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Yin Tai makes recreation turn shopping experience

Published on:2014/11/11 11:17:08

Introduction:Make “ from on one year since group of ” of little strange beast is celebrated, yin Tai's recreation is changed, socialization changes fig...

Make “ from on one year since group of ” of little strange beast is celebrated, yin Tai's recreation is changed, socialization changes figure development popular feeling. “ of the current year double 11 ” just meet Yin Tai is celebrated 16 years, yin Tai is bolder innovate, surround closely product of client socialization, recreational follows a service, on November 11 ~16 day rolls out Yin Tai “ double activity of shopping section of 11 ” our country, change from extensive channel, platform, recreation changes 3 dimension to spend set out, extend extensive channel from much channel, make system of extensive channel member, create for consumer brand-new shopping experience is bought with annual lowest benefit.
Extensive channel
Inn of bright red door of silver-colored peaceful Beijing tells a reporter about chief: On “ one year we try the sales promotion mode that interacts below the line on the line for the first time, all door inn just is discussed shallowly with fumble. ‘ of the current year double group of 11 ’ have the aid of is celebrated 16 years, we roll out O2O activity ceaselessly, will breed the shopping habit of consumer stage by stage. ”
The understanding when the reporter is visited arrives, yin Tai is bright red shoe of door shop first floor kind shop already joined “ ahead of schedule double in the sales promotion activity during 11 ” . In the meantime, the reporter returns discovery, with before hypostatic inn is pure dozen of conduct propaganda strategy that changes sales promotion is different is, “ of silver-colored peaceful of the current year double activity of 11 ” sales promotion will be begun with the mode of O2O, hypostatic door inn is during shopping section, one angle has inn of door of 49 general merchandise, shopping center fashionable commodity year is best sales promotion, another angle, build up the channel such as ” of Yin Taibao of end of date of Zhang of public of small letter of inn of high-quality goods of cat of silver-colored peaceful net, day, door inn, “ makes “ client in the round complete shopping ” , the Babaji in shunt-wound hand A is round “ double field of 11 ”O2O branch, through the line the model that perform attracts discharge, fall to the line outspread, lift a line to get offline on shop orgiastic. “ row follows Alibaba like us the product of ’ of ‘ Yin Taibao that collaboration rolls out, a variety of functions that block the substance below the line namely are outspread arrived member of a kind of electron blocks on-line. Card of hypostatic inn member goes out occasionally can forget to take, consumer of the current year cleans out treasure ‘ in the mobile phone the ‘ member card of ’ of my bag blocking certificate can get Yin Tai ‘ in ’ the ’ of ‘ Yin Taibao of a calorie of one date ’ . In the meantime, ’ of Yin Taibao of disappear charge ‘ shops in hypostatic inn can certificate of the integral, gold that usher era, also can buy card to be gone to exactly like like the group of the supermarket inside charge money. ” this controller makes known his position.
Other, on October 24 ~11 month 23 days, yin Tai of “ of the line on 12 door inn synchronism of silver-colored peaceful whole nation celebrates cosmetic 16 years to celebrate activity of ” of unripe ceremony box, box of Mai Qingsheng ceremony can be touched 500 yuan completely with 50 yuan of certificate, full 1000 yuan are touched use 100 yuan. Consumer can show clip of silver-colored peaceful member in mobile door inn, box of the ceremony that get is touched use a certificate, the interface of ” of “ member card that also can clean out treasure from the mobile phone marchs ” of limited company of group of trade of “ Yin Tai, in ” of rights and interests of “ door inn the choice is in door inn, get the acting gold ticket of corresponding amount.
Recreation is changed
Afore-mentioned controller tell a reporter, on one year silver-colored peaceful group celebrates the “ that roll out ” of little strange beast gets of consumer like, “ of the current year double 11 ” will be returned to once more. Silver-colored peaceful of the current year is special make with wove one does the “ that laugh to blame animal dance ” , in Hangzhou of group headquarters seat road of Yan'an of the busiest business street performed street of a field orgiastic show will celebrate ” of “ shopping section to build for anniversary situation.
Not merely such, 13 36 general merchandise of countrywide, shopping centers are collective during the activity change body “ is small strange animal ” , roll out all sorts of surround closely product of client socialization, recreational follows a service, if the row is in during sales promotion activity, spread out 1000 life day to bend over, strange animal is waved move, strange animal market celebrates unripe, hypostatic inn in all the large theme activity such as Pan Yan wall, and consumer carries a reply 16 years to celebrate propagandist article table to good luck wins in silver-colored Tai Weixin take gold halcyon to act the role of article wait for an activity, make what a recreation changes shop new experience.