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Cloth with soft nap kind the sort of fabric and applicable printing technology

Published on:2014/10/29 13:19:03

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Introduction:One, cloth with soft nap kind the sort of fabric and applicable printing technology cloth with soft nap kind fabric points to flannelette, panne, cord...

One, cloth with soft nap kind the sort of fabric and applicable printing technology

Cloth with soft nap kind fabric points to flannelette, panne, corduroy commonly this 3 kinds big.

1. Flannelette

Flannelette production already had long history in China. Adopt the grey such as tabby, twill, serge commonly, in steel wire opposite exercise is done with cottony roller on cottony machine, make fabric surface produces fleeciness nap, obtain soft, warm feeling thereby; Couple drifts, catch, imprint, whole wait for treatment craft, make downy product has beautiful outward appearance more. Flannelette often uses dress of underwear of Yu Dong season, after classics printing is handled, in age two season also can use as outer clothing of woman, children. Printing flannelette is the main component that flannelette produces.

The style feature of printing flannelette is downy even, decorative pattern clear-cut, cloth with soft nap rich and gaudy of bright and clean, deepness, light color is colourful bright, whiteness is white. On technology design, want to assure the style feature of flannelette already, want to satisfy the requirement that spends to lubricious prison again. Printed flannel craft basically follows technology of printing of general cotton cloth exactly like, the craft with commonly used instantly is painting technology, pull yuan, active craft, also adopt ice sometimes, besmear craft. In printed flannel, prevent imprint craft, prevent discharge craft to also be adopted somewhat.

Painting technology: Use follow copy lampwick pattern at pattern of medium, light color had better, can make sure line is downy and whiteness of bright and clean, whiteness, orderly, have craft line short, take up machine stage is little wait for an advantage, each prison is spent also can achieve a requirement. But the attrition prison of the brunet pattern with larger area is spent poorer.

Pull yuan, active craft: This technology operation is convenient, it is better that prison of all ready, attrition spends color atlas, change of colour and lustre is more, reason asks to colour fastness higher variety adopts this technology. Concentration of active to some kind dye is high and wet very hot prison spends poor question, can adopt dip make friends to originally the measure such as ED of agent of move following firm undertakes an agent FH improvement.

Not dissolve sex azo dyes craft: Because of this craft color atlas the not complete, account that handles heavy and complicated, divide bright red deep violet outside waiting for color to must use technology glacial an oar, do not adopt commonly. Special it is blue BB color radical follows rate of blue salt coincidence too slow, very sensitive to degree of grey oar mouth, drying, when printing often cause around chromatism easily, and cannot follow the dye embossing with the fast coincidence such as bright red G again, can create hair scene otherwise not complete, the result is bad. When adopting this technology, imprint in all with coating normally.

Because flannelette surface has a nap, thicker lubricious oar permeates the layer in nap not easily, reason imprints oar appropriate is decreased thin, absorb lubricious thick liquid equably at fabric with benefit, reduce phenomenon of decorative pattern faintness.

Deepness of the sculpture that spend a canister wants to be decided according to pattern, but because fabric surface has nap to follow osmotic poorer reason, because this spends canister deepness to want to compare general plain cloth a few deeper, make imprint the oar is a bit much, benefit at printing. Outfit drawknife is added on beautiful canister, can get on beautiful canister the cilium of adhere is eradicated entirely, lest arise,imprint defect.

Flannelette design and color is gigging the new development that printing is printed flannel. Design and color is gigging the characteristic of printing flannelette is local and gigging. According to the layout of printing pattern, make ground color not gigging, the flower is gigging; Or ground color is gigging, the flower is not gigging; Or partial flower is gigging, partial flower is not gigging. Design can sundry, the color that has electrostatic flocking follows stereo move.

Instantly design and color is gigging the bind agent that the technique with printing local and gigging flannelette is the certain amount that in using starch of printing coating color, has, agent that make chain, evaporate of steam of the classics after printing or earth up carbonado in fiber the surface closes into film, or be in not the measure that dissolve sex adds coating bind agent to close into film in azo dyes, the needle that makes the steel wire needle of fluffing machine boils is not easy lunge bombazine surface, cause imprint have coating quality oar place is not gigging, imprint without coating oar place can be gigging, obtain design and color thereby gigging printing flannelette.

