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Science unscrambles the powerful nation strategy of tailor machinery industry

Published on:2014/10/30 13:18:09

Keyword:Sewing machine, dress, research, automation, the market, tailor equipment, fabrics, state, circumstance, the current situation
Introduction:The powerful nation dream of industry of machinery of tailor of the our country that finish, it is the desire that sewing machine person longs for our...

The powerful nation dream of industry of machinery of tailor of the our country that finish, it is the desire that sewing machine person longs for our collectivity day and night. The industry is being made up write " power of industry of machinery of our country tailor develops the strategy " , refine powerful nation purpose. This is necessary undoubtedly with seasonable ground, it will is cogent the pace that quickens entire industry to fulfil powerful nation dream. " powerful nation develops the strategy " roll out exert oneself the level that can achieve powerful nation goal clearly to follow executive move, for the industry next development scale is arable the blue print of weed, point to clear exercisable method for the industry with strategic height.

The strategy that fulfilled powerful nation dream 2025 is with “ innovation drive, quality first, green development, structure optimizes ” to be main content, from pattern of product, production technology, industry innovate on 3 levels, the key that its develop is digitlization, network, intelligence is changed. Specific plan to go up to the action, begin from 8 angle, it is “ carries out digitlization, network, intelligence to change production ” , “ to promote innovation to design ability ” , “ to perfect ” of technical innovation system, “ aggrandizement to make technical ” , “ raise product quality ” , “ to carry out respectively.

Understand the desire of ” of “ powerful nation

We say to want to become “ tailor machinery to make powerful nation ” , so how are 2 words of ” of “ powerful nation reflected?

” of production powerful nation of “ tailor machinery should have 5 big features this at least: It is to have a certain quantity of the world's famous enterprise; 2 it is to have high innovation capability and competition ability; 3 it is to master sophisticated technology to follow crucial technology; 4 it is efficiency rise to hold a; concurrently with quality safety 5 it is to have the potential that can hold development.

Should finish ” of purpose of powerful nation of “ sew machinery, in needing the research and development of technology of revolution of industry business new generation to follow innovation, hold first machine, achieve take the lead in the level follows a position. Mechanical to our country tailor industry will tell, want to hold the key of development, develop digitlization, network, intelligence to change namely make.

Current, with information physics system (CPS) is a foundation, make the wave of billow of the 4th Industrial Revolution that is dominant move with intelligence, the industry that often says namely 4 timeses come. The intelligence of 3 timeses changes industry body controls system, controller to add the computer at present, and industry 4 timeses are to have the intelligence of self-communion function to change, be can adjust according to producing an environment to be made subsequently with equipment circumstance forecast production system.

The concept of 4 has industry 3 strong point: The value that is production itself is changed, it is to had made a product only not merely, and be a product production production experience waste always accomplish least, production experience cooperates; cheek by jowl with the architect 2 it is production experience in, the difference according to processing a product, change that machines a circumstance can be automatic make adjust, achieve have capacity of ” of self-communion of so called “ , namely whole system includes equipment machine itself, can make in time according to metabolic state in designing production experience adjust; 3 be 0 breakdown, 0 worry, 0 accidents, 0 infection are achieved in whole production experience, want low worry, low infection at least, make production experience achieves the least anxiety to change, this is the highest state of manufacturing industry.

Hold a key: Digitlization, network, intelligence is changed

To achieve the powerful nation goal of tailor machinery industry, should key the 8 angle proceed with that from the article one begin alludes, the innovation of 3 levels waits in pattern of product, production technology, industry. Digitlization, network, intelligence changes the main way that is manufacturing industry innovation. In product innovation angle, the digitlization of manufacturing industry, network, intelligence changes the general character technology that is innovation of the product that finish, digitlization the technology follows intelligent technology embedded product, make the function of the product great and rich, make the product develops to numerical control generation, from go up at all promotion product function, function follows market competition ability.

Can say, digitlization, network, intelligence is changed making is the crucial technology that makes tailor machinery industry produce revolutionary change in the future, it is the main angle that informatization follows industrialized confluence, it is the main technique step that advances traditional industry transition to upgrade, also can regard industry of machinery of our country tailor as to go situation the development masterstroke of world power.

Digitlization of industry of sewing machine tool is fundamental development development trend. The digitlization that says here, the application that is exponential word production technology follows research, the design that includes digital product builds a model to follow emulation technology, digital prototype technology and nicety to make with what development, number makes, the network is made make a technology with intelligence.

