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Is our country joins community of global cotton allowance disaster be blessing?

Published on:2014/11/19 11:19:30

Keyword:Cotton, the price, state, the market, cotton spinning
Introduction:Policy of allowance of our country cotton already came on stage, outback allowance limits reflexes a densimeter for the X-RITE528 such as Shandong, Hu...

Policy of allowance of our country cotton already came on stage, outback allowance limits reflexes a densimeter for the X-RITE528 such as Shandong, Hubei 9 provinces, level of 2014 year subsidy is 2000 yuan / ton, the subsidy level that spends the coming year with Xinjiang allowance forehead 60% for the basis, upper limit does not exceed 2000 yuan / / ton, the subsidy level that the coming year spends, already went out before with the subsidy level of Xinjiang, pily purpose price every tons nineteen thousand eight hundred yuan, under this price criterion by governmental subsidy.
Cotton of class of standard of our country instantly is sold all valence forteen thousand eight hundred yuan / ton, RMB of amount to of pily entrance cost is eleven thousand nine hundred yuan / ton, foreign price under domestic price 2909 yuan / ton, difference of price of cotton of China and foreign countries is opposite at the biggest 7000 yuan when / ton already narrowed somewhat, but very big still.
The reason of pily allowance policy:
Of our country because of allowance of this pair of cotton, have international reason, also have domestic reason.
Look from international, it is global phenomenon to the produce allowance such as cotton, american government is the biggest to allowance dimensions of cotton, and native hardly spin industry, because this basically all low is exported, this is pulled low global cotton price, make the payoff of pily price.
Another angle, our country is the pily demand country with the biggest whole world, the government hopes homeland can supply major demand, and cannot rely on an entrance completely, this is strategic need.
State of global cotton allowance:
Why American cotton industry already very businesslike, modern level is very high, still need a government energetically allowance?
Because competitive advantage of agriculture is lost,this is, if do not have allowance, the income that is engaged in agricultural laborer can't attract his to stay in agriculture ceaselessly, if want to let agriculture maintain development, follow with respect to the earnings level of requirement agriculture operator socially other industry keeps balance.
Agricultural allowance spoken parts in an opera is stable obtain employment. The United States is very actually much to agricultural allowance, wait for a product like soja, wheaten, corn, homeland cannot be consumed export a whole world, these industries are to give aid to those who rise.
Homes of many development our country still maintain cotton to cultivate, because labour force price is low,be, even if income is not accordingly high, but there still is photograph comparing advantage inside home limits.
Other also have allowance like the country such as Brazil, Pakistan, can be developed country allowance only is much, home of development our country is unable to do what one wants very much to do.
Our country also is put in this kind of state of course, the income of agricultural laborer and other industry are compared lower and lower already, because this relies on allowance,will manage this property.
The negative effect that pily allowance brings:
Inside global limits market, what allowance caused price signal is disorder. Make above all exit agricultural generator to stay in this domain ceaselessly originally, the number that causes agriculture is increasing, originally this part person flows to other industry with respect to this, make thereby promotion of agricultural worker income.
Other, this also makes efforts of global division of labor did not come true, pily industry was not transferred to the place with manufacturing low cost, reduced resource to configure efficiency.
The high price that subsidy of our country government keeps, promoted the raw material of industry of downstream cotton spin cost, can bring about a lot of enterprises to think of method is abroad run a plant.