2. Panne

Tabby panne series: Common panne is arrange with interval of classics of cloth with soft nap by bottom classics go up with weft tabby interweaves double width at the same time weaving, become via cutting fine hair. These classics can choose odd root gauze with abb, also can choose much plied yarn, braid gauze panne to follow line panne. Can choose all sorts of different fibber number, weave all sorts of different specifications. Plant through how arrange differently with combination, can produce piece a variety of different the product of series of panne of complete cotton tabby of norms. Constitute the change of norms, make the gram of fabric thickness, feel and every square metre heavy number happening changes accordingly and the influence arrives a series of craft such as rate of coloring printing chromatically and around processing, need to use device even also cannot entirely is general.

Abb weighs panne series: The panne of tabby structure, hand in node because of classics abb much, consequently fabric hardens, handle appears able solid. Change weft into two heavy abb to follow meridian to interweave with a Chan Wei, obtain abb to weigh panne namely. Choose different the classics of fibber number follows abb, weave different classics abb density and fabric width, also can develop many different the panne of abb heavy series of norms. Because abb weighs the classics abb of panne to interweave,the dot decreases, feel is softer. Easy in catching full treatment generation knits soft constituent texture imprint. So, catch full treatment to be about to adopt to what abb weighs panne a few avoid to knit imprint the relevant measure of generation. In addition, because abb increased abb in heavy panne structure, decreased relatively thereby fleece-faced on the amount of classics of cloth with soft nap, become downy and exiguous, easy show-through. Arrange after to this product when should strengthen brush the processing such as cloth with soft nap, make nap fleeciness, swing to one side, will mask show-through phenomenon with this, increase fleece-faced bright and clean degree with plump degree.

A variety of fiber interweave panne series: Flashy panne chooses the regenerated fiber such as common viscose silk to make the classics of cloth with soft nap in common panne structure, formed flashy panne. Because these regenerated fiber surfaces are pliable bright and clean, yi Duiguang is born to with directional reflex brightness brightness. Together with crystallizes in its interior small structure little, chromatically leads the area tall, the colour and lustre after classics printing and dyeing is gorgeous, become glisten flashy panne. Because regenerated fiber surface is slick, the attrition resistance between the node that its interweave with weft is very little, use at dress, wearing these nap in using experience to fall off easily, so flashy panne uses as aptly only commonly the adornment such as curtain, curtain, use very less at dress.

Snowflake panne: Common panne weighs panne to all can make snowflake panne with abb, cloth with soft nap mixes yarn via adopting cleanse cotton in the center, polyester fibber part is not acquired when coloring, so fleece-faced medium polyester fibber fiber runs add white, even soft adulteration following the ground catchs colour and lustre in place in, present a result like snowflake. Of snowflake panne catch full treatment to be able to be pressed completely common the craft of pure cotton panne undertakes.

Lie between a panne: If classics of cloth with soft nap uses pure cotton to follow regenerated fiber,well-regulated ground interval weaves, and every paragraphs choose proper width, such braiding those who go out is all sorts of different of norms lie between a panne. Because cotton follows regenerated fiber dye-uptake different, although use,follow common pure cotton panne exactly like coloring craft, but can get two kinds of completely different coloring results, become as using tailor of two kinds of different fabrics joining together.

Embed a panne: Proper in classics of cloth with soft nap of complete cotton panne be classified counts root dacron filament, can make consummate embed a panne. These polyester fibber filament can be this white, also can be colored. Because these polyester fibber silk have admirable colour fastness, acquire full production in whole panne so mutual effect won't produce in experience. In panne fleece-faced on present diversiform line.

Bounce panne series: The weft in heavy panne of common panne or abb adopts complete cotton gauze of core of bag of ammoniac black silk ribbon, with respect to attainable bounce panne. Bounce panne has good broadwise flexibility. What because ammoniac black silk ribbon is in panne of all sorts of standards elastic force,hold composition proportion very small (3% or so) , it is with Bao Xin gauze form is knitted. So, its coloring craft is the same as common panne exactly like, but when wanting to notice to blanch, should not be with chloric float; Because washing shrinkage is big, fabric width is not stable, boil before floating, need to undertake shrinking beforehand first.

Double lubricious panne: Classics of cloth with soft nap uses pure cotton with bottom classics, abb uses polyester fibber yarn, use polyester fibber fiber to follow the coloring performance with cotton completely different fiber, can machine a double lubricious panne, alone of polyester fibber fiber issues ability coloring in high temperature condition with dispersive dye, right now cotton fiber not by coloring. Cotton fiber still can undertake coloring with original coloring craft, and be without an influence to polyester fibber colour and lustre right now. Can adopt thermosol law to catch the dacron in double lubricious panne first so, catch cotton again next, can obtain fleece-faced, cloth with soft nap the back is different lubricious double lubricious effect, technology of production of this breed panne is more sophisticated, but welcome by consumer, sale prices is valued generally.

