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Choose a curtain according to the direction of the window

Published on:2014/10/30 9:17:37

Keyword:Remove dust
Introduction:Somebody is curtain analogy the face of the bedroom, say different curtain can build a ” of different “ types of facial makeup in operas. ...

Somebody is curtain analogy the face of the bedroom, say different curtain can build a ” of different “ types of facial makeup in operas. This kind of analogy is proper, because be in numerous soft outfit is familial in the member, the curtain is very important “ face ” . Had it dress up, whole household space just more show style.
For the curtain that decorates a function to taking seriously, its luxuriant and changeful appearance is face of conspicuous mark household. Wear heavy make-up as, amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds belle, always be can absorbing eyeball. Give the warm idea that warmth raised in house. And can decrease smooth, shading, in order to get used to a person different to the light the demand of intensity; Can the root of fangfeng, remove dust, heat preservation, noise elimination, adiabatic, radiation-proof, prevent ultraviolet ray to wait, improve bedroom climate to follow an environment.
Current, “ light is repaired, heavy adornment ” is tendercy of a when soft outfit decorates great progress, and the curtain is household little one share is not gotten surely in adornment, having decisive effect. People decorates action in shade of heavier and heavier window while, taller and taller also to the practical requirement of the curtain, choose a curtain that suits bridal chamber to appear more important, then “ chooses curtain ” according to window direction this one new concept becomes stylist to be recommended to owner another pick curtain skill.
1, window of the eastern side: 100 leaves shop flag, perpendicular shade
The light of window of room of the eastern side always is accompanying a morning to the sun rises and be shot, because this can be rapid ground focusing is many the light, air temperature turns by the cool apace of night for higher temperature, heat energy also can diffuse quickly to come through window metal rim. Because window of this the eastern side can choose to have soft the 100 leaves sign that follows qualitative move follows perpendicular sign, they have gauze exactly like simple sense, the tonal tone that can adopt quietly elegant follows dazzling light.
2, south window: Day and night shade, cloth art shade
The window south has sufficient light all the year round, so, day and night shade is a right choice. By day when, develop the sign above, not merely can pervious to light, intense exposure change is become soft following light, still can view and admire the scenery to the outside; Pull the curtain below, strong shading sex follows strong secret what the gender lets master days also can enjoy inky night is halcyon, satisfy round-the-clock radial environment.
3, in the west window: 100 leaves shop flag, organ shade, 100 plait shade, wood sign, cloth art shade
Sun with a western exposure makes room temperature heighten, especially fervent summer, the window often should be shut, or with curtain keep out, because this answers to be chosen as far as possible,can diffuse illuminant with cut off ultraviolet curtain, give indoor furniture a few protection. The cloth that 100 leaves shop flag, organ shade, 100 plait shade, wood sign follows a course to handle art shade is in the west the choice with right window.
4, northern part window: 100 leaves shop flag, organ shade, roll shade, cloth art shade
The light marchs from the window of northern part in the home, very even and bright, it is one of natural light source that provide emotional appeal most. To make this kind of emotional appeal can be withheld amply, 100 leaves shop flag, cloth pledges perpendicular shade follows a bit thinner pervious to light organ shade, roll shade, and pervious to light the cloth with good effect art curtain, it is the choice that has compared, build the household atmosphere that gives romance.