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Knitting group upgrades when race undertakes

Published on:2014/11/11 13:16:36

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Introduction:In 2014 PH Value treatment area exhibits the product of knitted piece goods that exhibits in the house, the rich sex of breed of design and color foll...

In 2014 PH Value treatment area exhibits the product of knitted piece goods that exhibits in the house, the rich sex of breed of design and color follows the innovation force of character, the brand that makes many coming from domestic and international buys the home to think worthy trip. Group of industry of knitting of help of 2014 PH Value accelerates transition to upgrade outside giving development chance, also be new scope of operation of open up of proportion of market of look for of numerous dress brand. In the meantime, this also is with the industry transition upgrades undertake " race " . Because get to the bottom of sth finds a ground, in the backside of these industrial group, it is promoting big industry by young government.

Style of the structure austral mountain appears piece raft knitting vogue upgrades

To PH Value vogue the first company that assemble follows travelling merchant people, fosan piece raft house already not unfamiliar. Be in early 2012, piece raft street with respect to the name with the government enterprise of knitting of constituent this locality holds round ginseng in the arms to exhibit, shined " piece raft knitting " calling card, become PH Value fashion the first send most first with forming a delegation formal ginseng exhibits one exhibit a house, attracted each district enterprise to follow the eyeball of global travelling merchant. The current year, piece raft the ginseng that embrace a group is exhibited the 3rd times.

"The current year, as piece raft the core of knitting industry year, piece raft street government joins 2014PH Value vogue through embracing a group the first collect, accelerate drive piece raft knitting is finished ' area brand times ' process. " the city zone of Fosan city buddhist piece raft street party is versed in appoint secretary, Fosan is new and high Hu Anquan of chairman of committee of buddhist city management says technical estate development.

Hu Anquan says: "The first professional commerce platform that collecting is an international, the current year joins the theme that extend this is ' meet an emergency follows rise ' . One angle, piece raft will with ' area brand ' integral figure gives on one piece to shine from domestic and international travelling merchant all the time beautiful calling card; Next, it is to let piece of rafted brand take situation customer with rapidder rate, take force market, visit situation throughout the country, take situation world. " one of typical delegates that this is transition of industry of group of dress of our country knitting, also be an epitome that industry of our country knitting grows.

In recent years, rafted Malike, Anthony, light makes the garment, Jin Gong greatly completely cotton, suitable come, east hold water 100 million, spin of be good at course of study, exceed knitting of handsome knitting, 10 thousand hill, the business such as this dress follows a brand on the west already had in market of the high end in home, and in succession layout self-help brand interlinks inn, become " piece raft knitting " force of area brand backbone.

The current year, piece raft the house receives favorable in the past result, develop innovation further, appear on PH Value vogue with the style is being built south mountain the first collect. In by a definite date 3 days exhibit on the meeting, piece raft the house shares 36 enterprises ginseng to exhibit, in the center 30 are in advocate exhibit a house (N4 house) , exhibit an area to amount to 2100 square metre, bring 9 wonderful confused to show fashionable dress show to reach at the same time recommend meeting, give understanding to read piece of rafted optimal way to global person of the same trade.

Through the development of 30 one's remaining years, piece raft knitting also from onefold treatment, to had yarn, make, deserve to act the role of, equipment, make the garment, dress wait for industry of form a complete set with content shedding, the group of industry of garment of our country famous knitting that forms industrial catenary form a complete set to perfect.

House of theme of unlined upper garment of wool of courtyard of Pu of tung countryside · is shallow autumn wait for 13 brands enterprise to present as leading role

