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Change of sky chemical fibber promotes chart new rule

Published on:2014/11/21 13:18:34

Keyword:Chemical fibber, polyamide fibber silk, air conditioning, the market, automation, weaving
Introduction:In recent years, of economy of whole world of straight cover of chemical fibber job low wander, bearing of industry whole scene is not tall, the enter...

In recent years, of economy of whole world of straight cover of chemical fibber job low wander, bearing of industry whole scene is not tall, the enterprise goes after transition to upgrade below pressure in succession. Chemical fibber of veteran ” sky answers industry “ more actively, innovation consciousness lets industry place attention.

As the development of the times, sky chemical fibber is examined afresh with think over before the problem that management concept of the industrial structure that the bequeath in high speed development follows generation, product structure, business exists. Insist to inspect quality to be life, developed a series of new products that fit a times to follow the market further with user demand. From management innovation, technology upgrades, abroad extend isogon to spend drive an enterprise to walk into new era.

Circular economy, witness creativity of ” of brand “ green

As responsible have the company that take on, sky chemical fibber pays attention to energy-saving environmental protection to follow the use of aborning of second birth technology from beginning to end, will innovate energy-saving technology, reduce carbon to discharge as improve company image, enhance the important way of crucial competition ability

Promote chemical fibber integrated competition ability of the industry in the round, promotion can retain development ability, mode of progress of economy of circulation of industry of the chemical fibber since construction is industry of our country chemical fibber in “ the main task during 925 ” . As responsible have the company that take on, sky chemical fibber pays attention to energy-saving environmental protection to follow the use of aborning of second birth technology from beginning to end, will innovate energy-saving technology, reduce carbon to discharge as improve company image, enhance the important way of crucial competition ability.

Energy-saving project opens industry beginning

Since “ company holds water oneself, seeking product quality, economic benefits while, all along takes zoology seriously to follow environmental protection work very, while influence of serious executive environment evaluates a system, active spread out energy-saving project, clean the sources of energy to replace a project, build sewage to administer station, exert oneself to finish cleanness to produce a purpose job of 4 environmental protection regards a company as main job, make the company into the environment hard friendly model enterprise. Hair of yellow Qing Dynasty of vise general manager of industrial limited company shows weaving of chemical fibber of sky of ” spring city.

In January 2012, sky chemical fibber invested many yuan 3900 to produce machining complex to undertake optimizing transforming to refrigeration of production line of polyamide fibber silk, the set of refrigeration of centrifugal form report that adopts new-style and efficient energy-saving environmental protection (unit of 5 especially clever refrigeration) replace 6 original vapour bromine to change lithium to absorb aircrew of type cold water and form a complete set boiler of coal fired of a two 15T, 6T, 22, original to the company circuit conduit undertakes planning to decorate afresh, make cop more reasonable and effective, promote refrigeration systematic efficiency.

The message says, project of this energy-saving technical reformation of chemical fibber of fontal city sky caused wide attention in industry. Chief explains related the company, always should throw those who achieve many yuan 3900 is energy-saving transform a project, can cause attention accordingly, besides transducer of partial electric machinery energy-saving outside transforming, advocate if open the beginning of industry, transformed the whole refrigeration system of production line of polyamide fibber silk first, the coal fired that changes a tradition produces steam again by the means of vapour refrigeration, overturn sexual ground is transformed to have international of advanced level full automatic electric refrigeration system. No matter this refrigeration system is spent from degree of the energy-saving effect, effect that decrease a platoon, automation or security isogon, old system cannot is likened to, integrated benefit is very apparent.

Circular economy can effect comparing is apparent

Huang Qing sends a specification, this is heavy and complicated of a workload, major system project, be done and not simple, because successful without industry experience can be drawn lessons from, everything wants him to fumble, those who adopt pair of techniques accumulate, to the understanding of equipment, to the understanding of the industry, communicate with each iteration of square partner, discuss, through be being made stage by stage, continue to perfect transform method, final ability finds most feasible program. Other, transform to cooperate the refrigeration machining complex of production line of polyamide fibber silk, stop production of sky chemical fibber 1 many months have whole production area is new old for can systematic switch follows a butt joint, cost does not poor.

As we have learned, in industrial refrigeration domain, the technology of electric refrigeration is one of technologies with the most advanced instantly, industrial refrigeration differs with air conditioning of general family expenses, its power, efficiency is completely different. In this domain, what the whole world does best is the company of two United States, the refrigeration equipment of sky chemical fibber is from in the center one of especially clever company introduces the United States, of the refrigeration after the project is transformed can effect is very tall, can say the angle of whole industry refrigeration in instantly is the world is top-ranking.

