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Cost of spinning of original United States makes the same score appropriate than Chinese spinning much

Published on:2014/11/28 11:18:24

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Introduction:American also can spinning? Everybody may want to be less than, cost of spinning of original United States makes the same score appropriate than our c...

American also can spinning?

Everybody may want to be less than, cost of spinning of original United States makes the same score appropriate than our country spinning.

According to the United States " wall street daily " report, plant of a spinning of Hangzhou city is visited in our country Zhejiang, because labour force, the sources of energy follows earthy price pattern,rise and encounter difficulty. Carrying case of a few spindle Luo Laina city gets stuck south past United States, limited company of division Er group already approved investment 218 million dollar in Lankaisite the county builds a plant, the alone of charge of electricity of new plant is less than the half of our country, can get local government supports, division Er company predicts to will create post of at least 500 obtain employment.

Because the cost of our country raises ceaselessly, division Er company can carry yarn to the manufacturer of central america, different at our country company is, it is duty-free that it carries hand-me-down to the United States.

The United States spins the advantage of cotton mill:

The first, american spinning factory can use beautiful cotton, raw material is resourceful;

The 2nd, electric power cost of the United States is very low, the electric power cost that is our country is made an appointment with 1/3.

The 3rd, american automation rate is very high, although cost of American choose and employ persons is high, but equipment choose and employ persons is very little, labour force is so total cost is very low also. '

The 4th, american electric power compares our country cheap 40%-50% with land cost.

Still have a problem, same a crate, do cotton to come over to follow make cotton yarn, if additional cost is higher, booth is jumped over to freight low.

Cheap, raw material can guarantee electric power, because bombazine of this United States is right the impact of our country market is very big, at present 32 air current spin dress of knitting gauze make it to wear go up in the body very comfortable.

Our country air current spins used raw material photograph to compare cheap, it is better that American air current spins used raw material. Rate of automation of air current spinning is very high, a very big workshop connects two people need not.

Data shows, 2003, in American spinning every kilogram costs 2.86 dollars, 2.76 dollars are in our country. And to 2010, need to cost 3.45 dollars in the United States, had jumped in our country litre to 4.13 dollars.

The manufacturing cost that textile is in the United States, already followed Brazil under our country, India, Turkey, Korea, the rise of cost is driving an Asia enterprise of a few spin is migratory to the United States.

India group of Shriv Allabh Pittie of manufacturer of a textile, in the United States Zun Zhiya city invests 70 million dollar, build its general of pure cotton of the first production combs the American factory of gauze, this spinning factory will create opportunity of 250 obtain employment, spinning factory will install the most advanced machine, produce all sorts of raising additionally general combs gauze,

The United States already had a few years to importing yarn to impose custom duty with dress, but the trade agreement such as agreement of North America free trade, a few trade follow in the United States free zone was created between associate. Relevant agreement sets, from the dry goods that companionate country imports, the data that must be used completely in these countries or American production is made, otherwise textile faces custom duty, can amount to commonly to yarn 5% to 6% , fabrics is 10% to 12% , dress is 15% to 20% .

Come for years, asian dress produces business all along to bearing this kind of custom duty, because production follows carriage cost very low, and at present, they are in reappraise this one practice.

This introduced the change in global commerce, the manufacturing industry that how is the United States creates a dominant position.