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Yarn of 2014 autumn winters exhibits 4 big hotspots to wait for you to come

Published on:2014/10/29 13:19:05

Keyword:Yarn, bombazine, the market, cotton, spin industry, fiber, spinning, fabrics, dress, the price
Introduction:In regarding spinning as the industry exhibit importantly meeting, yarn of spin of our country international (Qiu Dong) exhibition all previous drills...

In regarding spinning as the industry exhibit importantly meeting, yarn of spin of our country international (Qiu Dong) exhibition all previous drills via the 12 harships calendar that carry, continue to innovate with perfect, already became a of spin industry chain important vane now.

Yarn of spin of international of 2014 our country (Qiu Dong) exhibition (next weighing that Qiu Dong yarn is exhibited) will on October 20 ~22 day is held as scheduled in Shanghai, face at present daedal situation, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to product of what forward position will bring? Is autumn winter yarn exhibited will show piece how scene? In Qiu Dong yarn is exhibited before pulling open big screen, reporter from sponsor square understanding to arrive, yarn of winter of autumn of the current year exhibits the hotspot that will present a four point of view.

Hotspot one: 3 exhibit resource of catenary of entire industry of linkage get through

Yarn of spin of our country international (Qiu Dong) exhibition is sponsorred by federation of our country textile industry, branch of industry of spin of stimulative committee of our country international trade is exhibited with Frankfurt (Hong Kong) hemp of association of industry of chemical fiber of guild of spin of wool of guild of spin of cotton of limited company, our country, our country, our country, our country spins center of information of spin of guild, our country powerful powerful combination undertakes jointly. 13 countries are exhibited with ginseng of 138 of the area preeminent companies (abroad 92 enterprises, ) of 46 companies of domestic, exhibit an area to amount to 5000 square metre.

Be worth what carry is, this second exhibit can return at the same time will hand in hand fabrics of spin of our country international reached complementary makings 2014 (Qiu Dong) exposition, PH Value the first collect be in Shanghai together new international reads extensively the center is held. 3 exhibit linkage, not merely get through from yarn, fabrics, hand-me-down, the natural resources of system of entire industry catenary of operation of dress dress brand, the newest trend that also showed development of Chinese spin estate to the world at the same time. Yarn is exhibited as fountainhead, give the newest, most complete resource for dress, fabrics.

Hotspot 2: Pattern of competition of industry of domestic and international yarn is changed

3 years ago, our country executive cotton closes temporarily store policy, the low-cost bombazine that the southeast Asia country that the high price of domestic and international cotton that causes from this officials post so that head with Pakistan with India produces is rapid race to control the market of our country, our country bombazine produces an enterprise to be pounded gravely. However, came to company of production of our country bombazine 3 years produce the change of world-shaking, the bombazine industry of course of the high end in going rises quickly, gradually recover lost territory. But the abroad bombazine such as India, Pakistan is big the country is unwilling also give the impression of weakness, they promote the technology of yarn content at the same time, form a delegation at the same time ginseng exhibit come to patulous our country the market.

In the Qiu Dong of the current year yarn is exhibited on, the country such as India, Pakistan forms a delegation ceaselessly ginseng exhibit. Exhibit can sponsor one of units, frankfurt exhibits (Hong Kong) Wen Ting of senior general manager shows limited company: "Our instantly has received Indian ginseng to exhibit exhibit a group as early as possible obligate is exhibited requirement, good let them show newest bombazine product. With this at the same time, in view of toward extend the arrogant person gain of the meeting, pakistan exhibits the enthusiasm with business rising continuance. Pakistan exhibits the enthusiasm with business rising continuance..

And cotton received the current year temporarily in April store policy cancels, execute purpose price to fill continuously new policy, this new policy has active sense to yarn enterprise undoubtedly.

Hotspot 3: The difference changes a function to change tide continuance

One exhibits meeting attention to spend have many tall, decision at the product whether be market need, the forward position that whether representing industry progress develops tendency. And yarn is exhibited lasting in these angle all along clear advantage.

Some closer year come, yarn market competition of home turns white-hot increasingly, how does yarn production company break through tight encirclement, proportion of market of race to control becomes the issue of consider of every yarn enterprise. Comb these carefully year come the product that yarn exhibits place to exhibit, the difference is changed, the function turns a product occupational the majority.

This one trend will continue to yarn of this autumn winter to exhibit ceaselessly on. Exhibit in yarn of winter of autumn of the current year on, academy of science of spin of Nantong double great, our country, without stannum 4 cotton spinning knit limited company of science and technology of fiber of grand of couplet of limited company, Zhejiang, Fujian 100 grand get together the enterprise such as industrial limited company of fine science and technology is assembled in ceaselessly exhibit meeting, they will carry newest difference to change, the function is changed wait for a product to appear exhibit meeting. Limited company of spin of Nantong double great is the delegate in the center. Come to Nantong for years Shuang Hong adopts new-style difference chemical fibber dimension and what a variety of raw material combine new-style spinning technology to develop is pure spin, blending yarn product, make the enterprise is in sophisticated topological features, still last steadily growth posture. Ji Yijun of general manager of Nantong double great explains to the reporter, in current Qiu Dong yarn is exhibited go up to still be emphasized show trend of new product, new technology, new technology, new development, exhibits product has get together completely spin fishing line of series yarn, instrument (cotton exceeding copy) yarn of series yarn, Zhu Daier series and yarn of functional sex series.

Hotspot 4: Professional the characteristic is apparent

Yarn of spin of our country international (Qiu Dong) exposition had gone 12 carry, its are stronger and stronger professional had become meet to exhibit an apparent characteristic.

Highlight besides the product exhibit of the meeting professional outside, exhibit what hold during the meeting a series of technical communication activities will be yarn of this Qiu Dong to exhibit add rich professional color. In exhibit on the meeting, sponsor the situation that just is aimed at an industry with professional association to follow development demand, will invite the expert inside course of study of incoming proper motion, ginseng to exhibit an enterprise to undertake a series of special subject makes a speech, follow with the audience ginseng exhibit business to be discussed jointly at present yarn product follows direction of technical research and development.

Keyword:Yarn, bombazine, the market, cotton, spin industry, fiber, spinning, fabrics, dress, the price

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