on public affairs of Chen Xiaodong near future, “ is with the guest first ” is one repeats the statement with occurrence very tall frequency.
The system of KPI of group of silver-colored peaceful trade that you are implementing from him is adjusted be pleasant to the eye to act accordingly. This retail business was reducing sale, profit to wait for the KPI index of result sex with charge stage by stage recently, the client favorite degree, the supplier is favorite degree with the worker favorite the assessment standard that index regards sex of degree of the buy before waiting as to follow business section always to each inn.
The inertial thinking of “ general merchandise is to seek level ground effect, remove a few bar when us, change them to rest area when, each person does not accept this logic, ” Chen Xiaodong says, “ but you are hate cannot be on the passageway filled up with commodity, let a client walking to ramble high two hours to do not have rest place with the shoe, still consider their demand truly, give them a good shopping experience? This is eager for quick success and instant benefit follows a selection with the balance between long-term development. ”
The change of sex of this kind of mechanism is conducting inn of basic level door.
On one year firm transfer arrives when west lake silver-colored peaceful, foliaceous dawn Beijing ever was this door inn the working status of original management group feels pained.
Be in in experience of inn of make one's rounds, she sees a certain in famous degree with the very good clothing on the product the brand shrinks in the berth that is squeezed in a 70 much square metre, lack reveal a space, but the floor manager at that time thinks however and do not have misgivings, do not need spread.
Because “ is in in the outstanding achievement of west lake silver-colored peaceful the brand wants to discharge fine even in bar of all door inn, several brands have the idea that removes ark early actually. But floor manager tells me very calmly however to say, not careladen, they hinder to cooperate at the strategy with the group, even if does what sell inn to also won't remove ark especially. Memory of Beijing of ” leaf dawn says.
This is a kind of state that often can see in course of study of general merchandise of instantly our country. Operator people one angle complains say general merchandise industry is stagnant, customer changed report to business and do not come back again, another angle, in inn of traditional general merchandise of most our country, still be full of congested bar, stale display means, mixed and disorderly information label to follow — of too lively sales promotion information to be in this backside, the management concept that is a tradition is being made esteem.
Disregard the experience that reachs consumer to follow demand, beijing place cannot accept Xie Xiao this. In the operation group initial stage that takes over dimensions of this 300 people, she undertook cutting into parts changing, undertook to everybody according to the capacity demand that opens one door store newly aggrandizement grooms with the exam.
The manager of be assigned personal responsibility for that she asks each course of study is planted has sufficient capacity to choose a brand when adjusting commodity structure, also can take new thing at the same time.
Childen's garments area changes in tone in those who obtained 2000 square metre is new add an area, hope of Dan Xiexiao Beijing is occupational of these areas is not brand of increasing childen's garments, however similar read, painterly, music teaching early is to swim, tonsorial wait for children to experience industry condition. This forces this district director to abandon just wanting to do the train of thought that the brand combs so, turn and cost increasing energy to understand the child's requirement.
In fact, new-style retail trade voice is distinguished with the core of traditional general merchandise, be offset cost demand have an insight into with contented. But, this involves the change of operation train of thought not merely, heavier if run the heavy model of mode.
Regard a general merchandise as inn, silver-colored peaceful of instantly west lake remains the supplier that means — brand just regards the affiliation that adopts a convention as general merchandise inn, offer kinds or types of goods to door inn, the kind that door inn imposes sale to deduct a point with maintaining base income to brand collection charge. Below this kind of mode, general merchandise inn can value the level ground effect of the brand very, with period obtain more and more get one's own back that deduct a point.
But this kind manages what mode goes against new brand to breed, make the management of general merchandise inn is immersed in what sell the — in talked error not to take shopping environment seriously to follow an experience so only to rise easily also, and integral passenger flow is managed.
The hire that instantly shopping centers adopts is smoked with the sale in taking tall management pattern into both, the growth of hire more suffer take seriously, the operator of bazaar meets what measure passenger flow rise count the main way that increases profit, can consider the issue that whole manages from the respect of consumer more so.
In the development of the shopping centers product such as Yin Taicheng, tighten those who stare at consumer demand to make adjust measures to local conditions to adjust strategy to also be carried out to come down. Quite at resembling 10 thousand amount to [small gain] the kind that has unity a canal accusing by center of headquarters business canal in that way, make the 10 thousand way that amount to square inn into give an official, silver-colored peaceful emphasizes ” of “ Yin Taicheng very less controlling a system in the canal on group level.
Press Chen Xiaodong's view, marching the crucial fixed position that the Yin Taicheng of massive outspread level can have a product line, but each district market can consume demand to undertake be adjustmented accordingly according to place, the Yin Taicheng of “ each district meets some to differ. ”
The system with not little before this “ has taken roundabout way, it is with inn first, feel what I can give to be put over, happy event of client of not true consideration does not love. I feel this is incorrect. ” Chen Xiaodong says.
Look in him, abide by customer demand to be able to make shopkeeper little take roundabout way. This send the ” of “ Yin Taicheng of exhibition period to still be in, particularly important.
On one year in September the Hangzhou city of practice what Yin Taicheng is considered as Yin Tai to build a shopping centers and synthesis product line systematically normally on the west is germinant.
Practice is full after 1 year, this business area amounts to 290 thousand square metre, have the shopping center of the recreation establishment such as many 80 about 400 retail brands, dining-room and cinema, ice stadium, already became Hangzhou city on the west area youth's mainest consumption room. The day between its week all end of 50 thousand person-time, week all the 80 thousand guest discharge to 100 thousand person-time, the project that dimensions is the same as in can waiting for mature synthesis brand with every phenomenon city, exultation city comparatives.
But in practice initial stage, should be located in Hangzhou city Xi Shenhua board piece, fixed position lies fallow in young domesticity the shopping centers that consumes a place, did not find operation and the way that sale extends very quickly.
