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Enterprise of innovation children's footwear shuffles period Yi Du difficulty

Published on:2014/11/5 13:20:48

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Introduction:The current year takes a company to children shoe for, be destined is eventful autumn, the industry shuffles the process is quickened significantly. B...

The current year takes a company to children shoe for, be destined is eventful autumn, the industry shuffles the process is quickened significantly. Below serious market test, all sorts of contradiction of enterprise interior also continue to expose with the problem. Answer paragraph not do one's best, capital catenary ruptures, supply catenary frequency to show the peril. A few enterprises to can walk out of predicament as soon as possible, take the kind of eager for quick success and instant benefit, to see a pressing need, disregard enterprise oneself actual strength, seek of try every means appears on the market, let oneself be immersed in bigger lair instead.
Of course, below such situation, the enterprise with outstanding outstanding achievement also theres is no lack of in the industry. Why can be they gone against situation and on? In this core period, does children shoe take a company where do this put focus? How to overshoot development difficulty?
The industry shuffles supply catenary to face the crisis quickly
When level visits children shoe to take a company before, chief inspector of sale of a brand discloses, because of problem of quality of market occurrence product, urgent attend a meeting discuss, the ten million brand that throws beforehand originally promotion plans to recall, and turn centre of gravity those who return product quality accuse to go up.
As we have learned, this company is all along low-key, and this sale chief inspector also makes known his position, since all along, the company is dedicated make research and development, product sales volume grows steadily, it is moment shines in the industry appear, sale lending strength is complete start shooting trademark is well-known degree, plan to want old on brand propaganda write an essay already. The state that visits the market nearly a few times to understand however very not hopeful. Quality of children's footwear of report of agent of a few areas appeared problem, canvass just discovers germ is supplying catenary to go up.
This sale chief inspector tells a reporter, since the current year, the shoe takes industry frequency to show a proprietor of an enterprise to miss couplet appearance, what hard to avoid causes upper reaches to supply chain is turbulent. The supplier is careladen the problem that return a money, to ease cost pressure, jerry, such, these are in by the product that the enterprise considers as “ high grade ” by accident casual flowed into the market.
The industry shuffles inevitable conference appears “ a few lively the situation of ” of a few anxious, no matter be brand business or supplier,experienced the brutal sex that the market competes. A few businesses with good in the past the look of things of a few years of development also pass contributive gold chain to rupture again and again, do not send the issue that gives salary, because some manufacturer cannot answer the pressure that the market brings, face the crisis that close down.
“ past is a few small companies only, the impact won't be very big. It is many big companies encounter bottleneck at present. The scale that these companies cooperate with the supplier is larger, money amount is high. City of ” stone lion is achieved promote Zhong Feng of manager of business of spin limited company to tell a reporter, supplier of the current year is run should want to get hardships than in former years. Brand manufacturer encounters a problem, the supplier business development that serves as upper reaches also can be affected necessarily, debt closes hard, manage feebly.
Gage (our country) knit catch Wang Yan of president of dress limited company to build say frankly, the shoe takes an industry to develop early to appear hidden trouble, but hope to maintain the cooperative relationship that follows brand business ceaselessly as upriver supplier, help them walk out of predicament as early as possible, but should return reality after all, absoluteness n holds a meeting to pull the supplier break down. In fact, since comparativing for some time, the supplier suffers the effect that cost of labor cost growth, raw material rises, profit space is compressed stage by stage. Together with, leasehold doorsill adds the bank, the government did not relax on taxation policy, of the supplier live pressure indeed very big.
Supply chain the capital catenary question that flabby germ leaves in mode tradition mode
Li Jian of head of department of economy of guild of guild of Fujian Province spin, dress of Fujian Province dress exceeds think, at present children shoe takes the issue with the mainest business is problem of capital catenary health. Instantly, have enough to meet need of capital of too much company is insalubrious. And the shoe with high grade insalubrious to those capital supplier takes an enterprise not to spread out collaboration. The trigonometry debt, development that defaulted payment for goods to restrict whole shoe to take a trade directly etc. Other, still have supply catenary to follow issue of industrial catenary innovation. Current, if the enterprise of capital catenary health should seek good supplier,answer this is not difficult.