Series of functional sex panne: Be like flame retardant panne, prevent ultraviolet panne, fight bacterium oil of refus of water of deodorant panne, refus is anti-fouling panne, fragrance panne, medical panne. The production of these panne products relies on instantly the development of all sorts of corresponding auxiliary follows innovation, adopt corresponding craft to be opposite colored panne see ban4cheng2pin3 undertakes all sorts of treatment are arranged and already obtained. These special sex functions often are not permanent, and, acquire character while, often also meet the loss is a few more additional original function, for example colour and lustre pales, feel is rough, lack flexibility to wait a moment.

Panne embraces some characteristics: The surface is enclothing a nap, fabric quality of a material is consequently rich and generous, burnish is soft with grace, color rich and gaudy, feel softness, bouncy, fight it is good to knit function; Fabric surface nap forms air layer, fabric warmth retention properties is good; Outside clash follows because of downy section when applying, reason fabric owns good wear-resisting property.

Printing panne series: The common panne of all sorts of norms, abb weighs panne, bounce panne to wait to be able to adopt the printing measure with general current textile, print an all sorts of design, production gives the printing panne of all sorts of breed norms. The craft of printing must get used to the characteristic of panne with the operation, accomplish had permeated, do not show the ground. Panne printing is more accept direct revenue stamp, direct printing technology simple, operation is convenient, printing lubricious oar imprints on velvet directly, classics evaporate is changed, the decorative pattern design that originallying to make dye is originallying to go up and acquire stereo move in velvet. Because panne nap is close,can be and have certain height, the join of alternate with of design of all kinds that prints with direct printing technology so is not quite ideal. The printing velvet with quality high demand is commonly used condole imprints law printing. Printing great majority adopts panne to the cover imprints or be caught after catching light color brunet hind condole imprints, printed design clarity is distinct, effect ideal.

Printing often is to be blown by hand imprint, according to bedplate temperature, imprint oar viscosity decides to blow impression to count. General bedplate temperature is in 42 ℃ of 40 ℃ ~ , 30 ℃ control room temperature, blow ~ 4 times 6 times back and forth with drawknife of rubber of big round mouth, lubricious oar is basic but infiltration comes root of cloth with soft nap, blow Yin Rong too much easy gash. 3. Corduroy

Corduroy presses cloth with soft nap appearance has especially fine, fine, medium, thick, broadness, child mother cent, twill, tabby weighs flat organization with abb; By weaving means common, jacquard weave, double-faced, color is knitted etc; Form of downy solid form has " V " " W " " VW " .

Condition of printing production technology follows general cotton exactly like. But it has ground organization to organize two parts with cloth with soft nap: Ground organization is corduroy " negative " , follow composition of a group of weft by a group of warp, cloth with soft nap comprise by 2/3 weft. Fabric has move of sharp cloth with soft nap to follow thick, cloth with soft nap erect, increased printing and dyeing to machine difficulty so. Especially corduroy printing product, because fabric has the land (channel) with cloth with soft nap () constituent cent, easy appear wool glitter, cloth with soft nap not fruity and bright and clean, ground follows off shade of cloth with soft nap or outline of show-through, pattern is not clear, pull an oar, pull mustache, applique tube, block a net up to wait for defect of and so on, consider cloth with soft nap to seam even " take look " , perk an issue, prevent generation to show the ground. Adopt roller printing machine to undertake corduroy printing commonly, enough better land solves roller printing function above problem.

Considering the characteristic of fabric, should not be commonly adopt careful pattern, otherwise the cloth with soft nap after printing erect, pattern will have change and punch-drunk. Instantly is more adoption geometrical figure, pattern is arranged should not be too orderly, unfavorable also adopt all directions form to arrange floret, otherwise cloth with soft nap erect hold in the arms add up to place and print two corduroy the decorative pattern between, with imprint the decorative pattern that be in a center and building two or so will have different outward appearance, cause a flower.

The osmotic, beautiful canister that should consider lubricious oar in print carves deepness to wait for an element with pressure and see ban4cheng2pin3 quality, crack a base in order to achieve can chromatic target, avoid ground of the dew after arranging. Fine of a corduroy printing print the effect mediumer good, because its are downy shorter, lubricious oar is easy permeate cracks a base and show the ground not easily, change of the pattern when arranging is little also. In thick a corduroy is very little printing.

