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Quality inspection of exterior of foreign trade textile

Published on:2014/10/29 15:17:19

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Introduction:Textile exterior quality inspection experiences control to answer this from identifier member, examine equipment, examine law of proved recipe of envi...

Textile exterior quality inspection experiences control to answer this from identifier member, examine equipment, examine law of proved recipe of environment, check follows examine all angle such as the object undertake. And the spokesman that acquiring a plant as the trading company, catch rectify and odd a common step that must be familiar with textile to examine above all normally.

1 examine content

Textile exterior quality inspection begins from the accuracy of color. Its examine flow is as follows: Examine the accuracy of color; Examine weaving defect, raw material defect, pre-treatment defect, coloring defect follows trim defect, according to the standard the requirement decides whether plumb-line puts demote of code, cut through or combined piece. Examine when color accuracy should appear when bigger dispute, the measurement that can survey system of lubricious match colors according to the electron settles dispute as a result.

Defect of 1.1 raw material

Of raw material work inhomogenous, have remarkable big abdomen gauze, fat thin silk, contact black silk ribbon of undesirable, ammonia wraps silk of fiber of knot of overmuch, gauze, opposite sex, network but Fu silk quality closes, blending gauze mixes inhomogenous etc, cause fabric demote possibly. The defect on all sorts of raw material that affect textile exterior quality attributes raw material flaw. Of the member that can pass identifier repair achieve raise the target that wait, the member that must let identifier undertakes be repairinged necessarily. Because raw material quality is bad and the quality of textile finished product that cause substantially demote phenomenon happens from time to tome, advocate if as a result of be equal to there is a finished product exterior when appearance follows crock appearance to affirm for certain quality inspection is put in significant position, at the same time some color do not facilitate the quality problem that discovers raw material angle. In repairing experience, repair a method must reliable, do not allow to damage in repairing experience fabric surface, produce the new defect that cannot repair, then quality of exterior of severe impact textile. Sometimes defect of some kind of exterior is in before was not being discovered, personnel of complete check-up check overlooks this kind of flaw very easily. When the client finds this kind of fault on boat appearance and making known his position to repair an opinion, very possible all products of this one order had come true to examine with the working procedure that pack, place of new do poorly done work over again brings examine the disorder of the spot cans be imagined, go up enthusiasticly to all identifier job job brought blow is far give them the blow that causes on physical strength than do poorly done work over again get greatly much. Catch rectify and odd member need come out boldly right now, the mind that makes staff of check of very complete check-up patiently works, the qualitative ground that maintain a volume is protected to realize repair work below the premise that assures product date of delivery. In do poorly done work over again while as far as possible protective bag case is not damaged bad.

1.2 weaving defect

No matter be equipment of which kinds of weaving, can produce weaving defect. The account that produces weaving defect is much angle, the constituent structure of the technical standard that the temperature of angle of equipment itself, raw material, environment follows home of humidity, operation, fabric is met etc cause weaving defect. It is with machine fabric exemple, break menopause abb, shrink Yu shrinks abb, jockey wrong abb of archives of mark, abb, connect, wrong classics, set an end or weft amlposition, filling density crosses close or too rare, cloth axis of Bian Song lax, sari becomes loose, on plane door too narrow, , attribute weaving point of view often can see flaw. Afore-mentioned all sorts of weaving defect can be repaired a little, some cannot be repaired. The weaving defect that cannot repair to those can adopt plumb-line to let the method such as combined piece of code, cut through promote item category. Greater to austere length flaw must cut through processing.

