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Xinjiang: Exceed rejection of look forward to of big cotton of scale of yellow cotton of water, frost

Published on:2014/11/21 11:16:50

Keyword:Textile mills, fiber, the price, period cotton, cotton, investigation
Introduction:As we have learned, in November since the middle ten days of a month Ba Chu of assorted of Ke Su of Na Jiang A, noise made in coughing or vomiting, cl...

As we have learned, in November since the middle ten days of a month Ba Chu of assorted of Ke Su of Na Jiang A, noise made in coughing or vomiting, cling to city library Er straps look forward to of cotton of and other places to buy valence to maintain reduce, some cotton look forward to everyday 0.02 yuan / kilogram, 0.05 yuan / of kilogram slow adjust; Some cotton look forward to criterion 0.1 yuan / kilogram, 0.15 yuan / of kilogram reduce, seed cotton buys price difference bigger, same seed cotton of 40% ginning outturn, metaphase flower achieves 0.30-0.40 with the price difference of frost chrysanthemum yuan / kilogram; Akesuku follows look forward to of cotton of and other places car, Sha Ya, newly to mirror, because nightly lowest air temperature fell since the middle ten days of a month in November,come - 6 ℃ left and right sides, precipitation slants much, although weigh frost to have not come, but already frost Huang Mian appears, scale is in commonly 20% the left and right sides, but seed cotton moisture is normally bigger, the seed cotton water that sells before 11 o'clock in the morning divides at least 11% above, exceed mark to fizzle out with frost because of moisture so cotton proportion is too large and the phenomenon of rejection is common existence, the flower after unit of cotton of farmer, establish passes flower of early days, metaphase to follow frost mixes mix into or air is basked in will solve exceed water, frost the question with Huang Mian big proportion.

Seed cotton of 40% ginning outturn bought 17-18 day Na Jiang in November price falls to 5.90-6.00 yuan / kilogram. Occupy investigation additionally, instantly is in border inside the inquiry of factory of each superintendency library platform, cotton ginning, manufacturer that purchases ginned cotton is given priority to with client of pily management industry, cotton for wadding, proportion of outback cotton textile mills is not high however.

Agreement of close month of futures of cotton sufferring Zheng falls considerably, ICE period cotton dish the face drops defeat 60 psychology to sustain an effect, buy the home to buy sheet second general with 1-2 batch give priority to, adopt mostly " look more, issue sheet much inquiry, less " strategy is given priority to.

On November 18, grade of main body of and other places of division of car of Sha of assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting, Maigaidi, gal price of pick up the goods of 3128 superintendency libraries already fell to 13600-13800 yuan / ton; Main body grade 13900-14100 of price of 2128 pick up the goods yuan / ton (all take ticket) for gross weight. Price of 2128 pick up the goods also reduces grade of main body of A Kesu platform to 14200-14400 yuan / ton, but 14400 yuan / ton reach above price to did not clinch a deal almost; 3128 step quoted price also slips to 13900-14000 yuan / ton, relatively glide again a few days ago 100 yuan / ton. According to report of trade of a few cotton, border Yi plowed 17-18 day north in November 3127 level machine collects happy and other places of rich of city of Kui collect, rich cotton quoted price already dropped to 13000 yuan / or so tons, but because of foreign matter X-rite504 puissant and short, low reason does not allow length of big, fiber to be knitted easily by cotton spinning the factory is accepted.