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Clothing company is contended for cross a boundary " play finance "

Published on:2014/11/21 11:17:08

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Introduction:Bonus of reform of finance of hope cent a thick soup is in garment industry is small below confused condition, the company appears on the market relat...

Hope the finance that divide a thick soup reforms bonus
In garment industry low below confused condition, the company appears on the market related cross a bound to save oneself the action still is in ceaseless. And after landed project invests in succession before this height, begin to contend for again at present play a finance. A few days ago, announcement of 9 herd king says wholy-owned subsidiary drafts contributive 203 million yuan add asset to connect negotiable securities, and be in last week, beautiful country dress also is joined with initiate create bank of first civilian battalion of Shanghai, hold 15% . Market personage thinks, at present clothing company crosses a bound to march financial domain is one of better ways that optimize configuration of company natural resources undoubtedly, but, bank of investment civilian battalion still is put relatively Duobuken is qualitative.
Have take look forward to to cross group project to already contributed profit
Since going up one year, what reform as finance is thorough, create the cry roiling on with full force of civilian battalion bank. The State Council drives civilian capital to march financial industry, make a lot of appear on the market the company marchs the enthusiasm of financial system is released in the round, with financial industry not of relevant take look forward to to also be contended for march.
And be in the dress that adjusts labor pains period to appear on the market the company also is in immediately respond to a news. Coulded there be early on July 19, 2007 when wave bank appears on the market, yageer coulds there be with respect to hold wave bank 179 million, 7.16% of total capital stock of bank of the wave that take peace. After this is held through be being added for many times reach ginseng follow to be added surely, up to on July 23, bank of peaceful wave of hold of accumulative total of elegant dagger Er 351 million, hold a scale to add go up one year to 12.16%; in September, fir fir accuses an application to create civilian battalion bank.
The investment of bank domain makes Pan Manbo of earn of elegant dagger Er full. 2014 first half of the year, yageer finishs income 7.58 billion yuan, glide compared to the same period 5.2% , vest in appears on the market profit of company net profit is 1.83 billion yuan, grow 90.5% compared to the same period. Because of peaceful wave bank plan of rights and interests joins amalgamative forms for reporting statistics, investment net profit adds considerably, 2014 first quarter, investment line of business seeks implementation net profit 870 million yuan, peaceful wave bank contributes 800 million yuan in the center, occupy than 92%; the current year 3 quarters, in the profit and loss that Yageer sells financial capital arises, peaceful wave bank finishs yield to be 857 million yuan.
Lending civilian battalion the upsurge of the bank, beautiful country dress plans to catch up with the sea all preciouses jade (group) limited company (next weighing that all precious jade group) make together give priority to initiator to prepare establish “ Shanghai ” of Inc. of Hua Ruiyin travel, draft 3.5 billion yuan to register capital to be a RMB, beautiful country dress plans to invest amount to be 525 million yuan, oppose a scale for 15% . Regard Shanghai as one of initiator of bank of first civilian battalion, beautiful country dress is early before two months the attention that the market had caused when the message comes out, not merely company share price appears to go up greatly one after another, and the company attracted illicit collect successfully still one Ge Zexi's your writing is bought, become the 3rd large stockholder of company successfully.
Besides create civilian battalion bank, dress kind appear on the market the large stockholder that the company still should have certificate business. The announcement before 9 herd Wang Ri, county of Jiang Da of cloth of labour of wholy-owned subsidiary Tibet 9 fill company of investment finite liability to draft with own reserves with 2.98 yuan / price subscribe money connects negotiable securities 68 million, add up to contributive about two hundred and two million six hundred and forty thousand yuan, occupy money to connect negotiable securities implementation to increase endowment spread hind about 2% of total capital stock.
Earnings of civilian battalion bank puts unsure sex
Step the activity that the bound invests again and again to taking mount city company, analytic personage thinks, advocate if in recent years garment industry depression and sale terminal decrease, the influence such as concussion of electronic business affairs, force each enterprise to go after the new cooperation that cross a boundary to come from me rescue in succession.
To this second invest external, beautiful country dress makes known his position, of civilian battalion bank establish bore the weight of the tremendous mission that promotes financial reform, good luck makes the rare opportunity that giving priority to initiator ginseng to follow bank of first civilian battalion of Shanghai to establish is company development investment, shanghai is building international banking center energetically, financial banking is faced with great development opportunity to follow good foreground; at the same time, company investment establishs civilian battalion bank to be helpful for optimizing the resource that deploys a company, promote the capital in the future return rate.
3 quarters newspaper shows the current year, 6 give now to slip compared to the same period into profit of the net that take look forward to, if 9 herd king suffers an industry to pound an influence, since 2013 outstanding achievement begins be issued to lower levels: 213 years annual battalion closes to drop compared to the same period 3.8 1% , net falls compared to the same period battalion of company of year ago 3 quarters receives 19.62%;2014 to fall compared to the same period 15.07% , net profit drops compared to the same period 27.88% . The personage inside course of study thinks, 9 herd king serves as exclusive the industry outside province of a Zhejiang buys a share money connects negotiable securities, hopeful shares the profit that stockjobber business increases, rich invest business structure with what optimize a company, promote fund apply efficiency, extend more and more gain origin channel for the company.
A certificate trade public figure tells a reporter: &Ldquo; dress kind appear on the market the company is in advocate course of study not below the setting of beautiful, through equity investment enters financial system, increase the company's new profit point of growth thereby, divide a cup of a thick soup from inside financial reform policy. ” also has market personage to cross bound finance to make known his position to be anxious to taking look forward to, its think, instantly is relevant policy have not Anacreontic, whether can the market tilt to civilian battalion capital still cannot and know, the tall profitability of civilian battalion bank still is put in many unsure sexes.