“ cash merchandise on hand, everybody is willing to cooperate. Our early takes an enterprise to want transition with respect to hope children shoe. ” path of speak bluntly of supplier of material of a shoe.
What “ enterprise leans with the collaboration since agent, supplier is long-term is sincere letter. Many enterprises are to adopt first the mode of the money after goods, the agent defaults company capital, the enterprise defaults supplier capital. Once whole capital catenary is done not have accuse to reach the designated position, can appear a series of problem. ” is sufficient limited company of friendly sporting goods is standing say of deputy total Wu Chengquan.
Wang Yan is built think, before of brand of line of just a little development is accordingly rapid and violent, the integrality of catenary of profit from industry, this is not to point to those who produce business to follow a supplier to cooperate only close, still include basic industrial chain between help each other with the problem that prop up. No matter be processing factory business or data vendor, follow to very large support since the development that is a brand urge action. However at present the reliant relation between the enterprise, coadjutant relation between industrial catenary had shaken gradually. Supplier worrying proprietor of an enterprise is met contribution and escape, capital cannot reclaim, the business risk that becomes more successfully before this is bigger.
We do not have “ factory, want to look for other plant to move money, they ask cash, the kinds or types of goods that we produce gives manufacturer, those who change is in black and white IOU, we can have how many capital to offer default. ” supplier of material of a shoe plaints.
“ goes the raw material that we buy weaving to other manufacturer, they allow our deferred payment, and at present they also ask cash merchandise on hand. ” Wang Yan is built think, the form is changing, ask whole industry grows to mode also wants and be worn change.
Save ” of slam the brakes on of “ of actual strength supplier
A few years the shoe took “ in the past the market is auspicious, businessman like a swarm of bees is crowded come in. At present the market is produced can superfluous, overproduction. Those first step are big, manage not quite benign enterprise to encounter bottleneck. Supplier of material of a shoe says ” , photograph of whole market situation compares the current year serious, the supplier treats the condition that is less than a hope, can choose old-fashioned way only, would rather lose order, also want those who assure capital to reclaim on time, save actual strength.
The supplier that having same think of a way is more than. Face an industry to develop stagnant current situation, the supplier adopted precautionary measures in succession. “ above all, money wants to answer hard, when brand business manages not to be pooh-poohed, the supplier reduces their supply of goods appropriately, perhaps stop to offer goods; next, shorten debt is periodic. Regular money exceeds 3 months, we were not willing to cooperate ceaselessly. To the enterprise of debt, cannot support without limit, and the means; that should adopt ’ of ‘ slam the brakes on again, control owes amount. Before big company can be owed 3489, small company allows to owe 349, look at present enterprise dimensions gives an issue more likely greatly more. Say of ” Zhong Feng.
Wang Yan is built tell a reporter, the current year the total portfolio of many suppliers has the fourth quarter to glide substantially, cancelled as a result of “ careladen ” to follow the collaboration that runs not benign company, do not do the business that is owed, the business that place of “ our the current year accepts is confined to a few very familiar enterprises that keep good faith, a few appear on the market the enterprise although scale is larger, but can default a paragraph we also can consider cautiously. ”
Recursive product innovation walks out of an industry low fan period the product is essential hand in hand product of innovation of high grade supplier
Face the change of industrial environment, enterprise this how to walk out of predicament? “ should let capital catenary go above all situation is benign change, and the most important is to return to product itself. Alone product is good sold, help agential gain fund, they just can return a money more quickly. And had capital actual strength, the collaboration that the business follows a supplier is more successful also. ” say of proprietor of an enterprise of a children's footwear. The child look forward to that since reviewing the current year, develops steadily, all without exception is put focus to the product, make crucial competition ability.

Keyword:Shoe, the market, shoe look forward to, state, dress, weaving, the current situation, dress, spin industry

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