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The shoe takes course of study to digitlization orders goods or become development tendercy

Published on:2014/10/29 15:17:55

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Introduction:Job is taken in the shoe, one year biquadratic orders goods can be the important segment that brand company sale works, order goods the quality influe...

Job is taken in the shoe, one year biquadratic orders goods can be the important segment that brand company sale works, order goods the quality influence of the meeting makes season, even all the year round sale. An industry public figure tells a reporter, on the tradition, take bound goods to be able to be in hotel, enterprise to manage field to hold more, the agency that joins meeting object to be each brand dress, join in inn of inn of business, straight battalion, affiliation, privately owned inn. The enterprise is met through ordering goods site model is revealed, guide buy explanation guiding travelling merchant to order goods, measure according to ordering goods finally, make, plan of the production that plans annual, sale.
But, as the change of external environment, in recent years the shoe takes what brand company finds traditionally more to order goods means cost tall, efficiency is low, order goods unreasonable (include category to follow amount) , and go against the agency below the line with new development to follow the agency on the line, and in small sell the home. How to solve the data that orders goods exist in the meeting to collect not seasonable, accuracy rate cost of not tall, conference is advanced problem, become a shoe to take the difficult problem that brand enterprise faces.
Digitlization orders goods the means that types with data commonly undertakes ordering goods meeting administrative. Data types field service directly implement, ensure the real time palm that all ordering goods that information is in an enterprise accuses in. Agency can be printed at any time and affirm order, brand business is ordering goods the real time in the meeting is adjusted order goods the meeting is politic. The operation is simple, fast and accurate, great optimized order goods conference technological process, reduce order goods meeting cost, promote effectively thereby order goods meeting efficiency.
“ brand business need not spend too much time to undertake explaining to be being tasted newly, because order goods there is the detailed description of commodity on the system, be clear at a glance. ” applied intelligence to order goods the agency of meeting system says, of this kind of digitlization order goods system, order goods what need two days originally time shortens to a day, big political integrity restricted time. “ and need not carry a calculator to calculate the amount of order, as a result of the data that the system can show loving care for us, the forms for reporting statistics that spends through all sorts of dimension is shown come out. ”