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Wang Quanjie: Litter of leather trade solid body should realize resource to change use

Published on:2014/11/3 15:18:55

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Introduction:Hold in Jinan last week " industry of our country leather grew annual meeting of committee of forum and major of curry of association of our country l...

Hold in Jinan last week " industry of our country leather grew annual meeting of committee of forum and major of curry of association of our country leather 2014 " on, does national curry technology consider to popularize university of central director, Yantai to teach Wang Quanjie to point out: ? Pa hires actinium ひ to get brandish crab narrow to hope very hot Chen of actinium of じ of  core division lifts  mace to mire Pan Qin  uses up appearance of  of  trying Chinese toon! ?

When the origin of litter of respecting leather solid, wang Quanjie says, the share that the leftover pieces that contain chromium holds normally lesser, and the mud that contain chromium is compared with the mud that do not have chromium rise, what hold share very small also.

In discharged water amount, the Codcr that follows liquid waste eduction follows Bod5 opposite more, chromium holds very small share only, the chromic content in the litter that contain chromium is 3-4% , protein > 90% .

Wang Quanjie from 6 kinds of different leather litter proceed with, told about how to undertake them resource is changed respectively use.

In animal fat use on, fresh hide goes can getting high grade tallow fat after the flesh, use more follow cosmetic at food, on this tannery is having with shambles remarkable different processing means, the grease that tannery yields more high price for good quality.

Soggy flesh broken bits can use as high temperature makes oil, the grease that depart gives can get finally adding fat agent with hydrogenation through deodorization, the grease that depart gives also can get exterior activator. The oil residue that depart gives can use as fertilizer follows feed. Soggy flesh broken bits is returned can preparation firedamp follows efficient and organic chemical fertilizer.

Of hair use on, the soggy hair of qualitative actor is used more follow filling at wool spinning, felt. Grey alkaline hair can be used directly for fertilizer or filling. Hydrolysis horn albumen can use as coating of Guang ammonia acid, leather follows activator of filler, surface.

Of the leftover material before tan use on, soggy hind leftover material can undertake edible, medical with isinglass of the optics that make, at the same time also can the collagen that hydrolysis measures into particular element follows polypeptide, use follow additive agent for food at cosmetic in. Grey alkaline leftover material follows soggy or utility of shambles leftover material is consistent.

Of blue change leftover material use on, not the chromic bits of hydrolysis can be used with leather edge original shape at change of preparation second birth. Traditional method can smash Pi Bian, reentry makes oar, vulcanization shape all right, piece a series of working procedure such as the skin. New method can make consummate not have with leather fiber spin change of cloth second birth. After leather edge original shape takes off chromium, can use follow feed at preparation fertilizer, become Hefei of Gao Ge answer. The blue change leftover material after passing acerbity, alkaline, enzymatic hydrolyze, can use follow face activator at filler of pink of industrial isinglass, albumen, albumen.

Crust leather issues what horn expects to use, ash of Pi Bian, buffing can be used directly follow poriferous and adsorptive stuff for filling, flocking, fuel. Buffing ash undertakes the hydrolyze after decolour is defatted, can use adopt inorganic agent of oil of auxiliary, maritime float at mechanical scour, floor scour, artesian well.

Of leftover pieces of change of cover with paint use on, can use directly at filling, japanese park alley follows the turf of Hong Kong to be done so namely. Also can use secondhand, the course is taken off oar, decolour, defatted a series of working procedure hydrolyze become albumen, polypeptide, can use follow face activator at filler of pink of industrial isinglass, albumen, albumen, but cost also can be used relative to taller; at vulcanization kind with without spin kind second birth change.

Besides, wang Quanjie emphasizes, leather solid litter can be used in each industries.

Above all, can use follow stock raising at agriculture. The solid that contain chromium abandons Cr3-4% Pr>90% , because the chemical element such as N, P, S, K, Ca, Mg, Cr, Fe, Al is contained in litter, the fertilizer that makes so makes rice increase production 18% , wheaten increase production 36% . Go fleshy waste residue (oiliness has been jumped over more more) can make marsh gas, deputy produce it is high grade organic nitrogenous fertilizer.

Next, can use as in leather industry domain chemical material, protein can be made directly after making leather add fat agent to control hydrolysis with ox hair of degreasing agent; with useless grease kind agent of cover with paint, shining sex is good, be able to bear or endure dozen of light, still can do directly press a flower to iron leather antitack agent. Ox hair is controallable the modified material of the cross-linking that high polymer material makes after hydrolysis, graft. Ox hair also can make the lotion of cover with paint of collagen modified, be like: Acrylic, polyurethane follows butadiene to wait.

Finally, on the use of other sphere, blue skin fiber can make second birth change, without Pi Bian of the; that spin cloth hydrolysis filature makes hair of; of fabric of hygroscopic collagen blending use wool spinning directly, make blanket, felt, brush follow make brush. Leather solid is useless still can make pet toy follow masticatory, also can make advanced albumen, purificatory collagen, use thereby have at making protect wet sex to follow nutritional cosmetic, poem of charm of charming of Japanese endowment unripe hall, France has with elegant Shi Landai buy use protein of this kind of collagen. Leather solid is useless mix in all with material of synthetic high polymer, copolymerization is made but degradation is plastic, with fiber material collaboration is made but degradation eat box.