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Textile is overall add fast decelerate to be able to maintain development to become pressing demand

Published on:2014/11/21 11:16:47

Keyword:Spin industry, the price, the market, dress, complete cotton, cotton, female outfit, dress, shoe, the home is spun
Introduction:Well-known, china is the biggest textile dress on the world production follows exit country, cheap labor cost ever made “ our country makes &rdq...

Well-known, china is the biggest textile dress on the world production follows exit country, cheap labor cost ever made “ our country makes ” have competitive advantage quite, but in recent years, this one position of our country textile gradually by shake. Wang Tiankai of chairman of union of our country textile industry attends first “ 18 days in Guangxi Guilin 10 when be like forum ” , make known his position, as in recent years the change of exterior situation, the development means of industry of our country spin also is in produce change, industry gross dimensions is increased somewhat, but with this century most first compare 10 years relatively, the impetus of growth is apparent abate, dimensions of occurrence gross of industry of our country spin is added fast, overall present progressively decelerate trend.
Data shows, sum of processes of our country fiber achieved 48.5 million tons 2013, followed to grew 17.4% quite 2010, year all grow 5.5% , and this century most first 10 years, namely 2001-2010 all grows 11.7% year after year, add fast drop 6.2% . Spin garment industry appears on the market 3 quarterly reports also show 2014 year of company, before 2014 3 quarters, suffer economy to add fast maintain market of decelerate, spending to keep fatigued and weak wait for an influence, each child industry battalion closes add fast still be continued by negative effect. The home is spun, shoe kind with recreational dress and other child industry occurrence battalion receives differentiation, men's clothing, female outfit, act the role of moral course of study to appear on the market company battalion closes to all glide.
As we have learned, in recent years, cost of factor of production of industry of our country spin maintains rise, salary of average per capita year the rate that all exceeds 10% rises, the neighbour in development of salary standard outclass. Pily price maintains prep above international market 30% above, the industry competes in international medium cost advantage basically not answer existence. Together with is energy-saving the form that decrease a platoon is serious, industrial position bears the weight of with resources environment force is not harmonious wait for a problem, bring about since 2011, development of industry of our country spin enters the new cycle that grows shift gears to middling speed by high speed.
The personage inside course of study points out, our country textile is compared on brand sale can be Euramerican, inferior to follow India at Vietnam, Laos a bit on manpower resource, already not was on the awkward position that does not go up to fall. Our country textile wants successful transition, have to want broken bureau, carry out can maintaining development is spin industry transition those who upgrade is important rely on.
During forum, the complete cotton shirt with the greatest whole world is made reach exporter excessive to amount to Cheng Peng of general manager of plant of group knitting cloth to make known his position to agree with to this. He says, our country textile should from labor concentrated model to knowledge concentrated model change, will promote the development of productivity with technology of information, knowledge. The “ of ” of “ low case, inferior quality spells valence ” times to had gone, the product ability that price of sex of alone high quality, actor compares in the future has competition ability more.
By in spin couplet to publish " build compendium of spin powerful nation (2011~2020) " in point out clearly, finished spin science and technology 2020 hard powerful nation, brand powerful nation, insurable hold powerful nation of development power, talent to wait for goal of 4 old strategies, want infrastructure low carbon, green to be able to maintain development pattern of economy with the loop. Excessive amounts to heart of group president Yang Min to point out further on forum, can maintain development what carry out our country, it is governmental responsibility, social responsibility not merely, it is the responsibility of the enterprise more. The development pattern with “ new pursuit is pressing to our country instantly. We think to be able to maintain development of our country is to must pass much territory to spread out communication to follow harmonious will achieve whole to follow come to an agreement. She says ” .
10 be like, pointing to whole world is one does not get intersected whole, every unit, if the person follows nature, it is annulus annulus photograph is buckled, mutual depend on sb or sth for existence. Amount to this forum that the group holds by excessive, aim to be able to maintain development of consider our country, and the new-style development mode that dug balances economic growth to follow humanitarian zoology.

Keyword:Spin industry, the price, the market, dress, complete cotton, cotton, female outfit, dress, shoe, the home is spun

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