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Han Guang warm-up " double 11 "

Published on:2014/11/11 11:17:08

Keyword:Shoe, state, the price
Introduction:Make “ capital from on one year after the sales promotion catchphrase of ” of the longest shopping season, “ of smooth general merch...

Make “ capital from on one year after the sales promotion catchphrase of ” of the longest shopping season, “ of smooth general merchandise of Chinese of the current year double 11 ” shopping section begins from October 16 as before, all along maintains on November 30. Besides maintain time to grow beyond, “ of bazaar masterstroke activity is full 100 decrease 60” , be equivalent to 4 those who fold dozen lose strength a bit no less than nets are bought. In the meantime, the sales promotion that “ fulfil the quota sends a ceremony to send ceaseless ” to follow “ integral to still can spend the sales promotion catchphrase such as ” to also make the current year of Han Guangbai money when money advocate make a central point.
“ the decision that we begin to cooperate bazaar from October 16, spread out ‘ double during 11 ’ dozen fold an activity. Bazaar besides requirement brand stock up sufficient, number complete, merchandise is new outside, beg a shoe even kind the brand is the same as a paragraph to be the same as valence with day cat. This second discount strength is great, the customer is current can with under at ordinary times the goods that the price buys him to admire in the heart, escape fastigium, number is all ready still very be to one's profit. Shoe of ” some brand guides the member that buy says so. In Han Guangyi building shoe walks on a zone, bata, Tata, think of add the shoe such as beautiful desire of graph, nature kind the brand is hit 3.8 fold ~7 to fold the sales promotion banner that differ, come round to try on, bought customer is never-ending. The masterstroke activity of “ bazaar is ‘ full 100 decrease 60’ , the state adjusts each brand him basis appropriately. Bed of our dream clean tastes Qiu Dongxin of the current year to taste 7~8 to fold, remain major product to attend ‘ full 100 decrease 40’ to be equivalent to the 6 activities that fold, the row covers bedding like 6 5999 yuan at present 3599 yuan, consumption of credit card of carry consumed big bank is full 1000 still return 100 yuan, be equivalent to ‘ folding on the privilege that loses ’ . The member that bed of ” dream clean tastes a sale tells a reporter so.
As we have learned, brand of cosmetic of first floor of Han Guangbai goods is in Beijing and even total national capital are the most all ready, every annual meeting uses his to run grand cosmetic red-letter day in the advantage of cosmetic angle, have numerous and exclusive gift not merely, passing on strength also is whole town the biggest, the outstanding achievement of cosmetic brand sale of 80% resides Beijing firmly the first. The reporter understands in orchid Zhi shop, at present the brand is rolled out consumption gives 6 680 yuan to cover a journey to mount an activity completely, enter the 18 times integral activity of bazaar at the same time. “ is being installed one bottle make up water is about 539 yuan, essence of flesh of snow of the current year makes up in what Han Guang offers especially water ceremony box, include to be being installed make up water, elite follows BB frost, hit at present 6.8 fold 599 yuan, floriferous 60 yuan of cases that buy a gift are more suitable. The consumer that the member that have Han Guanghui blocks still can accumulate 18 times integral during the activity, the ‘ integral that enters market still can spend ’ activity when money. The member that shop of essence of ” snow flesh is sold says.