The development of sew machinery depends on intelligence changing. In intelligent tailor system, sewing machine can set sew parameter automatically with driver through sensor, manufacture efficiency in order to optimize sew quality with promotion, reduce the skill demand that handles personnel.

Construction seamability is compositive environmental system, this system interrelates 3 times received online system composition, can seam a gender to forecast a system, intelligent sew system reachs safe character system, the target depends on making product quality is standardized, through removing the tailor issue that sew fabrics brings, promotion manufactures efficiency, reduce the skill demand that handles personnel thereby. Seamability is compositive the mechanical property that environmental system leaves according to the low stress of sew fabrics (drawing cuts function, curve function, ply to reach compress function) , set sew parameter with driver through sensor, the sew loss that forecasts clothing fabrics wrinkles with juncture austere sex is arranged to fabric make known his position to suggest reasonably, make fabrics gets used to the sew of high quality.

Cent measure is carried out

Front of industry of machinery of our country tailor faces new technology to follow the challenge of times of new Industrial Revolution, but also be opposite in the face great opportunity. The development of industry of machinery of domestic and international tailor develops integration analysis tendercy, can see, the opportunity is more than a challenge. The progress that industry of machinery of our country sew makes point of view in digitlization, network, intelligence although lag at advanced developed country, but had had certain base through old development. Follow development current situation according to the foundation of instantly industry, industry of machinery of our country tailor should finish digitlization, network, intelligence to change make, the pace that need branch comes true.

The first pace, strengthen the base of tailor machinery manufacturing industry, follow take as the point of departure of technical base job from data base, component foundation, production industry foundation, devoted research and development is spent with new technology isogon in new material, new technology.

” of 4 large bases is in industrial “ the actor bad that there is product quality on very old rate, it is the foundation that promotes a product quality, answer to take seriously highly. Cut from the design of the product, the design is the first pace that the product innovates, 70% what decided product cost, it is the core segment that outspread industry catenary follows innovation chain.

The enterprise wants isogon of sex of the dependable structure from sewing machine, craft, seamability, dependability to spend have thorough research, the high speed that covers all machine actually to plant is changed, automation, compositive change the technical solution that wait to follow a method with technical step, guide CAD(CAD) , CAM(CAM) , CAPP(computer assists craft to design) , PDM(designs data management system) etc, build CIMS(CIMS) , make research and development follows make be able to synchronism is finished. The enterprise builds the administrative platform of ERP system even, make business information natural resources is able to share, ample practice know clearly transforms traditional manufacturing industry with informatization. Link market demand, the product of sewing machine instrument that place of market of positive research and development wants, progressively construction has system of orgnaization of his design database, production machinery, for further innovation the design lays next solid foundations, right equipment of existing producer type, production have a change, transform, the technology upgrades just is the golden key that opens industry science to develop, the accumulation ability of energy causes qualitative change.

In the future, equipment of Electromechanical unifinication tailor will replace the tailor facility of mechanical in the round, electromechanical unifinication technology applies from smooth seam machine, whipstitch machine, stretch tight seam machine expand to more comprehensive industry range of products, the intelligent sewing machine that is based on photoelectricity induction will make the way that industry technology develops. Electromechanical unifinication product is computer technology confluence follows control function at mechanical information processing, the contemporary and mechanical system of function of machine of the set that finish. Will tell to tailor equipment, the automation that Electromechanical unifinication should expand to each actuator outputs a movement, flexible change change with intelligence above. Prick those who expect the orgnaization pricks makings journey to be able to accuse for example, the orgnaization that choose a route carries line journey to be able to accuse with motion, send makings orgnaization those who send makings contrail can accuse, horizontal needle orgnaization finishs the output campaign that can charge to wait. If will main actuator is finished in sewing machine can accuse sexual output, this ability makes sewing machine has higher level.

” of “ tailor unit is popular product, it is “ the equipment ” that a sewing machine, bedplate follows sewing machine driver to comprise with frame. It studies tailor experiences medium jockey start, undertake innovating study jointly with sew equipment to sew craft. Automatic tailor unit is controlled from main shaft the means, design that sends stuff kind, pattern plate, overall control is spent with operating system isogon spread out research to design, development is seamed makings is automatic fixed position, automatic into cut a line makings, automatic sew, automatically to follow smooth and steady and mobile orgnaization, the intelligence that forms market opportunity, report, gas to be equal to an organic whole turns automatic tailor unit (like automatic patch pocket, placket, open) of the bag, front of a garment that order pants.

