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International knitting industry is adjusted accelerate course of study of our country knitting to beg beg newly change

Published on:2014/10/30 13:18:10

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Introduction:Recently, association of industry of our country knitting walks along basic level to see knitting of spin ” our country in “ published in ...

Recently, association of industry of our country knitting walks along basic level to see knitting of spin ” our country in “ published in activity of 10 thousand lis of travel " our country knitting develops a report " . The report shows, on one year knitting industry completes outlet 109.7 billion dollar, occupy inside spin industry 37.5% , make the fractionize trade with the largest scale inside spin garment industry.
Review textile in recent years development, although the production of industry whole adds fast slow down, but the knitting industry in the center grows however impetus is not decreased, lasted year all 29CS-1000 beauty can amount to the profit of % to add fast.
In fact, there also is put together to compound the situation that Benshangsheng, exterior circumstances changes while knitting industry is growing in the round. In the experience that cleans out sand in sea, knitting course of study is in period of rotate speed shift gears, in the light of international knitting industry tone synchronization cut down is accelerated, industrial assemble administrative levels continues to promote, chinese knitting course of study also is chased in directly, beg beg newly change.
Beg new, system is current knitting industry is drive with technical innovation, continue to promote technical index to follow equipment standard. The technology that is a delegate with technology of axial warp knitting especially progresses, effectively drove the equipment standard of industry whole to rise. If the row fetterses by warp knitting machine of source of Changzhou city embellish limited company is own of research and development stitch-bonded machine, much comb the series product such as warp knitting machine of numerical control jacquard weave, broke the monopoly of international spin tycoon, product specifications achieved international congener product level.
Beg change, one angle is product structure is optimized. Instantly develops tendercy to look from the whole world, knitting dress has been par no longer, simple underwear briefs, knitting product appearance changes development trend is remarkable, and the technical content that knitting appearance asks is tall, add the cost is high, had grown the Dai Yan that is dress tide. And China begins from 2012, knitting appearance exports amount to already exceeded knitting underwear, 53.1% what hold knitting dress export, effect sees at the beginning of product structural adjustment.
Another angle, industrial assemble also appeared to change newly, the most outstanding is knitting industry developeds the industrial move of the area. Using an area like and other places of Zhejiang, Jiangsu advantage, develop each province energetically between and each cross region industry move provincially, the assemble that rises with this construction has stronger hatch to follow the synergism of industrial policy.
Development of technology of open economy of Jiangsu province Shu is the industrial move, type that develops in coordination. This county wraps Fu gauze industry to be a center with the upriver industry of knitting, the fluctuation that attracted large quantities of one gauze that wrap Fu swims enterprise of form a complete set, formed industrial group. The Jiangsu of enterprise of the first gauze that wrap Fu of settle Shu this world country source spin is from justice black move comes, attracted our country Bao Na after that this the sift of confused of enterprise of many 30 100 million yuan of above such as fiber of source of month of group, Jiangsu Hu Shuyang, formed the complete industrial chain such as chemical fibber, spinning, knitting, printing and dyeing, dress, finished assemble group to develop what the level follows industrial competition ability to rise. Instantly, developing zone of Shu open economy obtains industries of batch of spin of “ our country to transfer ” of pilot garden area not merely, and still make the whole nation and even global production equipment the base of property of the gauze that wrap Fu with most, the largest crop, represented home to include the highest standard that assemble of Fu gauze industry develops.
The development experience of knitting industry makes clear, whole of even if textile industry presents the situation that rises decelerate, but the soul do one's best that should follow innovation with the eye of development only is begged newly change, the effort on the road that in the technology innovation, structural adjustment, transition upgrades is cultivated, can carry qualitative synergism, travel to be sent firmly for entire industry far it is important to give prop up.

Keyword:Knitting, dress, warp knitting machine, printing and dyeing, spinning, chemical fibber, fiber, textile industry, spin industry

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