This refrigeration and electric machinery system are energy-saving transform a project to pass national treasury department, hair successfully still to change appoint precatory section energy is independent center of cent of Fuzhou of center of certificate of quality of our country of orgnaization of tripartite examine and verify follows a province the examine and verify of scene of group of examine and verify that energy-saving and censorial center comprises, by check and ratify year energy-saving capacity is coal of 13033 tons of mark.

Coal fired boiler was demolished in transforming experience because of the system at the same time, decrease every year to measure 5954 tons with coal, can decrease a 2 oxidation sulfur 101 tons of oxide following nitrogen 16 tons, already decreased a business accounting through visitting environmental protection office, the energy-saving effect that decrease a platoon is apparent, during becoming 925 ” of “ of carp the city zone, 2 oxidation sulfur follows the unit decreasing a platoon with azotic the biggest oxide, develop environment of organisms' habits of circular economy, protection to have enormous sense to circumjacent area.

Change administrative multibarrel to fall together subtly

Reach electric machinery system through refrigeration energy-saving the substituent that transforms a project to achieve clean the sources of energy is sky chemical fibber only the one part in program of the energy-saving series that decrease a platoon, since 2009, the company pushs the energy-saving work that decrease a platoon energetically, from carry out energy-saving project, clean production, build isogon of sewage disposal station to spend raise a company to turn level of management subtly, finish energy-saving environmental protection, fall to be able to hold development end of this synergism.

In carry out energy-saving project angle, sky chemical fibber eliminated 8 pistons chance early or late, reduce 536KW of specific power consumption, bear drops 41 % . Investment is opposite many yuan 700 the electromotor of the equipment such as fan of pneumatics machine, cooling water pump, air conditioning undertakes transducer energy-saving transform, transform electric machinery in all 222, general power amounts to 8185KW, after transforming, rate of average length report can amount to 25 % left and right sides, can save electric energy every year 12.29 million kilowatt hour. The company is awarded province, city so energy-saving and advanced company.

Finishing clean production is a company the main purpose in the energy-saving angle that decrease a platoon, the company established clean production to head a group 2012, publicize energetically with popularize cleanness to produce a concept, in producing cleanness thought be well versed in to operate experience at actual production, 15 are carried out to not have in working the Communist Party of China, low cost follows 3 in expend plan high and achieve clear result. Of the same age in August, the company still introduces couplet of new-style low temperature to benzene replaces benzene of normal temperature couplet and undertake heat preservation is transformed, year section spare report 1.98 million kilowatt hour, managing charge of electricity 1.287 million yuan, benzene of couplet of former high temperature reclaims by manufacturer.

At the beginning of the current year, sky chemical fibber is started again new energy-saving transform a project, with tripartite major energy-saving company signs contract the sources of energy to manage, by tripartite major energy-saving company throws capital to undertake to the pneumatics system of the company energy-saving transform, transforming around to install independent and metric system, have consideration to energy-saving capacity, it is next inside particular fixed number of year according to before tall hind low principle follows tripartite energy-saving company undertakes energy-saving benefit is divided into, after establishment runs the cent that reachs a regulation to become fixed number of year, free turns over a company to run government ceaselessly.

Through carrying out clean production, ton product specific power consumption is reduced by 835.6 kilogram Ec to 600 kilogram Ec, be in in domestic person of the same trade take the lead in level. Instantly company cleanness produces the job to already passed association of industry of environmental protection of fontal state city to evaluate examine and verify.

To finish clean ” of “ shamrock water, the company builds sewage disposal station actively still. August 2012, the company threw many yuan of 70 form a complete set to build treating capacity to stand for the sewage disposal of day of 250 tons of / , adopt biochemical treatment craft to undertake centralized collection administering with sewage to production, in Feburary 2013 investment is applied. Sewage disposal establishment basically adopts technology of A / O, the manufacturing liquid waste that waits for harmful material to containing nitrogen of machine content, suspension content, ammonia and sewage undertake handling, municipal waste pipe is emited into after achieving 3 class finally to discharge a standard the net centers sewage treatment plant of celestial being stone.

Current, want character difference function to change already, want low carbon environmental protection to be able to carry the new development trend that already made progress of chemical fibber industry again. One angle should satisfy the industry the market is begged demand the requirement that change newly, innovation improves a product; Another angle guides the consumptive concept of ” of “ green, loop, low carbon actively also, zoology of carry out travel is built.

Keyword:Chemical fibber, polyamide fibber silk, air conditioning, the market, automation, weaving

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