The corduroy press press after printing shows sprain to make the same score, thick hard burnish needs feel, after needing to undertake, arrange. But appropriate undertakes be spendinged gently brushing fine hair, prevent pattern to had been out of shape big.

2, cloth with soft nap kind fabric printing method and characteristic are arranged

Cloth with soft nap kind fabric printing is more general fabric printing technology asks tall, difficulty is great, textile should consider in design design overall effect, strengthening craft, operation management while, take the quality that after pre-treatment follows, arranges seriously even.

1. Platen printing

Platen printing, imprint design on fabric through carving cupreous platen. Platen printing often uses the pattern that follows a large number of printing at having the printing of design of extremely fine line. Platen printing is comfortable use the production methods at big batch printing, below most state, the cost that platen preparation adjusts with equipment is high, time-consuming long, demand of platen printing technology is high, operation difficulty is great, and technology of the sculpture that spend a canister is sophisticated, technical strong, comfortable use the business at large quantities of quantities.

2. Round net printing

Round net printing has a few important point of view different at method of printing of other net edition. The manufacturing rate of round net printing is the rapiddest, apply have aperture gauze or plastic net without what seam. The largest round network is circumferential be more than 1m, so the biggest flower answers dimension to also be more than 1m. The machine of round net printing of more than 20 chromatically already had production, method of this kind of printing is replacing platen printing slowly. The improvement that follows equipment as the occurrence of machine of round net printing follows the promotion of engineering technology, production of round net printing is added with each passing day much, but because machine of round net printing is certain the confine of oneself condition, be in when printing corduroy fabric, large close web reflect this kind of fabric style go up or differ at platen printing machine.

The technical note of round net printing:

The element that in the light of influence printing product overall effect follows fabric style comes to ⑴ consideration design, the decorative pattern structure that the design chooses appropriate circle net, pattern is arranged, the change of configuration of the breed norms of treatment, design;

Onefold consideration pattern does not answer to be spent subtly on choice of mesh of ⑵ round net, piece area size, want to combine place to adopt craft to wait for integrated consideration with fabric norms.

⑶ makes sure the pattern in printing is clear-cut, avoid or decrease trichromatic (answer color) appear, in wanting to treat good design " color " with " color " between the relation of mutual influence, minute of line is adopted when draw stalks of grain (large fraction, small fraction, divide instead) with gimmick borrowing a line, the requirement that printing total effect should consider when the certain distance that distribute a line follows the element such as norms of lubricious oar property, fabric.

The difficulty of printing of ⑷ cloth with soft nap depends on making cloth with soft nap agree lubriciously with negative, outside dividing consideration lubricious oar so, consider the pressure of printing machine even. Pressure of beautiful network of machine of round net printing is to rely on drawknife pressure. It is with sheet of drawknife of platen printing machine blow an oar different, the action of round net drawknife is given priority to with pressing an oar, blow an oar to be complementary, and breed of its razor blade is onefold, name number has 4 number optional, ~ 0.20mm of bit ply 0.10mm, tall (wide) 40mm ~ 55mm, what edge follows point of tangency of round net wall is sectional show arc, pressure must proper, give an oar for promotion otherwise and can cause edge not to become tangent to become the contact of the face however with net wall without limit pressurization, can affect pattern outline result, make nap is pressed easily also channel of cover cloth with soft nap, chromatically of channel of adverse cloth with soft nap, encounter this state to be able to adopt the method of line knife, increase tigidity with double deck ply, namely bit back just is inserted under 1mm of this razor blade the left and right sides regards line as the knife, its line knife can be chosen along with demand thick or thin, printing of platen of unlike of blade of round net drawknife asks 4 Ping Sanguang is so severe, but also should give take seriously, especially careful pattern inspects its state to time use kibble stone or burnish of fine sand paper.

If use those who have magnetism marvellous requirement,imprint machine, should notice to imprint the crossbeam position of machine, because crossbeam discretion is removing net of tone pitch circle, drawknife to follow fabric 3 person between the action that suits each other, immediate impact is opposite to drawknife the quantity giving an oar of fabric, imprint in order to produce what cloth with soft nap gives priority to with large close web commonly machine beam position should some lower.

Printing of ⑸ cloth with soft nap especially careful pattern is prevented with choosing, discharge method is beautiful, not merely pattern is stereo sense is strong and avoid line to follow the ground (channel) the malpractice of off color.

