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Cashmere sweater, buy, catharsis, save have tricks of the trade

Published on:2014/11/19 11:18:57

Keyword:Abb, fiber, the dress, the price, wool unlined upper garment, research, dress, spinning, chemical fibber, hand-me-down
Introduction:Arrive winter, cashmere sweater accepts favour with respect to equipment. Recently, reduce as air temperature, dress is light and comfortable, the cas...

Arrive winter, cashmere sweater accepts favour with respect to equipment.

Recently, reduce as air temperature, dress is light and comfortable, the cashmere sweater with good warmth retention property becomes sell like hot cakes to taste. Cashmere is comb from goat body the nap that takes, crop is exiguous, the price is very high also, always has " soft gold " say. Arrive from large market roadside small shop, also have hand-me-down custom-built, how to discern the true and false of cashmere sweater? How does catharsis ability last soft? What does winter store to pay attention to afterwards? Let us consider to issue cashmere sweater together! Yang Juan of reporter of Yangtse Evening Post

Learn 6 action to let your differentiate true bogus

Above all, fine black silk ribbon has with cashmere very big different, attentive observation can become aware distinction. The row if, fine fishing line is smaller than cashmere, the slippery glutinous that does not have cashmere feels strong, chromatic hind soft without cashmere nature also with. And fine black silk ribbon burns risk black smoke, have special taste, after burning cindery twist show bulbiform. When cashmere burns, give out protein to follow the anxious stink of flint not merely, combustion rate is slow also, the ash after burning is shown farinaceous, touch break namely. And abb compares difficult distinction with cashmere photograph, abb burns from time to tome the anxious stink that protein follows flint, but fiber ash because of the combustion of chemical fibber fast systole is glomerate.

Through " combustion " this kind of method will discern, a bit not quite actual. Have expert proposal, return the true and false that can distinguish cashmere sweater through 5 kinds of methods, namely: ? ? is caught, put, according to, weigh in hand.

Feel: ? Why Ling is hot rice huller?0-70 Mm, mao Ye is finer than common abb, average and fineness between 14-16um, feel the feeling that kind of silk slips so, quite comfortable. But there is some of cashmere sweater in bazaar, feel very slippery, rub of rub of the finger after be being felt still has slippery feeling, that is French chalk was scattered above the dress.

Catch: ? Li  takes  to promote shaddock? is sincere, and the wool of cashmere sweater is not to have pith hollow, comparative so bouncy. The grab that use a hand, have the feeling like flexibility of a kind of polished glutinous rice.

Put: ? Ling of ヒ word Yan claps banter? is unlocked next, because cashmere is animal albumen, and can regain level instantly, wrinkle hard.

According to: ? Rice betray Ling why is? illuminated to shining place, look carefully at the density of cashmere sweater, grain clarity is orderly, appear a light not easily. Density is loose appear consecution desultorily, easy pervious to light. A good cashmere sweater asks to have good cashmere purity not merely, still ask to have certain dosage. This concludes namely a of cashmere sweater important sign.

: of weigh in hand? Xi Lai of Ling of Qi Huang egg is troubled by the dosage with Qi too light? to may sell at a discount, production density is insufficient. And too heavy mix possibly have abb.

Catharsis is saved all sorts of " exquisite " want to notice

Buy true cashmere sweater, catharsis follows it is very important also to save. Jiangsu saves the expert of academy of spin product quality supervision and inspection to make known one's position, cashmere sweater is point to pure cashmere wool or contain the wool unlined upper garment that the 30% cashmere that reach above make cashmere wool, the wool unlined upper garment that makes under the cashmere wool of 30% cannot make cashmere sweater. Cashmere wool is called cashmere (CASHMERE) . Current, cashmere is carried on international (CASHMERE) , point to cashmere wool namely. Many people think cashmere is fine wool, it is the wool of sheep or goat scissor. Actually otherwise, cashmere is different at abb. Abb grows on sheep body, and cashmere grows on goat body, the goat of area of alone highland Gao Han is before winter advent for drive cold, sticking skin surface, grow thin thin fine fleece, resist severe winter. Arrived spring, this light fleece falls off automatically, by herd capture of civil iron comb comes down to become former cloth with a soft nap or pile on one or either side. The goat contains all sorts of impurity to follow shag in cloth with soft nap formerly, the abluent, classification with need special course, comb, ability gets pure cashmere raw material, repass spinning, spin go to, hind arrange, the favorite that makes current mankind clothing, cashmere sweater. Because of crop exiguous, quality is fine, the price is considered as by people " fiber is lapidary " , " fiber empress " , " soft gold " .

Cashmere fiber is thinner than abb many, outer scale is closer than abb also, smooth, so, weight light, soft, tenacity is good. Special suit to make underwear, when close-fitting dress, light, soft, soft, slippery, very comfortable, any fiber can not are likened to.

The catharsis of cashmere sweater,

Except mark organic the cashmere sweater that can wash can use washing machine catharsis outside, cashmere sweater had better use dry-clean, wash with the hand in domestic catharsis.

1, cashmere sweater from in break up outwards.

2, immerse cashmere sweater in Wen Shuizhong first fully, rejoin neutral scour or cashmere sweater are special scour, immerse 15-30 minute defensive position is washed. Avoid is used add enzymatic or contain the lotion that bleachs the chemical auxiliary that catchs a gender to follow wash hair fluid, cream, erode fade in case.

3, jacquard weave or polychromatic cashmere sweater immerse not easily, lest string together color,follow take look.

4, wash 2-3 with Wen Shuiqing second, some of vinegar or softening agent can be put in final clear water, feel will be better.

5, give the cashmere sweater light extrusion that has washed a few water, put hop-pocket, string bag to be in canister of washing machine dehydrate again dehydration.

6, tile air or outfit bask in the air in bag in air, unfavorable hang air with clothes tree, be out of shape in case, after waiting for cashmere sweater air, can hang in clothes tree to insolate a little while in sunshine, the water with redundant purify is divided.

7, in using steam electric iron lukewarm archives (140 ℃ are controlled) undertake rectifying ironing to cashmere sweater, level the dress. Work with other electric iron very hot, electric iron do not be pressed in cashmere sweater directly above, must fill up wet cloth (had better be achromatic cloth) , iron Huang Huo in order to prevent a cashmere sweater surface to be ironed bad.

Dress maintains reach collect a means,

1. Wearing: ? ? of ⑷ of float of bring a case to court of Mian of  of Ling Tuan leech rising abruptly can stick body dress. But because cashmere wool fiber is short, puissant wait for defect as abb, when be being worn so, need to be caressed meticulously, the dress of pants of Piao its cashmere, must not pull by force drag forcedly, do acuteness exercise, lest take off,cover, punch, have a ball. Wear the stuff in the dress outside cashmere sweater must smooth, avoid the ball since attrition. If discover,cover, punch should be repaired in time, otherwise, can cause cannot answer be short of regret newly. Cycle or work physical strength to had better not wear cashmere pants.

2. Maintain:

It is good in weather fine to assure cashmere sweater Bao Liang a hour, in order to last dry.

3. Collect a means:

Cashmere wool is fiber of a kind of albumen, very easy by bug eat by moth, add frivolous and changeful form, because of should: noticing when is this collected? No matter Zhan She? is worn a few times, want abluent, air or blower are blown dry. Fold put away in case drape, not multilayer jackknife, avoid by all means is hanged put, lest overhang is out of shape. Usable polybag suit, put insect-resistant the agent has been sealed.

Keyword:Abb, fiber, the dress, the price, wool unlined upper garment, research, dress, spinning, chemical fibber, hand-me-down

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