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Appear on the market dress home spins a business: Mobile end is maintained " half of country "

Published on:2014/11/19 11:19:33

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Introduction:According to not complete count, double 11 ” shop much home appears on the market in orgiastic activity dress home spins a brand to be located i...

According to not complete count, double 11 ” shop much home appears on the market in orgiastic activity dress home spins a brand to be located in its board piece clinch a deal amount front row, partial company clinchs a deal in the center amount is already broken 100 million. In the meantime, come from what shift carries to trade occupy than rising quickly.
Many brands are ascended open to booking front row of a list of names posted up
Day cat opens to booking data to show, much home home is spun, clothing company opens to booking amount to be ranked in all category relatively before leaning, spin kind of product unit price considering dress home far follow digital product under home appliance, this shows “ double what 11 ” spin consumption to dress home is driving pull touch effect.
—— of tripartite website takes the day cat that gives via net place really to open to booking data rank to show, dress home spins kind of rank most before leaning is Home Luo Lai spins flagship store, rank in all category the 12nd, open to booking amount to exceed 43 million, fu Anna is ranked the 18th, open to booking amount to exceed 28 million, dream clean home spins a rank the 22nd, open to booking amount to also exceed 25 million.
Come from the data of other media statistic to show, up to 11 days in the morning 10 when 51 minutes, entire network clinchs a deal when the forehead defeats 30 billion yuan, appear on the market in the company, home Luo Lai spins an a person of academic or artistic distinction kind the first, home of clean of Fu Anna, dream spins minute of row the 3rd, the 5th, balabala ranks the childen's garments brand below banner of dark horse dress Mu Ying kind the 2nd, ao Kangguo border discharges male shoe the 3rd, visit district person platoon motion is outdoors the 4th.
Home Luo Lai spins relevant personage to make known his position to the reporter, “ double Luo Lai of 11 ” activity is main give priority to with LOVO of electric commodity card. Up to on November 11 morning 10:15, store of flagship of day cat brand clinchs a deal amount breaks through 100 million yuan. Look from instantly state, implementation sells a purpose 200 million yuan to already did not have anxiety, instantly is striving to achieve 250 million yuan, hopeful continues to hold a title day cat home spins kind of brand to clinch a deal frontal “ 3 Lian Guan ” , cat of hopeful concussion day is all at the same time category clinchs a deal before the forehead is ranked 10.
Domestic the current year of Hai Lan did not execute price rebate sales promotion to plan, shift strategy of value of similarly hereinafter of the line on the line ceaselessly, promote a sale however through relieving sheet partly. The personage makes known his position related Hai Lan's home, up to 11 days 18 when, the current year double 11 during amount of the sale on the line already amounted to 10 thousand yuan thousands of, had achieved the current year double 11 sales plan.
Come from Beijing the data east shows, dress category grew strong that day on November 11, order exceeds on one year of the corresponding period 3 times. Up to 16 when, dress of male and female follows a shoe kind nearly 5 times what the sale of commodity obtains on one year of round-the-clock selling quantity.
Mobile end shops to bestow favor on ” newly into “
Data shows, cat of day of the current year double since the activity of 11 begins, double what consumer visits the discharge of pair of 11 assembly rooms to achieve PC to carry almost in mobile end, and in in former years this one word is occupied only 20% the left and right sides.
The group in A is chief operation Guan Zhangyong makes known his position, 2014 double 11 shopping section will have a few change to appear, in the center important is wireless client carries shopping habit to be in gradually nurturance, wireless end clinchs a deal the quantity is occupied than continueing to rise, report gives our country the maturity of wireless shopping environment.
The current year double in 11 activities, the enterprise such as course of study of Luo Lai, 100 round pants, Jia Linjie rolls out the favourable activity that carries in the light of small letter. Home Luo Lai spins relevant personage to make known one's position, from the point of data of the current year, come from what shift carries to trade occupy than already from in former years 30% the left and right sides is jumped litre to 50% the left and right sides, had carried a ” of “ half of country. The personage is narrated to point out before, relatively PC end, mobile end gave a kind to upgrade conveniently shopping experience. Consumer can be carried through shift can more enough use a fragment to change time to undertake issueing sheet, rise further likely thereby trade quantity.
Outside defending trade with the system except manufacturer, electric business platform is new-style spending behavior is medium another win the home greatly. Money newspaper shows Alibaba, the outstanding achievement that company shift carries is successive already high speed of a few quarters grows. The current year the 3rd quarter, alibaba's subordinate our country retail platform, come from what shift carries to trade the forehead achieves one hundred and ninety-nine billion and fifty-four million yuan, grow 263% compared to the same period. Alibaba comes from the income of mobile end to achieve 3.719 billion yuan, grow more than 10 compared to the same period times. Shift carries income occupy than from 2013 of the corresponding period 3.8% had added to 29.1% current. And business shift carries Su Ningyun to sell dimensions to grow 442.67% compared to the same period in 3 quarters, annulus comparing grows 44.11% , day all discharge exceeds 1.6 million, change rate exceed 7% . And in only in September month, 24% what shift carries order to already amounted to order gross.

Keyword:The home is spun, dress, dress, shoe, statistic, the price, state, sell on

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