If the row is in of market mood build on, original it adopted the cloth with silver-colored peaceful normally commonly used general merchandise to exhibit train of thought, spent a lot of cost to make few points wait for device of formative static state high to be put in atrium with shoe, vanity. But before this can attract individual shopper to be in only cover group photo, lack new idea to follow interactive sex.
Then, when on one year of christmas, to save cost, he Xiangguo of general manager of silver-colored peaceful city follows Hangzhou wall on the west layout ministry invited Coke Cola to do to stick the christmas tree that rise with coke canister in atrium, build trainset in the street outdoor interactive toy. This action finished the Christmas atmosphere that He Xiangguo expects not merely, still yield gain of silver-colored peaceful city brushstroke site cost.
Train of thought is opened at this point. After this, yin Taicheng began Hangzhou city to follow the activity inside different brand collaboration field thick and fast on the west, the promotion content of brand of have the aid of is pulled with resource use passenger flow, also come out the commercial value development of communal space inside shopping centers at the same time.
“ follows other gate inn of Yin Tai to compare, the operation staff of the Yin Taicheng of our bring into contact with is more youthful, brunt is controlled in 229 years old. The issue related Internet follows in banner attempt, what perhaps follow a customer is interactive go up, they should compare other bazaar avant-courier many, you always can see many strange things. ” 3 on Yu Rong of arrange vise general manager is right " weekly of the first finance and economics " say, the activity with these new very move also can drive their business. 3 on arrange and its child the brand shares 13 inn in Hangzhou, in the center 4 in opening the door store in Yin Tai.
He Xiangguo follows a businessman gladly one case Hangzhou city Yin Taicheng becomes more lively on the west, think in this experience method finds the demand place of consumer.
On September 12, of grandmother home child brand “ starts work ” dining-room head inn is in Hangzhou city start business of Xi Yintai town, because was hit that day,fold, a lot of Hangzhou people that like have a taste of what is just in season queue up in the doorway early. He Xiangguo also negotiates the stream of people that how market point of view cooperates this one day with Wu Guoping of grandmother home president in early in the morning: Need how many security personnel to maintain order, the closet capacity of dining-room periphery is sufficient, and this how scattered guest after doing business to close store to bazaar in the evening.
We are in “ when be new store optional location, owner square group also is an element that we think mainly. This group of Yin Taicheng follows Hangzhou wall on the west we had built first-rate credit, also help us very can actively do promotion to follow safeguard. ” Wu Guoping says.
Start work in “ before ” practice, wu Guoping asks He Xiangguo to follow his group to new store foretaste. This very the activity of “ in-house ” was edited to send Hangzhou city into graph article message subsequently on the official small letter of Xi Yintai city, as practice premonitory.
Look in He Xiangguo, this kind more the content that ground connection enrages is on the communication with consumer more effective instead. Before a few months, they abandon publishing sales promotion activity in the in sad earnest on small letter, however more deflection at showing a group of real behind the curtain, build affection connection with consumer.
Quite under, the consumer of Internet times is more sensible and actual, accordingly, you need “ more their thing of a few sensibility, go touching him. ” He Xiangguo says.
In the period that the demand of this consumer lies to change quickly, the retail industry of our country faces concussion of the consumption on the line and the challenge that shopping experience upgrades generally. And feel when most shopkeeper when be at a loss, yin Tai thinks, and go up the demand of consumer always is right.
On March 31, the strategy that Alibaba announces to undertake to silver-colored peaceful commerce 5.37 billion HK dollar adds up to 4.24 billion yuan of RMB about invests, both sides establishs joint-stock company, realize the member system, butt joint that pays system and merchandise system, and the infrastructure system of the commerce below the line on get through line.
Very resounding when deserve message past most after year, many people still did not look Qing Yintai after all to want to use how means will communicate the line on the line to fall.
An abecedarian plan goes out at present by August the O2O layout picture that Chen Xiaodong of the — on Internet congress showed a piece of Yin Tai 2014. The content on this piece of graph is divided into “ cloud ” to carry ” with “ two parts, “ cloud ” is in the center change formal existence member, commodity to follow sale platform with data, all channel that “ carries ” is consumer of silver-colored peaceful contact enter the mouth.
“ is original we do general merchandise, transition became shopping center, as electronic business affairs arisen, we developed silver-colored peaceful network again, these form much channel jointly. This kinds of many channel forms organic perpendicular closed circuit finally actually, namely channel of so called extensive. ” Chen Xiaodong explains so.
Pursue medium in his O2O layout, below the line guide the channel such as the member that buy, interactive screen cleans out the treasure, “ Yin Taibao that pays treasure purse and him Yin Tai to roll out with on-line ”“ is private and custom-built the product such as ” exactly like, it is the port that contacts customer.
In the two port project that in instantly Yin Tai has popularized external, ” of “ Yin Taibao regards the fictitious member on the platform that clean out treasure as card, information of achievable sales promotion is pushed send and the member function that fills inquiry of value, information to pay with shift quickly. And the App that another calls “ private and custom-built ” , meet according to the client's consumption data undertakes an analysis, push send relevant coupon.
Chen Xiaodong makes known his position, yin Tai's O2O very it's hard to say can be in when to can see complete picture, it will be a basis customer demand, continue to carry perfect experience.
“ we won't assume tells shopping center after all or general merchandise inn can be in the future, still give our service way finally according to the change of consumer. The change of these a few years of consumer is very sharp, what we should do is from what satisfy them demand arrives the demand that discovers them, ” Chen Xiaodong says, “ and the change that can go leading demand. ”
In the golden age of general merchandise course of study, yin Taiceng is the person that lead. Current, it hopes to stand to this position again.