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Shoe look forward to is sought change management plan

Published on:2014/11/4 13:18:51

Keyword:Shoe, the market, shoe look forward to, female shoe, dress, the price, fabrics, textile
Introduction:A few days ago, the 116th wide hand in meeting 3 period kick off. Foreign market demand is fatigued and weak, price advantage prediction of a person's...

A few days ago, the 116th wide hand in meeting 3 period kick off. Foreign market demand is fatigued and weak, price advantage prediction of a person's luck in a given year, the difficult problem like 9 these ileum still is perplexing the shoemaking enterprise that is located in 9 houses people. “ never has Immanuel. Controller of look forward to of a shoe is opposite ” reporter of international business newspaper says so. The backside of this word, it is difficult that look forward to of shoe of under cover our country is greeted and on, beg seek the determination that change newly.
In the 116th wide hand in meeting 3 period shoes kind exhibit a house, in accepting international business to sign up for the industry that the reporter covers, ai Min of Shanghai Lan Sheng, Chengdu and Jiangsu collects grand is 3 typical case. Prediction of a person's luck in a given year of advantage of fatigued and weak, price needs to make labor concentrated outside model product exit is facing significant pressure, but these 3 enterprises, it is no matter become manufacturer no longer and begin to trade butt joint platform, still enclothe completely to ODM industry chain from OEM, or is to improve character, dedicated service and the choice falls oneself produce can, reveal gave look forward to of our country shoe to answer adverse situation actively, the determination that begins reform from oneself follows hard.
Shanghai orchid is unripe: The profit pattern that can duplicate
“ does not have Immanuel. Foreign trade environment keeps not Anacreontic, everything still needs to rely on him enterprise the path of dug transition. Line of business of ” Shanghai Lan Sheng shoe Gong Jian of limited company vise general manager, the forefront job that is in shoemaking enterprise is old, to the reporter's query, he always speaks with fervor and assurance.
A few years ago as a result of labor cost rise, line of business of Shanghai orchid unripe shoe its all investment follow accuse the plant shuts to stop and turn. But with this at the same time, they knew the ground to retain key member of a batch of technologies painstakingly again come down, because did not have his,the Shanghai Lan Sheng of the factory should begin a kind of new business pattern.
Those who depending on pair of foreign trade markets is ripe harvest, they made platform business, carry on up the client of every Europe, beautiful, the world, be located in many 20 factories of and other places of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Henan to receiving downward. “ we match the technical backbone that after closing a plant, stays to these interior plants to be stationed in a dot, transfer the technology there, raised the manufacturing level of local factory effectively not merely, also satisfied a client to be opposite of these factories favorite degree. ” Gong Jian says.
With this at the same time, shanghai orchid gives birth to shoe line of business to also begin the profit pattern that dug can duplicate one kind. No matter be low end,the market or high-end market have demand each, to its, face low end client, can discover the manufacturing plant with more inferior than suiting the price photograph neatly; And confront high-end client, after the ginseng of group of research and development that gives birth to shoe line of business in Shanghai orchid follows development, again the manufacturing plant do manual work with fastidious of look for charge for the making of sth. , little batch. “ regards a foreign trade as the enterprise, should master catenary of whole product value only among them core one annulus or a few annulus are absorption had done, can achieve its value. ” Gong Jian says, the industry of Shanghai orchid unripe shoe that follows manufacturing control to be crucial competition ability in the development that leads with the technology exports the forehead every year to be able to amount to 70 million ~1 100 million dollars.
Ai Min: Accuse quality to increase class
Give birth to shoe line of business with Shanghai orchid different, ai Min the upper reaches to industrial catenary is outspread after doing old OEM, from acting labour production produces change to own design and scored a success. At present Ai Min year exit forehead can amount to 58 million dollar, year amplitude evens more 5% . “ Ai Min the technical research and development that pays attention to a product stage by stage in the experience of development follows a design, after giving priority to business Wu with designing production independently, we invited many international stylist such as France, Italy, form a group, while whole increases product class, make most the product that accords with client demand. ” Chengdu Ai Min Chen Daliang of manager of business of finite liability company says leather. And the design that carried once upon a time masters in enterprise hand to the production of back end again. Chen Daliang thinks, can undertake cost is controlled better already so, can reduce the variation of unsure sex in producing experience again, a few righter fluctuant also can adjust quickly. “ is equal to a destiny to master in ourselves hand so. OEM basically relies on a client accuse, and transition is ODM, we can recommend our product independently to different client. As long as the product is excellent, not anxious does not have order. ” Chen Daliang says.
Jiangsu collects grand: Fall oneself produce can improve quality
Jiangsu collects grand both neither is platform trafficker, also did not upgrade do ODM, cautious and conscientious is doing the business of OEM, year exit forehead also can reach 90 million dollar. In Jiangsu group of the international that collect grand exports haze of 2 assistant manager cereal to look, our advantage depends on “ character, date of delivery and service ” .