Automation, intelligence changes the grand opera that tailor equipment is tailor machinery industry, advance tailor automation to be changed with intelligence, one machine is economic and multi-purpose, artificial with the key that improving manufacturing efficiency is powerful nation strategy. With respect to domain of whole dress production, still a lot of product is worth the enterprise inside course of study to disentomb with plan with development, the row if kinds of each are big tailor is versed in with sheet, the research of engine of automatic tailor unit follows multitask order development application, type of intelligent U module is automatic the development of tailor system, the research of mode of mass custom-built production, the intelligent tailor condole that is a key with radio frequency technology hangs manufacturing system development to follow application, the construction of system of construction of system of treatment of mass custom-built production follows perfect, the application of technology of dress pattern plate, color of dress ink jet prints a technology, dress is not had seam sew new technology, etc.

Dress CAT/CAD/CAM piece crash garment system, automatic tailor is special machine, unit condole of intelligence of automatic system, RFID is hanged system, flexible entire hot center, condole is hanged carry type cube the technological process that the advanced informatization such as storage follows automation equipment to photograph comparing matures, can try completely on ELP platform compositive.

The 2nd pace, tailor machinery industry follows energy model in physical model, information model 3 dimension are spent on, of the transverse and compositive, information of the equipment that finish fore-and-aft and compositive reach product lifecycle to follow company value chain compositive. Raise equipment intelligence quotient, build electronic business affairs, the information of MES of factory ERP, workshop and equipment spot bus line is compositive set an example.

Information physics system (the unity that CPS) regards computational process as to follow physical course, it is compositive computation, communication follows control the intelligent system at an organic whole. Information physics system is finished through interactive interface with physical process alternant, apply Cheng of network space beyond, reliable, real time, safe, synergic means is held charge entity of a physics. The close together union that it pays attention to computational resource to follow physical resource follows harmonious, basically use wait like the robot on system of a few intelligence.

Network technology will change the production of machinery of our country tailor to follow current pattern gradually. It is, be made with respect to the product and character, network is made developing quickly, network technology reachs design, production, sale service unifinication, network production be well versed in is prepared at order organization, production, the whole lifecycle; that product development follows the company operation such as service of design, production treatment, sale 2 be, with respect to industrial whole character, the network follows constituent structure in the product structure that transforms equipment manufacturing industry, the development tendercy of fore-and-aft unifinication is in abate, the cooperative means; that those who replace is contracted cent bag 3 be, with respect to agency character, the network is making they gain more and more demand news, better product resource, more advanced management and sale knowledge as soon as possible.

The technology of content couplet net of ” of production platform of cloud of industry of similar “ garment is the way that develops in the future. The cloud is made, cloud service is gotten through cloud computation service, use knowledge, network, from production cloud, battalion motion business follows the place such as service business to obtain production resource, the production that realizes a product follows a service.

When tailor machinery production takes situation digitlization period, intelligence changes equipment of machinery of software, automation, new-style technology, new material to will be applied by increasing ground, technology of technology of production platform of such as cloud, 3D, robot work, automation applies exactly like to hydrate of new technology and shedding of a complete set of, modern solution serves, expand stimulative trade greatly, mode of digital age production will overturn traditional production means.

The 3rd pace, finish on the technology contact different hypostatic equipment with fictitious network, let a factory make a whole. Carry fictitious network, make industrial catenary makes a whole, it is an organic whole with social be in harmony, realize tailor machinery to produce the fundamental change of mode thereby, finish the digitlization on real significance, network, intelligence to change.

The natural growth that industry of machinery of our country tailor must not rely on the market again can purely will complete the development of the enterprise. To live, the enterprise must produce facilities of means, production to wait to showing some undertake transforming upgrading. Want to be below the condition with serious market, raise enterprise oneself inside vivid force follows competition ability, those who need science, the in a planned way, way that measure, exercisable carries out strong look forward to.

Product interconnected system gets everything. Overturn with the product, will become the normal state in contemporary business modes of life and relation to their environment. Can let an enterprise exclusively avoid at fast decayed, the fast break that still is an enterprise (ego overturns add ego to rebuild) ability. Finish strong look forward to, must be in mode of product, production technology, production innovates on these 3 administrative levels, firmly holds development key, namely the digitlization that we emphasize, network, intelligence is changed.

Keyword:Sewing machine, dress, research, automation, the market, tailor equipment, fabrics, state, circumstance, the current situation

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