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Dragon loves knitting: The lane of collect grain bound is wet

Published on:2014/11/11 11:17:10

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Introduction:Recently, the pressure such as ” of the ” of tide of “ put up the shutters that appears to answer domestic dress industry, “ i...

Recently, the pressure such as ” of the ” of tide of “ put up the shutters that appears to answer domestic dress industry, “ inventory pressure, carry on of enterprise of Luo Wen of domestic famous knitting promotes prefectural dragon to love general manager of knitting limited company money dragon hair announces, long Aizhen knits thousands of products to will give the product of 5% to yield benefit for client of domestic and international dress, company of the clothing that help strength walks out of predicament, wind model of “ cacique ” all is shown, win line of business inside reputably.

2002, open of gentleman of money dragon hair Long Aizhen knits Luo Wen factory, began from now on in ” of world of Luo Wen “ dozen go all out. To Luo Wen of complementary makings be obsessed with with dedicated, and good reputation follows excellent service since all along let this name not the small mill of classics is accomplished step by step in knitting Luo Wen industry is increasing force. Long Aizhen knitted collect grain factory to establish Long Aizhen formally to knit limited company 2006, development goes to many 60 to have knitting horizontal opportunity at present, next administer nod a processing factory 12 times to spread all over the whole nation surely, year sale exceeds 30 million yuan, profit amounts to 5 million yuan, horizontal machine Luo Wen produces per year a quantity to all reside carry on to promote with sale the first. At the same time the company is the business of knitting collect lines that home carries grade of credence of class of AAA of association of electronic business affairs the first times.

Character is first

“ Long Aizhen knits the quality that the most crucial competition ability is a product to follow character. ” Long Aizhen knits limited company to popularize department manager Qian Tangping to say, “ remembers 2006, the company follows Zhejiang company of clothing of a brand signed brushstroke nearly 300 thousand yuan Luo Wen order, but because of coloring of yarn of printing and dyeing mill not divide evenly, client of finished product short of asks. We are forced to buy yarn afresh, bring about this an order loss more than 280 thousand yuan. After the client is clear, trust us doubly, became our faithful partner. ”

Just about Long Aizhen knits this to plant the persistence that follows character to quality is sought follow to hold to “ to adorn dress to add light to add variety for dress from beginning to end, do best Luo Wen to produce the concept of business ” , make its strict in producing experience guard a pass each working procedure, also won business of numerous and famous dress so approbate.

As we have learned, dragon love knitting follows other knitting dress complementary makings company is different is, dragon love knitting issues 12 processing factories that decide a dot to accomplish man-to-man division of labor to the banner, horizontal machine of T-shirt of a simple knitting gets a product, have 36 technology. Because Long Aizhen knits horizontal machine to get a product to be in,produce the reasonable allocation in experience just about, the high-end horizontal machine of the company receives the favour that gained brand of domestic and international numerous and famous dress, the home that such as follows Hai Lan, with pure waited for famous clothing company to build long-term cooperation to concern.

To assure the quality of the product, long Aizhen knits the manufacturing fountainhead from the product to grab, product production applies domestic and international advanced machine to undertake machining, in an attempt to ensures on the oldest rate the quality of the product, let brand clothing company buy be at ease, comfortable product.

“ continual improves product quality, follow competition with ginseng of high quality product, pass client of the high end in market contention, just be long-term development a major programme of lasting importance, this is the effort since Long Aizhen knits all along direction. Hair of ” money dragon says.

Innovation is attached most importance to

Follow quality besides the quality that has a letter letting a person to had been gotten, likewise important is “ is become to do tide in the tide that changes in the times ” . To industry of today's knitted piece goods, pay close attention to those rising market maybe to be able to find confidence, but the technical content that improves a product, acquire science and technology additional cost, make the main reason that does not fall in the stand erect in times spring tide undoubtedly.

