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The ground refuses frosty 4 soft carpet are recommended

Published on:2014/11/19 11:18:55

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Introduction:Cold air begins to raid, no matter the ground in the home is floor or ceramic tile, frosty feeling lets a person be fond of. The carpet of a soft warm...

Cold air begins to raid, no matter the ground in the home is floor or ceramic tile, frosty feeling lets a person be fond of. The carpet of a soft warmth, bring sweet and comfortable ground to experience. Abb, cotton the different carpet capable person such as blending, chemical fibber is qualitative, qualitative, bring different sole to experience.

—— of blanket of cotton quality of a material

Blanket of cotton quality of a material is to point to the carpet cloth that weaves with yarn of blending of cotton chemical fibber with bombazine or cotton. Softness of quality of a material kisses skin, safety does not have stimulation, won't cause the skin sensitive. Have good hygroscopic, produce dust not easily, put an end to electrostatic worry.

Recommend a product: Stockholm of appropriate home household is smooth knit carpet

Referenced price: 1499 yuan

What this appropriate home lives in is smooth knitted carpet to apply cotton to mix with abb make, by the handicraft with masterly technology person pure handiwork is braided and become, touch level comfortable, feel is exquisite.

Carpet two sides is similar pattern, can rotate is applied. And the surface of level off facilitates at ordinary times aspiration is clean. Warm those who fizzle out is tonal the visual perception that shines at the moment to the person suffers.

Appropriate home lives in Stockholm carpet detail
Brand Name The price Norms Recommend a businessman
Appropriate home is lived in Stockholm carpet 1499 yuan 170*240cm Appropriate home is lived in
Characteristic recommends: 100% pure cotton; Braid by hand; Double-faced design

The editor comments on: The sense that the carpet that appropriate home lives in gives a person is the design is unique all along. The design of symmetrical design is a kind of orderly aesthetic feeling, all around sealing side is whole, by the side of the carpet that does not have short-tempered. The color tie of yellow white alternate with brings warm idea, frozen space also is permeated with warm breath.

Abb carpet ——

Abb carpet generally refer to is the carpet that main raw material weaves with abb, it is the high-grade product in carpet, use in the advanced place such as sitting room of hotel, conference, antechamber, villa commonly. High grade abb carpet has first-rate sound-absorbing ability, can reduce all sorts of noise. Because abb fiber is hot conductibility is very low, quantity of heat is not easy be lost, have first-rate heat preservation sex. Other, good abb carpet still can adjust indoor dry humidity, have certain flame retardation.

Recommend a product: Carpet of abb of multicoloured stripe of Harbor House Arjun

Referenced price: 1990 yuan

Multicolored transverse stripe, gradual change scenery of the coast, the mountain forest of blue sea, green, red made of baked clay frame house, still have weak yellow grit, these attractive scene are condensed by stylist abstract brief lines, indeed novel and interesting.

The Harbor House of north of California of United States of traceable of Harbor House brand goes vacationing villatic, by design of famous stylist Louis Christian Mullgardt, be known as times of the Arts And Craft at the beginning of 20 centuries of American most X-rite504 has one of representative buildings. The concept that its communicate is plain and quiet life, it is the confluence that the person follows nature, it is footloose freedom.

Detail of carpet of multicoloured abb of Harbor House Arjun
Brand Name The price Norms Recommend a businessman
Harbor House Carpet of Arjun multicoloured abb 1990 yuan 277*152cm Store of Harbor House flagship
Characteristic recommends: Abb carpet; Braid by hand; India is produced

  The editor comments on: A such multicolored carpet look seem the expression that is without art of composition piece weave, it is Pacific Ocean actually the abstraction of coastal and pretty picture. Warm following abb brings soft simple sense, simple look follows multicoloured expression piece irregular meantime, much amorous feelings of region of a different.

—— of chemical fibber carpet

Chemical fibber carpet also calls synthetic fibre carpet, breed slue, nylon, polypropylene, polyacrylonitrile, polyester waits different phyletic. The exterior follows feel similar abb carpet, wear-resisting and rich flexibility, have anti-fouling, insect-resistant the characteristic such as eat by moth, the price pledges under other material carpet. Can be sex of sex of its resilience, heat preservation, light resistance, coloring relatively abb carpet is poorer, man-made fibre is combustible, easy generation is electrostatic with adsorptive dirt.

Recommend a product: A person of extraordinary powers this live in carpet of contracted and manual acrylic fibbers

Referenced price: 278.4 yuan

What carpet of this acrylic fibbers adopts is the yarn of high-quality goods acrylic fibbers of the entrance, the design above is become by manual embroidery, have advanced density.

The special technology of manual embroidery, but those who design is contracted course, colour and lustre jade-like stone bright, medicinal powder give out a kind of contemporary aesthetic feeling, have exceed strong stereo sense.

A person of extraordinary powers this furniture is contracted detail of acrylic fibbers carpet
Brand Name The price Norms Recommend a businessman
A person of extraordinary powers this household Carpet of contracted acrylic fibbers 278.4 yuan 120*170cm A person of extraordinary powers this household flagship store
Characteristic recommends: Chemical fibber acrylic fibbers; Euramerican style; Stereo sense is strong

The editor comments on: Simple cloud lines lines draws the outline of elegant design on carpet, the contrast of two kinds of color brings vogue to follow classic collision. Stereo visual effect follows jade-like stone bright colour and lustre, suit to seek the crowd of contemporary grade.

Blending carpet ——

Blending carpet is with all sorts of synthetic fibre with pure wool fibre blending is like the nylon, polyamide fibber carpet that mixes to braid and be become. Its abb rate is between 20-80% . The wear-resisting function of blending carpet is more fivefold than tower above of pure wool carpet, overcame chemical fibber carpet at the same time the defect of electrostatic aspiration, also can overcome pure wool carpet perishable the defect; such as corrode has the heat preservation, wear-resisting, eat by moth that combat insect, strength advanced advantage, stretch, foot feels better than chemical fibber carpet, price moderate, suit the economy residence that decorate to apply.  

Keyword:Abb, the price, chemical fibber, fiber, comment on, inwrought, yarn, polyamide fibber, man-made fibre, propylene nitrile

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