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Intelligent shutter shade leaves automatically according to air temperature close

Published on:2014/11/3 13:18:31

Introduction:Jalousier is the couplet net device that a clip uses on shutter shade, it can change with time according to weather, temperature, light the lamina of ...

Jalousier is the couplet net device that a clip uses on shutter shade, it can change with time according to weather, temperature, light the lamina of self-adjusting shutter, predict every annual meeting gives average household managing the heat addition charge of 350 dollars.
According to beforehand appraise, common house-owner is spent every year move in the hand adjust the time add up to on shutter lamina achieves 3 days. To solve this problem, hair of a poineering company understands Bulgaria this one device can place “Jalousier” on existing shutter, change with time according to weather, temperature, light self-adjusting lamina.
Jalousier can help you spare time avoids a trouble, need not you are about from time to time the hand is moved hold accuse a curtain. Other, jalousier still can help managing the sources of energy apply, as a result of it can the change that self-reacting air temperature follows weather, understand to let sunshine march with quantity of heat when weather is cold, perhaps be in to be warm when prevent illumination to march. For example, once the light pales, shutter can be opened, let more and more sunshine march inside house. If outside begin to rain, blade also is met self-adjusting, put into more and more sunshine, still can optimize automatically at the same time in order to last ideal indoor temperature.
In addition, the user also can pass the interface of conjugate application, the hand is moved adjust the lamina of shutter, this means an user outer go vacationing, or be before coming home, can teleregulation shutter. They still can make a motion with hand handholding mobile phone, undertake controlling to shutter. For example, the mobile phone forward bend, can make blade Xiang Yimo same directional activity.
Other setting still includes “ not to disturb ” (Do Not Disturb) with “Warmee” two kinds of mode, former let shutter suspend an activity in order to enhance privacy, latter makes indoor temperature optimization. Jalousier still has alarm clock function, user can the switch time of set shutter, if be opened in the morning, shut in the late evening.
Jalousier by 6 5 batteries drive, can pass Wi-Fi and have the aid of follows IOS application at having An Zhuo only, or it is the Control Panel on the browser, join follows notebook computer to go up to computer of smartphone, flat. User need not any tools, can count the ” inside second to install Jalousier existing shutter to go up in “ , and still match stock CordBox, ensure on shutter pull a rope to won't be followed by pet child get at.
Embedded illumination follows this equipment temperature sensor, still contain use follow ZigBee unit at wireless connective Wi-Fi, can undertake controlling through application so, theoretic also can in system of automation of integrated and excellent front courtyard.
The conjugate application of Jalousier can act as the remote controller of curtain of your place connective, if allow you to found curtain group to undertake unity administrative, perhaps apply specific signal to open or shut a curtain. In addition, this application will include weather to remind wait for a function, be like timely remind you to view and admire a full moon to the outside.
Jalousier develops group member Sergey Vinogradov to say: It is “ custom-built change brought infinite likelihood, if let shutter finish synchronism with alarm clock, share visit jurisdiction with family, set reminds, so that be in the night of occurrence full moon or the first snow when, won't make the user misses these wonderful instants. ”
Instantly is about to achieve the financing goal of 140 thousand dollar in the Jalousier on Indiegogo. Predict this product will deliver goods formally in October in the current year, have price 89 dollars (add up to a RMB about 540 yuan) .