To increase the dominant position of product quality, jiangsu collects grand indoors the fabrics of the category such as boots of ground of shoe, snow, rain boot, charge for the making of sth. , practical spend proceed to upgrade with exterior isogon. “ tastes quality to assure to produce, we lowered yield actively, from before an automation line produces 5000 pairs inherently to fall to produce 2000 pairs standard. ” Gu Lan makes known his position, although this meeting produces a few effects to exporting the specified number, but product value got rising, still be worthiness.
Jiangsu collects grand to will serve more regard Chongzhongzhi as to weigh. “ can say the first to the service is, everything should be client consider. The be fond of that if Japanese client follows Euramerican client,lists, habit each are differ the pattern is same, we are about to offer a proposal according to their demand, make the goods that accords with their demand. In addition, we still can be in order airline ticket, do the sundry angle such as formalities to offer a service to the client, client of this pair of tarry, concern for a long time to have profit very much continuously. ” Gu Lan says.
   The reporter looks meeting
Take shoe company: Is own brand a bogus proposition?
In the 116th wide hand in meeting the 3rd period, every time the reporter is in heel dress kind of the enterprise exhibit before interview, when asking about an enterprise to whether have own brand, the controller of each enterprise feels embarrassed say oneself does not have own brand, will talk very quickly however endowment turn to acting labour to go up with production professional work. In their mouth, home makes the brand product of the enterprise want easier said than done of foreign market of base oneself upon, the pivotal business of enterprise of instantly great majority still is to stick a card.
This makes a reporter feel questioningly. The brand changes the strategy to make the transition that creates to our country in our country already cried indeed in experience many year. But in follow barometer with vane of our country foreign trade celebrated wide hand in on the meeting, have representative foreign trade company most to these our country, why own brand still is a symbol only, it is a proposition that cannot have too much topic.
Also be in chatting with enterprise continuity, the reporter jumps over what disclosure gets him to be surprised some assume sth as a matter of course. Apparent, the road of the brand is not proposition of a bogus. Through old development, china's too much heel dress kind production enterprise also knows, the competition ability of the brand can decide an enterprise in the market competition ability, the additional cost that the brand brings for the enterprise also is to be not gotten enumerated, but the situation with respect to instantly, develop own brand, infiltrate international market, to Chinese production enterprise, cannot say highbrow, still be less than moment however.
Be in world plant our country, most shoe is taken make CS-2000 prismatic radiance plan build an enterprise to make treatment for foreign brand, taking OEM way is do something one knows well very, but also be this kind of means, let enterprise wont make the market in order to answer the thinking of primary competition. In the cost rich play chess that have too many visitors or business to deal with, the own brand of those so-called contents still is medium low end the pronoun of the product. Most enterprise just is mixed along with tide, register a trademark, be on sale of the reentry after be being stuck to dress makes work, call this own brand. This is without a meaning to foreign market not merely, calculating home market of sale in domestic market also is difficult make good.
Great majority of “ instantly China made an enterprise have brand consciousness, do not understand the concept that makes a brand however, let a brand flow at the concept only, perhaps be a stunt only. The personage makes known his position related chamber of commerce of imports and exports of textile of ” our country, in the development experience that turns in the brand, the business should have made the preparation that calls protracted battle, must not can accomplish in one move. And build in the compose of the brand in, the product is one part only, more important is sale follows a design. Production ” of “ our country already was passed on the product close, but, in the design angle took an in part only however. In the meantime, conventional single brand bag makes the world already not answer existence, do a brand to want to pay close attention to the client's demand more, ask not merely product individuation, more requirement brand fractionize is changed.
This asks to expand the business of own brand, above all the way that whether should him recognize take a brand to change, in whether retentive energy throws the development of own brand to build with apiration, whether can design product, design according to the client's demand figure, offer a service, and whether can protect in the product maintain a volume character while, make characteristic, original. Alone answer gives these issues, developing own brand just is not proposition of a bogus. In the 116th wide hand in on the meeting, business is purchased to giving birth to a company to exhibit stage be in harmony to buy new fund female shoe in Shanghai orchid outside the condition.
The 116th wide hand in on the meeting, what Shanghai orchid raw firm designs is of all kinds new fund female shoe was attracted business is purchased outside many conditions. The be in harmony before the graph exhibits a stage to purchase business to be in a company buys female shoe.

Keyword:Shoe, the market, shoe look forward to, female shoe, dress, the price, fabrics, textile

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