1.3 pre-treatment defect

Differ sample is planted, the characteristic of pre-treatment defect is endless also exactly like. Blanch fabric to complete cotton or cleanse cotton for, whiteness is eligible appear very important. To fabric of polyester fibber hard twist, the intensity problem that the alkaline treatment that reduce an amount will come to is very serious problem. And fabric follows the cotton wearing hair that enzymatic polish of the cleanse cotton product of beautiful to undertaking rotting treatment, biology handles for fabric of Lai contest Er, puissant damage issue still is serious problem. Sometimes the defect of pre-treatment working procedure cannot discover when this working procedure is machined, if the row says polyester fibber decreases surface of the fabric after water ungodliness coloring going out after quantity fabric reduces an amount to be able to produce Huang Ban. Cotton fabric retreats oar ungodliness to be met the fabric surface after coloring arises " oar head is slash " , ungodliness of the practice that boil can be in carapace of cottonseed of fabric surface remain is waited a moment. For the inspection man to lacking experience may these defect ground of a head regards as entirely coloring defect. But, on the contrary, no matter be pre-treatment defect or coloring defect, examine personnel discovers these defect to should make proper processing, this to product exterior quality inspection just be the most important.

1.4 coloring defect

Examine to textile for, discover coloring defect is relatively simple. Coloring defect is in fabric apparently have have do not wait for a characteristic with irregular appearance at the color of the impression. Lubricious dot, splash, lubricious mark is the coloring flaw that often can see most. Discover these flaw and make tag significantly, according to examine the standard undertakes proper processing, it is to examine the main demand of coloring defect. Create a crock of fabric or broken end very likely in coloring experience because of all sorts of reasons, special it is to block crock of meeting up to cause huge to damage to textile, such as arises in fabric surface " gallinaceous claw imprints " or be by Xiao Shan person " gloomy Buddhist templeput on the brakes corrupt " defect. This kind of flaw is very troublesome return sth for repairs. Because raw material is special,have some of copy wool variety sometimes, drop in temperature in coloring level has been joined because of cold water also can be in quickly fabric surface generation is similar to in great quantities " gallinaceous claw imprints " defect. If fabric passes,product of hair of this kind of copy is in when dehydration much or dehydration time is too long, also can produce afore-mentioned defect in fabric surface. About fabric surface " fine flower " kind the special attention that defect needs to cause inspection man. Discover this kind of defect should follow in time catch rectify and odd a report, by with sheet member decide the check proved recipe to this kind of defective goods according to the austere degree of defect type.

1.5 trim defect

Because of the diversity that arrange, arrange defect to also present a diversity. For the textile that machines to undertaking the exterior is arranged, grind wool to arrange, pull wool to arrange, biology enzymatic polish is arranged is the treatment way that photograph comparing often can see. Downy length, density follows uniformity is to examine 3 kinds of afore-mentioned main index that arrange quality. And arrange to the colophony of complete cotton fabric, the puissant damage issue of fabric also nots allow to ignore. Arrange to the function of fabric, cannot examine through the exterior obtain those who make a person favorite follow conviction to examine result. And for the softening finish that should undertake machining to most fabric, outer view examines angle has need caused special attention at 2 o'clock. The first namely whether " candied floss " or " break off crack " , the 2nd it is fabric surface has without " silicone oil spot " . Fabric handle is improved when textile softening finish mostly through softening agent of dip make friends. Softening agent passes in the content on fabric much, can reduce the coefficient of friction between fabric warp or weft significantly. Below outside force action, warp can compare remarkable displacement along weft happening, arise in fabric surface " candied floss " or " break off crack " phenomenon. Instantly is applied more is softening agent of organic silicon series, this kind of softening agent is emulsion more, pass when the temperature that machines an environment tall or softening agent latex is deposited in working site when time is too long, softening agent can appear broken breast phenomenon. If softening agent appears to broken breast fails to be discovered in time in the future and be applied ceaselessly, go up in all sorts of platen of machine of dryer, figuration or make friends car with respect to adhere of can more ground. The textile of the light color that this meeting machines to sequel creates austere sticky roller appearance. Sticky roller of light color fabric can be in in the future fabric surface generation is many " soft mark " . "Soft mark " can return sth for repairs, but when return sth for repairs if the method is undeserved, can bigger to fabric surface generation " affect " .