This is afterwards of unlined upper garment of Pu courtyard wool on one year theme of unlined upper garment of our country wool is in in the future 2014PH Value vogue the first those who send again whole appears. The current year, house of theme of unlined upper garment of wool of courtyard of Pu of tung countryside · is revolutionary cover an area of 1000 square metre, emperor is protected human relations dress (tung countryside) , spin of Jiayu fashionable dress, grand look forward to, bright and beautiful circle in the air spin, Heng Bo makes the garment, Zhejiang shallow autumn dress of happiness of dress of dress, Lan Shengyang cloth with soft nap, truelove dress, 1000 emperor, dark bully dress, reveal through the static state, trends is published, negotiate the mobile form such as the butt joint, depend on fashionable design, masterly craft, conquer major buys a hand to follow purchase business, those who show design of unlined upper garment of Pu courtyard wool to follow a brand is former achieve force to follow character charm. Get with fashionable design with fashionable dress of wool knitting series run the Zhejiang of industry of wool unlined upper garment is shallow autumn dress limited company this second those who depend on the eyeball that deprive a person is brand-new series dress, stand in the forward position of dress of wool knitting style ceaselessly.

The message says, be in " house of theme of unlined upper garment of wool of courtyard of Pu of tung countryside · " during ceremony opening a shop, still spread out courtyard of Pu of tung countryside · to exhibit a group to exhibit business to blend in butt joint activity with British PURE, aim to conform effectively international, unlined upper garment of wool of courtyard of Pu of countryside letting tung takes situation world. Collide each other with domestic and international famous stylist, increase a brand to finish butt joint of international high end with the connection of stylist, purchase with domestic major business, abroad purchase a group to communicate a butt joint face-to-face, build with domestic knitting dress kind the product purchases the close cooperation platform besides the special commerce channel such as representing of business of business, agent, cable, the understanding between farther promotional area, strengthen area collaboration, seek to develop jointly, encourage follows attract more and more travelling merchant to invest courtyard of Pu of tung countryside, investment.

In the meantime, this second still published " cup of unlined upper garment of Pu courtyard wool " originality of culture of dress of knitting of our country wool designs a contest, this design contest exhibits promotion of collaboration of courtyard of the Pu in meeting platform sky with knitting of the wool on the net. The design contest that year after year upgrades, relied on the public service platform with whole system just about. Integrated and high grade resource, the mechanism that promotes high quality service gives knitting technology culture of service, informatization service, brand, brand for enterprise of wool unlined upper garment the high end such as transmission of plan, culture, intellectual property serves.

This world of Shang Qiu Sui is become " famous city of dress of our country knitting "

Recently, in relief area of Sui of city of grave of Henan province business is awarded jointly by association of industry of knitting of federation of our country textile industry, our country " famous city of dress of our country knitting " title, this means Sui in relief area to already ascended the body arrives row of go ahead of the rest of ratio of industry of domestic knitting garment.

"Award dress of our country knitting the famous city, it is to us the job admits really, this also is a new start, can promote industry of our knitting garment to develop more quickly. " Jiang Wenyu of deputy mayor of city of grave of Henan province business makes known his position when accepting a reporter to interview, area of assemble of Sui in relief industry is affirmed to be 7 cotton spinning to knit industrial group to make the clothing by Henan province, the chain of spin garment industry that already formed one continuous line of spin, weaving, printing and dyeing, underwear. Sui in relief area, the development that comes through a few years expands, instantly has knitting dress and company of production of its form a complete set 526, formed make up embroider of knitting, computer from spinning, essence, wash catch, finished product treatment sheds relatively complete production chain to storage content, produce per year knitting dress 300 million, year sales revenue is close 7 billion yuan, solve from trade number 36 thousand person. Implement brand strategy energetically, the power that leans a brand is ecbolic window, lead development. Next, business grave city will carry out knitting dress energetically " famous brand is driven, characteristic sets an example " two old strategies, exert oneself rises " the design is made, sale of manufacturing efforts, market " 3 ability, make had built " content of area of concentration of production of knitting dress poineering edifice, standardization, storage sheds mart of center, wholesale trade " 4 major project, rely on Alibaba amply (Shang Qiu) industrial belt, lead industrial transition effectively to upgrade, raise an industry to expand arrangement in the round, strive to build become the whole nation's famous knitting dress production to follow commerce distribution centre, make Sui in relief area makes be worthy of the name " famous city of dress of our country knitting " .

Keyword:Knitting, dress, dress, wool unlined upper garment, the market, weaving, cotton spinning, textile industry, spinning, printing and dyeing

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