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Fabric black-and-white pressworks a few kinds means

Published on:2014/10/29 13:19:07

Keyword:Printing, fabric, fiber, printing and dyeing, knitting, silk, dress, man-made fibre, dress, inwrought
Introduction:Screen printing uses range as a kind very wide presswork, basis bear imprint of material different can divide for: Fabric pressworks, plastic presswor...

Screen printing uses range as a kind very wide presswork, basis bear imprint of material different can divide for: Fabric pressworks, plastic presswork, the metal pressworks, pottery and porcelain pressworks, glass pressworks, electronic product pressworks, lottery silk imprints, report acts the role of advertisement board silk to imprint, metallic advertisement board silk imprints, silk of stainless steel goods imprints, reflection body silk imprints, silk screen turns imprint report melts aluminium, filar forme picture and lacquer silk imprint etc.

1. Coating is direct printing coating is direct printing is good modulation printing look the oar imprints on fabric directly, this is the uses the simplest and generally technology in printing technology. Coating is direct printing technology is to point to commonly in the printing on white or light color fabric, it spells kind of convenient, craft simple, carbonado via earthing up after printing processing can, applicable all sorts of fibrous yarn fabric. The adhesive that direct printing technology often adopts according to instantly can divide coating the carat that it is A bright F adhesive. Acrylic ester kind latex of adhesive, fourth benzene follows carapace qualitative adhesive technology of 3 kinds of direct printing.

2. The main method of printing of silk printing silk has direct printing law, discharge printing law, resist printing way. There already was a specification before direct printing law, beautiful law of discharge printing law and move printing law, ooze print through will concern at the back explain alone in bar, here basically shows resist printing way.

3. Printing of underwear of knitting of knitting underwear printing basically applies coating direct printing technology, the classics after fabric printing times carbonado or natural and dry can, avoided knitted fabric wet process to allow changeful form to follow farming piece the problem such as wet process difficulty. Printing method is given priority to with making the same score mesh to imprint, divide again imprint to be blown by hand operate two kinds of way with the machine. Method of this kind of printing can get used to all sorts of form figuration type to follow the pattern pattern that organizes a structure, suit the production of small lot much design and color to need.

4. Printing of discharge printing discharge also says vulture imprints, show with discharge the agent imprints on coloured fabric, already colored part pigment is destroyed, obtain the printing law of all sorts of decorative pattern, design consequently. Discharge agent is to be able to make coloring bottom achromatic a kind of chemical. Be like: Condole is white definitely, chloridize inferior stannum. This kind of method can divide decorative pattern to be white (unplug white) it is coloured with decorative pattern (unplug imprint) two kinds. Hind one kind catchs a law to make fabric figure fine, but technology is sophisticated, cost is higher.

5. Silk imprints sodden beautiful sodden beautiful department uses two kinds to have different the fiber blending fabric of acid-proof sex, after through acidity printing of sodden beautiful oar follows chemical treatment to handle, not will acid-proof natural fiber part rots, show acid-proof chemical fiber share, form have glittering and translucent and transparent pattern, its are special the style makes rot beautiful product has high-grade and flowery feeling. Sodden beautiful product not merely the exterior is colorful, immanent quality is good, have wear-resisting, puissant tall, good wash, wash-and-wear, exempt hot property, get the welcome of domestic and international market. The research of sodden beautiful technology follows application in recent years be current at course of study of spin printing and dyeing.

6. Aba printing instantly, printing aba is given priority to with fabric of Bao Xingping grain or muslin, the shirt that majority uses the woman that make, formal attire, by towel with skirt. Aba printing is divided outside accepting direct revenue stamp, still have unplug imprint, prevent imprint wait with move printing. Printing of wool blending fabric also has certain proportion, instantly, the anaglyph of aba is arranged quite popular also, basically use at slub wool unlined upper garment.

7. Printing of panne printing diamond uses an imprinted characteristic to undertake printing on panne, can obtain a kind of special flashy effect, the ray with natural general diamond can be given out below solar illuminate.

8. The breed of printing of special type of epispastic printed fabric is various, epispastic printing is a kind in the center. The characteristic of epispastic printing is: Stereo sense is strong, approximate at artificial embroidery, feel softness, wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure bath, prison had spent, be full of flexibility, can answer extensively use spend at isogon of souvenir of tablecloth, curtain, tea cloth, handkerchief, pillow towel, dress, travel. It can wait for the application on natural fiber fabric in cotton, hemp, silk not merely, and return can apply on man-made fibre fabric.

9. Flocking printing is electrostatic flocking is instantly spin industry is in arisen new technology. It is to use high-pressured static electric field to be above grey a kind of product of cultivated short staple. Flocking product craft is simple, stereo feeling strong, cost is low, apply extensively on product of balata, plastic, leatheroid, adornment so, special it is the travel product to small lot more show its clinking advantage. Flocking design adornment is adopted on shoe cap, childen's garments, brand, dress, can make its scene shows originality.

10. The sublimate that transferring printing to transfer printing is support dye has the technology of a kind of printing that diffuses to achieve chromatic effect with the action that follows force in person to fiber with dye steam. Transferring printing is anhydrous treatment in relatively the production methods of a kind of printing and dyeing that has real sense. Besides need not outside water, still having a main characteristic is paper is out of shape small, can print careful mutiple level pattern and photography picture so. Transfer pattern picture bona fide to cloth. Its effect is compared sometimes prevent commonly, discharge printing is better.

Besides above outside 10 kinds of printing way that often can see, still have kind of printing of a few special type, be like: Report changes aluminium to transfer printing, light sends glow printing, fluorescent printing, printing of gold, silver-colored pink, coating bubble printing, become angry printing, fragrance printing, diamond printing and bead light printing are waited a moment, printing means.

Keyword:Printing, fabric, fiber, printing and dyeing, knitting, silk, dress, man-made fibre, dress, inwrought

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