2 examine field

Examine enough cent is a foundation instinct area of the product that need check, examine area, defective goods piles up product of do poorly done work over again of area, return sth for repairs piles up area, quality goods piles up area packs area with the product. Some factories product packs area to be able to set field additionally, but product of most factory interior examines the product is set to pack area inside field. Examine field is the product examines the main body of the workshop, the light is soft with, sunshine is not point-blank, continuously good and ventilated, field is relatively airtight, safe passageway is relatively capacious, it is right examine the main demand of field. In the meantime, examine the product that the workshop sets two gates to facilitate the carriage of the product follows to become case finally loads container. The 2.1 area that need check

The area that need check basically is used pile up the product that has not examined. The area that need check can be installed examining space is interior the distance examines workshop gate is not far, at the same time the distance examines region is not quite remote also locally. Of the product that need check pile up must cannot contact the ground directly. The unit that use large and plastic bowl or has wooden wearing with the mat with portable car of hydraulic pressure pulley lades acquire full treatment finished product, can decrease greatly examine experience pair of tissue that cause stick corrupt. 2.2 examine area

Examine area is examining commonly the central place of the workshop, basically make a stage follow lighting system by inspection man two parts composition. Fabric of repair of do poorly done work over again uses retreat a bracket to follow examine used auxiliary tool is not gotten surely little. The width of workbench should be controlled this in 160cm, too wide or too narrow metropolis influence product examines efficiency. The height of workbench arrives in 80cm between 90cm, height is exorbitant, inspector cannot be repaired be located in the defect with mid product.

Height is too low, because examine,inspector is met in operation pose is undeserved and cause excessive exhaustion. The small scissors that magnifier, forceps, awl, clip uses follows the auxiliary tool such as an used clipper must by examine the group leader is responsible and custodial, kit is put after the job rings down the curtain inside. Lighting installation must go down what inspection man makes a stand situation is outspread. The height of lighting installation must moderate, effect of exorbitant influence illume, examine workbench mesa brightness is insufficient. Too low often may collide head of the person that examine, cause safe accident likely. The switch of lighting system can be installed alone, if the switch of lighting system is with respect to the setting on the side of the lighting system of check-out console upside, cause safe accident likely also. 2.3 defective goods pile up area

Defective goods piles up area can be installed examining in the corner of workshop interior. Achieve when the gross of defective goods a certain quantity of when, can be in charge of connection of assign person specially assigned for a task to make those who buy defective goods technically come round to see money by the trading company. With 2% plan, the defective goods of the 200m of order be patient of of 10000m. The order amount of each month should be in a medium-sized trading company this left and right sides of 150 thousand M, so the defective goods amount that each month produces is controlled in 3000m. Sale price of substandard products of product of the foreign trade below general situation is in 5 yuan / M left and right sides, so to the trading company, defective goods of each month 3000m can produce the income outside 15000 yuan business. The textile that these income can pay each month basically generation examines charge follows make a charge.

Product of do poorly done work over again of 2.4 return sth for repairs piles up area

