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Is ceremony of our country country given why increasing China wisdom go to?

Published on:2014/11/19 11:18:37

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Introduction:Asia-Pacific classics closes (APEC) organization leader is unofficial the conference falls in Beijing next heavy curtain. Send a mobile phone, give ma...

Asia-Pacific classics closes (APEC) organization leader is unofficial the conference falls in Beijing next heavy curtain. Send a mobile phone, give material benefit, sign large sheet... each economic system leader are in China do not have mostly inside brief time " empty-handed and come " . "Golden key " , grass makes up handicraft, contribution to follow groom quota of people... our country also did not invite each leader " empty-handed and return " . On such international conference, close send " country ceremony " all have exquisite, expert of guest of ceremony of Ministry of Foreign Affairs tells north blueness signs up for a reporter, international circumstance give sb a present more and more " simplify " , send " it is good to cast its place " the gift is to want justice. So, chinese missive " country ceremony " why more " is our country wisdom built " ?

When acting director Lu Peixin is accepting boreal blueness to sign up for a reporter to interview before the Department of Protocol of our country Ministry of Foreign Affairs, make known his position, the meaning of gift is much angle, the likelihood is the handicraft that has national distinguishing feature, also may be the thing that has commemorative sense, returning a likelihood is not objective. The gift sending during important international meeting follows state visit is the convention on international, what to send to have each exquisite.

Lu Peixin says, the official visit of leader and important international meeting can have a souvenir normally, this is to give the impression that leaves souvenir to had followed with the person that meet. However, as international association continuity develops, gift more simplify, stress commemorative significance, "It is good to cast its place " , and rather than with " precious degree " the bad that decide actor.

"Content of give sb a present should master ceremony light affection to weigh, should have representative. " Lu Peixin says. In light of the experience that pursues ceremony guest job 20 years in him, the state visit of leader of our country country goes out to want to take a gift, also can bring back received little gift.

Current, content of give sb a present of visit of our country leader still can be paid attention to practical, "It is electrostatic volmeter furnishs FMX-003 not merely " , lu Peixin citing says, the gift that reviews close smooth couple visits African place to take is place with the sewing machine that must go up.

Occupy additionally " emancipatory daily " report, in recent years, chinese leader gives the gift that go out, the core word that more appears is " our country wisdom is built " .

For example, when Xi Jinping visited Russia 2013, give " effigies of Beijing of general of embroider of the Shenyang that be not involuntary discharge of urine " , peng Liyuan to Tanzania woman foundation gives " 100 sparrow antelope " , the DVD of our country contemporary film that when the current year reviews close smooth chairman visits Latin America Shikoku, gives, still have even if give " Lu Ban is locked up " , with the past pure take a few local speciality to compare, the technical content of gift is rising with culture content. Small " country ceremony " , it is one country however " soft actual strength " much azimuth is revealed, be worth people to savour.

As the our country of formal state, leader visit, what the Department of Protocol of Ministry of Foreign Affairs needs to prepare is more than still it is the gift that gives his country leader. "The person that see has a share " , lu Peixin says, guesthouse follows the metropolis such as the service personnel of dining-room, driver to be taken care of. Follow sexual distinction according to country, nation, the gift also is met because of the person different. In the center, "Cravat " , " filar towel " it is the alternative that often can see.