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The week of Shanghai fashionable dress that regret and growing

Published on:2014/11/3 13:18:34

Keyword:Fashionable dress week, hand-me-down
Introduction:Independent stylist brushs design of mainland of our country of week of screen Shanghai fashionable dress to still need hard our country independent s...

Independent stylist brushs design of mainland of our country of week of screen Shanghai fashionable dress to still need hard
Our country independent stylist is be expert at the sound inside course of study is more, independent stylist that enters week of Shanghai fashionable dress also even more much rise. Why to become independent is stylist met more partial Shanghai? When rising a little with these stylist, because the organizing committee of week of Shanghai fashionable dress is willing to prop up,they make known his position young stylist, and the whole atmosphere of week of Shanghai fashionable dress also lets them be willing to join more and more with. From Ji Cheng, Ban Xiaoxue, the C.J YAO that brings to Hardcandy becomes independent twice with Wen Jun stylist, again to the pillar of the last day the Guo Yiran day of a day, Wang Haizhen that presses an axis is waited a moment. We can see what this platform will reveal his more and more independent stylist are willing to choose week of Shanghai fashionable dress article, domestic media, authoritative orgnaization begins to value the progress of our country independent stylist more and more, this is simply one can be very again thing.
When but the most authoritative vogue comments on the whole world,one of Colin McDowell are being interviewed none polite also point out, the ridgepole and beam-pillar of the state that sees in him in stylist of 1 day, it is the student that comes from abroad design school, and the stylist that does not have native land school, this lets him feel some disappointment are a little regretful also. Although many people think such comment is too extreme, if the vogue of our country wants to grow,can be, the breeds a student soil that rises from fountainhead is natural should this more suffer take seriously. Really true native land design is returned should this more just go hard.
International brand appears on mature atmosphere to be shown gradually
Snow spins a show that queen Alberta Ferretti is in him our country to be put in week of Shanghai fashionable dress, on the old show of GiAMBATTiSTA VALLI, liu Wen, cuckoo follows Pei Bei 3 big our country exceed a model to present as leading role beautiful. In independent stylist of an our country, of sea Na Baichuan bring more and more design sound, perhaps ability can prove week of Shanghai fashionable dress is walking along power maturity more.
Showroom matures gradually week of true fashionable dress is blossomming
Stylist takes beautiful aim, natural and more than it is to invite all audiences one feast one's eyes on, perhaps let media report one time wantonly get through hastily, final target nature still should fall to the sale, compared with week of other fashionable dress, week of Shanghai fashionable dress was opposite just about in what mature gradually the stylist support on this, when the maturity that waits for Showroom attracted hall, VDS to buy a hand in great quantities. After old show implementation sells the assignment, ability considers week of whole fashionable dress complete. Although also the insufficient still maturity that somebody blames to these Showroom are done, but build when rudiment, it is better and better to always be met later.
Numerous star sings the praises battle array can compares week of new York fashionable dress
Star nature is not also do not answer this leading role that is fashionable dress week, but return pretty to see hard really,attend a meeting so much star will sing the praises the fashionable dress week of our country mainland, to many star, be fond of more brush facial ” to “ of week of 4 big fashionable dress, because look loftier,go up. Can be circle of this second Gao Yuan, old Jon, Lin Yichen normally we are in new York or this second all gives the frequenter that week of Parisian fashionable dress just interviews at present Shanghai, although we visit fashionable dress week,not be to see star, but look,sing the praises the amount of star follows heat, basically the importance of outfit week when you can understand this. This second, hold out actually happy see Zhou Neng of Shanghai fashionable dress is enough so lively, also hope more star can pay close attention to design of our country mainland to follow fashionable dress week, not be to grab camera lens, what use them really however is famous degree of development that will drive our country fashionable industry.
The ox outside field compares a concert into can of one scene heat
In week of other fashionable dress you do not get a setting that can see forever, should this is line of business of the cattle outside field of week of Shanghai fashionable dress develop. The industry that this can calls our country characteristic made the independent one scene that be not gotten or lacks in Zhouye of Shanghai fashionable dress. Every time you go beautiful the taxi just perhaps fell outside field, regular meeting has ox there is money to follow a bank note in the hand, perhaps will buy beautiful ticket, perhaps will promote beautiful bill. Allegedly the show of last Wang Haizhen one scene was fried by ox 500 money a piece, want to can watch a show of 15 minutes, audience people also Dou Man be willing to part with or use draws out money. Although compared with on one season one scene fries highest fare,drop somewhat for 800 money, but apparent ox party is increasing. When the hand-me-down that agrees to spend so much money to see ten minutes when somebody is beautiful, can let a person expect, the fashionable can be saved of our country?
Break edge of traditional shopping pattern to walk along an edge to sell can make new window
This brand mode that tried an edge to walk along beautiful edge to make a sale, of course the initiate that this is not the brand on week of Shanghai fashionable dress, the Xin Liang that after but this is planted,mode should meet new selling operation this to be, sells is nodded. Business of a few home appliance has tried this kind of management mode before this, " the new clothes of goddess " the program also is trying this kind of way, although be in our country,promotion of not large area rises, but the mode of innovation is walked into,fashionable dress week also can give fashionable dress week to bring many new window.
Someone says to be in Shanghai fashionable dress week, saw the sign of week of Parisian fashionable dress. But I think, shanghai does not need to resemble Paris, actually she everybody need not resemble, here is Shanghai only. Because here is Shanghai, just be loved by increasing person.