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Zhang Moxiang: Bring endowment allied perspective running a plant is broad

Published on:2014/11/19 11:19:03

Keyword:Box bag, the market, sewing machine, leather, investigation
Introduction:The 10 thousand auspicious box that will be located in road of around the city of the county that install dragon wrap a factory to see, movement of ma...

The 10 thousand auspicious box that will be located in road of around the city of the county that install dragon wrap a factory to see, movement of machine of a station is ceaseless, the job is being driven in busy move make all sorts of leather case, portfolio. Here, install the current year of dragon person Zhang Moxiang to pass namely bring endowment join in an enterprise that establish, instantly, development impetus is valued.

"Become a boss to the other place " as nearby " incubate " , this is 10 thousand auspicious agreement idea, he carries market research, the market supply of goods such as the cowhide that discovers the county that install dragon, pigskin, sheepskin is rich, be helpful for leather product machining a sale, but be not worth in view of capital, then, the current year, he contacted Zhejiang to be engaged in box technically wrapping the Lai Anlong such as the travelling merchant Zhang Haixiang of treatment to make an on-the-spot investigation, zhang Haixiang threw 1 million yuan 200 very gladly to regard collaboration as capital, then, increase Zhang Moxiang's investment, invested capital in all many yuan 300, began what box includes a processing factory formally to build.

Box of Zhejiang Che Xiang wraps Zhang Haixiang of plant general manager

I am the investment business that Zhejiang comes over, at that time is Zhang Mobing he and my connection say to be in here the package that make case has been compared, compare as a result of the artificial photograph here cheap, the environment of each angle also has been compared, accordingly he and I said specially made an on-the-spot investigation in the future here, make an on-the-spot investigation after falling, looked here each environmental photographs had been compared, the sources of energy also is compared here much.

Each make box package from and other places of Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian, they should come home, accordingly I am in here approval runs a plant, the cowhide that I also inspected this place, sheepskin includes pigskin or compare much, the raw material that is in this place also is those who take is endless, accordingly we are in here run a plant, want to be in at that time here run cowhide processing factory, but the environmental protection here asks photograph comparing is tall, accordingly we are in here bought carry of a few skins to go to Zhejiang there had made it, the leather hair that after been make, has machininging from which edge machines portfolio here, after been machine like this portfolio, export, exit abroad, because resemble this planting,at present order or photograph are compared much, as a result of here also compare artificially cheap, took care of local obtain employment again, this feeling also is the work that has compared, accordingly I invest here.

Instantly, as the devoted production of the processing factory, the factory takes the kind of the mount guard after grooming first, attracted a lot of go out Wu work staff returns countryside to arrive here obtain employment. During groom, box bag processing factory presses everybody every months 1200 yuan of salary pay, lodge freely, in the factory repast returns attainable living allowance, after acquiring manufacturing technology, undertake again formally manufacturing a product formally.

Go out Wu labour returns countryside personnel Liu Shaolan

Asking these workers salary is returned is can 3, 4000, I am to often live Jiangsu, I come to be an a married woman's parents' home to An Long, I also want to be in here do.

The farmer is versed in Wei Hong is met

I for the child I come this a little bit, take care of a child, will this a little bit learn to be mixed again boss slowly learn, slowly learn patiently. When learning, the boss gives salary, a few Qian Yitian I slowly will learn me patiently, learn at this o'clock very convenient, must take care of a child, be in charge of it to get much little take care of a child to read in this bit.

End instantly, the processing factory has box to include treatment sewing machine 56, solved obtain employment of nearby of 50 peasants worker worker, in the meantime, the processing factory already received many yuan 100 order, market prospect is valued.

10 thousand auspicious box wrap Zhang Moxiang of processing factory general manager

People here is produced is the government that presses a standard, have the qualitative check, member that have quality, instructor that this box includes raw material, include these case to its standard to be sold outside certainly, it is foreign trade order, many homes will be decided with us.

Have the aid of develops momentum greatly, this works increases the plan 40 sew machine, increase production to machine dimensions, at the appointed time, will can solve 150 to problem of obtain employment of 200 peasants industry.

Keyword:Box bag, the market, sewing machine, leather, investigation

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