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Sum up all sorts of quilts how to should go effectively flavour

Published on:2014/11/19 13:15:27

Keyword:Abb, fiber, silk by, eider down, cotton, silk, state
Introduction:Autumn arrived, many people also changed a bit larger quilt from thin quilt. From quilt of cabinet lieutenant general is taken, floating however the f...

Autumn arrived, many people also changed a bit larger quilt from thin quilt. From quilt of cabinet lieutenant general is taken, floating however the flavour of one share, but quilt bad to wash, how does ability go effectively to the quilt flavour?
Eider down by
Eider down by it is the lightest quilt. When sunshine is sufficient, can be taken eider down bask in meeting, but not time is too long. It is outdoor (or the balcony) shady and cool and ventilated place is hanged bask in 2-3 day, dab equably next, can eliminate bad taste.
Also can go up in the quilt with lemonade gush, put the quilt in air of shady and cool place to lodge for the night, such can the odour on purify quilt. This method is very simple, but be sure to keep in mind to had better want those who use spray, is not to asperse those who go up. Those who want gush is a few evener.
Cotton perianth
Cotton perianth is the most general quilt. After be basked in below the sun, folding desiccative of a few pouch is put in the quilt that rise (the snack that buys in the home, there is desiccative normally in bag, gather up will to be able to reserve) , put a few toilet soap again next (optional what oneself love is sweet model) , cross a quilt a few days to won't have peculiar smell.
Attention: Desiccative does not pile together with toilet soap, want to be put layer upon layerly, need not too much, 34 toilet soap but, toilet soap still will be used, won't wasteful.
Abb by
Abb (ovine Rong ) by it is the most close-fitting quilt. Course carbonization, clean, combed abb won't have any peculiar smell, include ovine smell of mutton. But put long hind hard to avoid still can have a few to blame flavour, can get on the gush with even alcohol in abb, scatter a few glutinous millet on abb gently lash or brush with down down brush 1-2 to all over, rachis gimmick must light. After waiting for Mao Gan, yellow stick a face to tremble, next abb by furl closely put on a few camphor ball to go up for some time frowzily (two months control) , the gas of the smell of mutton on sheepskin can follow camphor to volatilize along with alcohol.
Another angle, abb by had better not bathe. Conditional proposal dry-clean, perhaps fall to the sun bask in half hours can, must not insolate. When air is basked in, a cloth can be spread on the quilt, avoid what burning sun causes to abb fiber to damage.
Fiber by
Fiber by the quilt that is lowermost cheap. Do not need special but suggest to want next insolating to take sunshine regularly,maintain, achieve the result of antiseptic dehumidify. Bath, machine is washed can, neuter abluent or soap powder, those who use washing machine is weak turn clean, dehydration.
Silk by
Ventilated place is blown is a very efficient way. Hit enlightened wind commonly, went to two weeks to be able to be done not have. But it is below the sun it is better to bask in the effect, because elevatory meeting quickens temperature,the airy in air hole is replaced. The time that basks in besides summer cannot too long outside, below the state with other blame point-blank sun, can bask in 2 hours. But cannot time is too long, because mulberry silk is below ultraviolet illuminate, can become fragile. Accordingly some people bask in silk every day by, passed one year to discover silk by more and more not heat preservation, and attenuated, it is this reason.

Keyword:Abb, fiber, silk by, eider down, cotton, silk, state

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