To textile, the meaning of return sth for repairs or do poorly done work over again somewhat different. Return sth for repairs is to pass due technological process to ask to go up to the inadequacy of existence tries to make up for or be improved to the product afresh with craft. Pass the defect that new treatment tries to make up for or improves to the likelihood that appears in catching full treatment, can adopt the method of return sth for repairs. And the method that the defect that cannot try to make up for through return sth for repairs to those or improves can adopt do poorly done work over again only undertakes machining. The method of do poorly done work over again that uses normally changes color namely. Because of the defect that textile mills produces in treatment, some are to be able to pass the kind of do poorly done work over again that catchs full treatment to improve the existence way of this kind of defect. To this kind of do poorly done work over again, the trading company should pay those who acquire a plant this to catch full treatment cost again. And the catchs whole defect do poorly done work over again that in because catch factory itself,be being machined to those, causes, the trading company pays treatment fee again without reason. Before return sth for repairs or do poorly done work over again, catch rectify and odd the type undertakes a defect that the manufacturing director that must acquire a plant please gets on to the product affirm necessarily. Of product of do poorly done work over again of return sth for repairs put can divide a pace to go. Above all, the need after inspection man discovery needs product of return sth for repairs of do poorly done work over again gets examining the group leader's affirmation, affirmation hind makes clear defect sort on textile tag, put be located in inspection man to make the return sth for repairs of do poorly done work over again on the side of the stage special cloth car. Examine of the workshop assemble and unassemble the dry goods that labour collects these to need return sth for repairs of do poorly done work over again regularly, concentration piles up at do poorly done work over again of return sth for repairs the product piles up area. Catch rectify and odd member follow director of the production that acquire a plant to talk things over regularly, arrange return sth for repairs of this kind of product or do poorly done work over again.

2.5 quality goods pile up area

Examine according to what the client makes known his position standard, the product of certificate of proof is quality goods. Examining the workshop is in-house, as drop off of measure of the product that need check, quality goods amount can increase gradually. So quality goods piles up area needs larger area. Quality goods piles up area should be apart from a product this to pack area closer, may cause the troubled condition that workshop interior examines when the product examines otherwise. Pile up as quality goods area is increased gradually, the product packs working procedure to must make state into war industry. Cause possibly also otherwise examine workshop interior is embraced overly. Quality goods piles up want to consider textile to pile up not merely in experience height must appropriate, also should consider must the safe passageway with necessary put apart.

2.6 products pack area

The product working procedure that pack is last working procedure that textile machines, to facilitate product case, the area that pack can be installed examine in the distance the place with workshop closer gate. But anything but can because be apart from a gate closer and the textile insolate that happens into box, get wet in the rain, soggy wait for a phenomenon.

Examine the drainage system outside workshop gate must OK and regular job, otherwise, once happen into box textile soggy phenomenon, sequential meeting is quite austere. Put height is folded to should not be exorbitant after quality goods case, ground floor needs to fill up have wooden wearing, the area that pack needs to stay have safe channel, facilitating finished product loads container finally. To examining the main demand of personnel can from proceed with of the following angle. 3.1 literacy rate 3 identifier member

Literacy rate is too low, bigger error may appear when reasonable solution client asks. Inspector must have rate of literacy of above of junior high school, examine to be what the client offers good service normally to acquire a plant for the workshop, the demand that inspector has rate of literacy of junior high school is not high. But work to those,the age of assiduous, willingly bear the burden of hard works slants for old rural woman, this condition appears quite tall. Through long-term production practice grooms with the system in the future, those ages slant the inspector of rural middleaged woman of on the low side of old culture rate can be competent completely the working station of textile inspector. 3.2 ages

The age slants to will come greatly, the physical strength of laborer can appear with psychosis outstanding decline phenomenon. After all which age paragraph laborer suits textile inspector more, do not have specific provision. Be in different area, laborer age structure has bigger difference. Below general situation, 45 years old of the following laborer can be competent textile examines job work station. This post is higher to the eyesight requirement of inspector. No matter be myopic lens or presbyopic glasses, the lens that wear a look makes inspector amount not much. 3.3 sexual distinction

Normally the female makes inspector have more and more advantages than the male. The female's staying power is remarkable excel male, and textile inspection man is made need good staying power. In the meantime, examining often need to undertake repairing to textile in experience, the female also has very distinct advantage than the male. Be based on above at 2 o'clock reason, the female suits to do textile inspector more. 3.4 height

Height is too low cannot have wide cut product of intermediate place defect repair. Height is in the has certain culture base healthy woman of 150cm above can be competent this a job. Height is exorbitant, the likelihood is examining the head of the inspection man in experience is met often the lighting system of upper part of knock against check-out console, cause safe accident. 3.5 groom

To examining for personnel, of the system grooming is very necessary. Groomed form can be varied, center a face to award, operate actually, groom the worker is checked each other, oral, the form such as written examination is efficient assessment way. To literacy rate on the high side, savvy is stronger, start work the member that operation ability follows the identifier with practice richer experience, can appoint them to do examine group leader. And to those literacy rate on the low side, start work capability is stronger, can operate assessment through practice, groom through the system can be competent the staff that inspection man makes, can extend inspector holds a post qualificatory certificate, allow its mount guard.

