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Roc jump over spin to enter mode of eddy current spinning

Published on:2014/11/11 13:16:34

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Introduction:Yesterday morning, the reporter walks into money Qing Zhenpeng to jump over spin limited company, see many 20 loom in the workshop only production of ...

Yesterday morning, the reporter walks into money Qing Zhenpeng to jump over spin limited company, see many 20 loom in the workshop only production of put into high gear, can be so big production inside the workshop, jockey person however alone 5 people.

So much machine, why to want 5 jockey people only? Its secret was introducing a batch at the company full automatic equipment. Follow to be spun traditionally machine quite, new this kind of introduced backset is spun machine, can decrease not merely with labour, economic land, the product quality that and be born yields more actor.

Leakage Zhong Lin shows company president, eddy current is spun machine finished production full automatic, compare with traditional annulus ingot spinning machine, can reduce the demand using worker worker of 3/4. Leakage Zhong Lin says, former the gauze big essentials that their company produces 10 thousand ingot with annulus ingot spinning machine 80 weekday, according to a person everyday 100 yuan salary computation, need; of 8000 yuan of artificial cost but after adopting eddy current spinning to produce a technology to follow equipment, the cost that use worker worker decreases greatly, require 2000 yuan of artificial cost of the left and right sides only.

Eddy current is spun machine can reduce the cost that use worker worker not merely, and use n also spin than annulus ingot machine more province. The most important is, product quality had rise in the round, the gauze line that its produce is even, fight sex having a ball, wear-resisting caustic sex, sky to appear gender, hygroscopic, be able to bear or endure the index such as catharsis sex also promotes significantly. Quality promoted, additional cost improves the product naturally subsequently, eddy current is spun machine spin the yarn that go out every tons of price is closer than tower above of annulus ingot spinning 2000 yuan.

After the benefit of new technology of savor new facility, "Roc jump over spin " the plan introduces 28 backset to spin again machine, apply at was being thrown entirely before year end 2015, annual produce of the company when arriving can grow 20% . Leakage Zhong Lin says, the direction that company transition upgrades follows an end is a past labor concentrated model industry, upgrade through the technology slowly to the technology tall new-style development, ensure the company can maintain development with the industry.