Dragon love knitting passes these year come in market of knitted piece goods feel climb boil dozen, deep know well its manage. The message says, dragon loves knitting to use the research and development at the product to follow a design besides devoted bigger fund, develop new-style product research actively still with each famous clothing company, in an attempt to follows in product research and development the breakthrough is obtained on the design. Money dragon hair tells a reporter to say, we need “ to achieve a breakthrough on new product especially, and the ” on the pattern that is Luo Wen of jacquard weave knitting only not merely.

“ is done not have full following market, alone is full following product. Face the change of the market, can innovate with technical innovation, product only, walk along oneself road ” . Money dragon hair thinks, as market economic system gradually the flying development of maturity and technology of our country spin, our country person has not been satisfied at the fabrics of dress knitting Luo Wen of the entrance. We established “ oneself small-sized knitting mill, we introduced gauze of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, weaving, press smooth, bath to wait various hind arrange facility, choose the processing factory with excellent part. Dragon loves knitting to be able to give outstanding knitting fabrics of Luo Wen rib cuff or rib collar for the client not merely, can be dress brand development to offer a product especially according to the client's demand more. Dragon of ” general manager money is released show.

Make an innovation brand to an enterprise, can in one day can realize be not gotten absolutely, if want to succeed, cannot leave right talent idea. “ talent is the core that a company grows, of new brand build the effort that needs more and more people to be to follow struggling ” . Money dragon hair says.

Be apt to uses electric business

Current, internet already made the main component that development of a business is not gotten or is short of, who can be apt to uses the effect that the sure meeting progress to the enterprise produces Internet to must be not estimated. In recent years, the function of Internet of have the aid of of dragon love knitting makes the unboiled water that get wind in ” of world of Luo Wen “ .

As we have learned, from 2009 dragon love knitting opened company website since the sale on hand-in-hand travel net, try hard to follow through continual improve, at present net of official of dragon love knitting passes AAA of business affairs of electron of enterprise of attestation of aptitude of an ancient name for China Deng white, our country early or late the numerous attestation such as attestation of alliance of industry of service of authentication of electron of company of highest grade credit, our country, safe alliance, accomplish it is dominant with consumer, not con, the price is transparent, information semmetry. Follow Internet mode to accomplish deepness confluence with hypostatic mode at the same time, with Internet technology demand of individuation of the client that finish changes what production makes to not have with dimensions seam a butt joint, make personalized product with industrialized efficiency, the economic benefits of enterprise of will traditional knitting promotes 1 times above. Be in the current year, long Aizhen knits the website in 360 searches to comment on a result to show, net of official of dragon love knitting with of 81% spend reputably get run business of domestic knitting cable.

The acquisition of these achievement is not accidental absolutely, however since Long Aizhen knits all along, sincere letter is “ this ” concept and carry out on Internet for years continue to summarize the result that follows innovation on experience.

A series of big electric business platform do not suit “ home promotion of industry of knitting collect grain, day cat, Beijing east etc is B2C type, and we are to the enterprise with the enterprise mode is given priority to (B2B) . And should do Long Aizhen knit characteristic, do not take their old approach. So, platform of our cable business began to build 2012. ” Qian Tangping says.

Send a specification according to Qian Long, dragon love knitting uses 5 years of many time to accumulate Internet to sell experience, finished diversification Internet to trade mode, founded the innovation pattern that Internet times platform changes management sale, become the person above average of the industry.

“ does spin cable business, do not drift with the tide, suit oneself, it is best! This word of ” Qian Tangping spoke Long Aizhen to knit what in Internet windward unboiled water rises the most essential cause.

No matter be to pay attention to innovation of product quality, science and technology, still be be apt to the promotion that has a brand with Internet follows sale, long Aizhen knits Dou Wei alone an ultimate goal, it is Xiang Luowen dream of the world's medium “ cacique ” is stood by slowly.

What Qian Tangping of no less than says in that way: “ is in in the future in a few years, we should purchase increasing machine, will increase yield, be willing to accept investor to have investment at the same time, let Long Aizhen knit quickly development, become company of country's best, biggest knitting collect grain, let product quality get farther promotion. ” (origin: Reporter of spin dress weekly: Gao Zhiqi)

Keyword:Knitting, dress, the market, horizontal machine, fabrics, yarn, weaving, the price, research, sell on

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