Type of 4 check proved recipe

Examining by hand is the main way that Chinese instantly textile examines. Twosome, undertake examining to textile after front of certain dry goods, carry out a proof, efficiency of production of type of proved recipe of this kind of check is taller, and can satisfy the client requirement to the product completely.

5 examine equipment

Make a stage follow except inspection man examine outside auxiliary tool, examine workshop interior must have full automatic the product examines equipment. This kind of equipment basically uses those who undertake client or check taste a company to reinspect. Foreign client values this kind to examine very much normally equipment, method of traditional to China check proved recipe objects. Actually, the law of artificial check proved recipe of Chinese tradition has taller manufacturing efficiency to examine with very low product leakage test rate. Examine in automatic product textile examines on equipment, photograph comparing suits a large amount of of groovy product examine, do not suit new-style fabrics examine. If examine rate is too rapid, in the leakage that textile examines on autoverify equipment test rate will rise significantly. Autoverify equipment also is compared agree with essence of life spins woolen cloth product examine. Choose type of what kind of product check proved recipe to follow after all examine equipment, want to see the kind of the product not merely, see this factory follow the actual state of our region even. Always agree with the type of check proved recipe that the company grows follows examine equipment, want to be able to satisfy client requirement only, it is effective.

6 examine standard

Will tell to particular product, the exterior examines the concerned content of condition of the technology in attributing product level. Because of spin product differ in thousands ways, new product continues emerge in large numbers, because this product standard is industry standard mostly. To having some kind of textile of local characteristic, its product standard appears with the form of local standard, good luck is not much. And relatively mature to those textile, be in the majority with occupation standard. And in the national level in textile angle, the product standard measure of textile is not much. Accordingly, examine in the product in experience, once have occupation standard or relevant local standard, state level, as the enterprise for, must adopt more advanced and additional product standard. When the quality index that makes standards of a series of prep above place, occupation standard or national standard to enhance product quality when the enterprise, industry standard can make the standard with top level. Say accordingly, no matter adopt what standard, standard level is not important, important is the standard that the enterprise adopts, the quality index in the center is higher and lawful ability is the most important.

6.1 states level

National level is the level with quality index top level of home, every other period of time, can new standard replaces old standard. The quality technology that the country follows a place supervisory bureau has with each guild the expert is in charge of and footprint abroad is special the development that is the product standard that the developed country follows an area follows change. Supervisory bureau of national quality technology, guild follows the expert inside course of study of category of special consideration spin all sorts of detecting method standard. And the national level in this kind of standard is equal mostly adopted relevant international standard. National level of China uses great Chinese Phonetic Alphabet " GB " will make known one's position " GB " , GB is the abbreviation of national level. The product standard that the country issues is had mandatory. Occasionally the country still can be published a few recommend a level, in order to facilitate the development of enterprise and forward position of international of course of study of track one's line develops tendency. This kind of standard uses great Chinese Phonetic Alphabet " GB/T " will make known one's position. Once adopt the commendation of national level,when the enterprise mark brigadier comes, will tell to the enterprise recommend a standard to upgrade automatically for compulsive standard.

6.2 occupation standard

To textile industry, the ministry that original textile industry ministry promulgates promulgates the standard is occupation standard. Since textile industry ministry since change always is met into national textile industry, the occupation standard of spin industry is published with the form of national level mostly. Be in new published spin kind in national level, technics follows the standard more of measurement technique, product standard is less and less. This also was introducing spin kind the diversity of the product is more and more remarkable.

6.3 places standard

The spin product measure that appears with place name is very much, but the local standard of spin product is very little however,appear. For example the spin product that the blue allover of Nantong special local product has bright place distinguishing feature one kind namely. But this product does not have local standard however, and alone industry standard. When the daily life that can be affected greatly when the product of an industry or changes people, the personage inside course of study just can show loving care for the product standard of this kind of product. Be like the operating system standard of the computer, the G3 standard of the 3rd acting mobile phone is waited a moment. Serve as an industry get the person that run, influence establishs Gao Shuiping's occupation standard, promote the admittance of course of study of one's own profession the condition with this, throw rival at the back aloof.

6.4 industries standard

The end end of standard standard is in in formally industry standard, but company product standard has important place in standard of Chinese active product however. The main force that makes trade of Chinese printing and dyeing gradually as the civilian battalion enterprise that is main production form with supplied materials treatment will come, the industry standard amount that place of company of printing and dyeing makes decreases quickly. In experience of supplied materials treatment, client standard is only standard. Specialization the result of division of labor makes of civilian battalion medium or small business of printing and dyeing follows all obligation that development new product cannot assume on management on the technology. Below this kind of state, those who want to continue to promote product of industry of one's own profession the standard establishing a standard is to be not gotten almost can. 6.5 " make 4 minutes " standard

So called make a standard 4 minutes, the earliest make known his position to come by American. Because the United States is in textile international trade one very important buy the home, carry out plus this standard rise simple and effective, because this is in textile international trade,this standard is accepted very quickly by everybody. On the whole for, the basic meaning that makes a standard 4 minutes is: Allow to buckle 28 minutes only inside every 100yd2. The defect place with petty any causes buckle cent to won't be less than 4 minutes, so the petty and slight defect amount inside 100yd2 cannot be more than 7. When a certain defect buckle cent to be more than 4 cent general to come, the defect amount that allows inside 100yd2 must drop. To the door for the textile that is 150cm, the textile of 100yd2 55.74m of its length alone. The be patient of inside the spin that growing to 56m 7 small defect, 8m of average every other can have a small flaw, ground of be practical and realistic is told, the demand does not consider such quality inspection too high. In light of the actual state that examines from product of old foreign trade, in exterior quality inspection, the defect that over printing and dyeing mill produces the defect that textile mills produces. Error of the color in the defect that arises in the printing and dyeing mill is bigger seize a body. 6.6 clients standard

Client standard machines the in catching full treatment to experience about textile primary quality in the agreement to ask namely to enterprise of printing and dyeing. And to product of foreign trade treatment, through discovery of final goods inspection weaving follows what in catching full treatment to experience, stay in fabric surface all sorts of defect, it is the main goal of textile exterior quality inspection. So, when signing treatment agreement with textile mills with the printing and dyeing mill, should this be practical and realistic, must not make known his position exorbitant quality requirement. When the exorbitant quality that makes known his position when the trading company asks, no matter be textile mills or printing and dyeing mill,won't machine in this easily sign on the agreement.

The choice of 6.7 standards follows carry out

Treatment agreement is signed to will come with foreign client in the trading company, the trading company can turn to textile mills of domestic look for to follow a printing and dyeing mill, machine the partner of order for goods as implementation. The trading company is in when signing treatment agreement with enterprise of printing and dyeing, can consult 4 minutes to make a standard, the requirement can be put in two to catch whole defect pettily below only in every 8m. Other two tiny flaw leave textile mills. Examining when textile exterior quality, the choice makes a standard 4 minutes regard as examine the standard is carried out in real work, have better maneuverability.

Keyword:Textile, fabric, printing and dyeing, weaving, textile mills, state, textile industry, complete cotton, polyester fibber, fabrics

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