⑹ makes sure its flower net arranges printing effect is one of main influencing factor, the pair of flowers, concern that conduct quality should note not merely in set technology accordingly, what consider the overall effect of printing to follow production even is successful, will make beautiful net arrange the place with this.

⑺ adopts what technology no matter, while the viscosity that masters randy oar follows ply, stimulative dye diffuses the auxiliary that follows to be permeated quickly (NNO of the powder that be like enlarge, urea) should somes dosage of more general fabric is big advisable.

⑻ decreases in printing because of cloth with soft nap kind if pull an oar,the downy place of fabric causes defect, block a net up to wait, can be before beautiful net pressurization white net, add a few to inspect at that time state and calm, should not be light on the fabric before imprinting or heavy oar.

3. Plain net printing

Plain net printing can be divided follow printing of automatic plain net for printing of manual plain net.

Printing of manual plain net is in long bedplate aspirant travel commercializes production. The surface of bedplate besmears beforehand a few bedplate glue, coil the cloth of printing flowing shakedown is on bedplate, next printing worker uses edition of hand shift net to be blown continuously along bedplate imprint, imprint entirely till fabric. The coating that net edition printing also uses commercial handiwork to had cut out at printing in great quantities piece. In the garment piece in printing process, the working procedure that make the clothing is arranged together with printing process, in tailor garment piece before this, imprint design in the garment piece on. Because printing of manual net edition can be aimed at big flower to answer pattern to make large network edition, because this passes this printing,the method also can print bath towel of such as seaside, novel printing apron, heavy curtain to wait for fabric with bath shade. Printing of manual net edition also is used at printing set limit to, fashionable woman clothing and print small lot to use at putting market explore on the product of the road.

Rate of printing of automatic plain net is rapid, bear imprint content carries net edition to be in through wide oak adhesive plaster. Printing of automatic net edition also is intermittent type is not continuous craft. In this kind of craft, fabric moves to stop to net edition, drawknife is blown automatically after imprinting, fabric moves ceaselessly to next net edition below. Printing of automatic net edition can be used only at making a fabric, the garment that has cut out piece general need not this method. Commercialize manufacturing technology as a kind, because love to accept the round net revenue stamp with manufacturing taller efficiency, so, CS-1000 beauty can amount to the crop of printing of automatic plain net to dropping. Make the following item should notice when characteristic printing with technology of plain net printing.

Printing of ⑴ sodden flower

Sodden flower was to use vitriolic have hydrolysis effect to cellulose fiber, and make the principle of fiber char. Corduroy kind sodden beautiful bottom line can choose polyester fibber or real silk. And cloth with soft nap kind choose cellulose fiber, after be being handled via sodden flower, can acquire printing share transparent and not the comparative effect with printing opaque part. Choose a kind already acid-proof and the core that the thickener that has permeated is sodden flower.

⑵ frostwork printing

Frostwork corduroy is the corduroy product with a kind of technology and additional higher cost. Frostwork corduroy can be divided unplug for monochromatic, double color, copy color wait for a variety of styles. In the center, color of copy of frostwork double color unplugs the manufacturing principle of corduroy passes fabric surface namely chemistry follows physical action, make local frost white or full ground frost is white, also can make its frost white via coloring or printing the part becomes angry and form cloth with soft nap, 2 colour and lustre end cloth with soft nap follow pattern of pattern of of all kinds. Destroy the sulphur dye on monochromatic fabric, active dye with strong oxidant, uses strong oxidant is potassium permanganate or natrium of second chloric acid normally.

⑶ anaglyph printing

Anaglyph printing is cloth with soft nap kind after fabric carbonadoes via baking with tailor-made printing oar solid is worn and had special effect. Through the fabric of anaglyph printing, can reflect a stereo feeling to feel with archaize, have the opaque color of sodden flower already, have epispastic stereo feeling again, concave and convex effect is very outstanding, sunken the figure that go down appears gorgeous burnish, and burnish of bulgy downy decorative pattern is soft with, give people with different visual effect. The finishing core of anaglyph printing effect depends on auxiliary, equipment, craft the choice of 3 element.

⑷ cover imprints printing

Coloured corduroy fabric is overspread directly imprint printing can use different design form to obtain different applied result, effect of design of dot, line is best. On general impression cloth the cover imprints so desirable that unplug white effect, enhanced the result of contrast of light and shade of cloth cover. The silk screen that also can adjust printing edition looks number follows drawknife pressure, make the cover imprints thereby the effect stresses stereo feeling. Coloured cloth cover imprints can join lubricious oar of light color to the cover Yin Baizhong is smooth apply. In the attention when choosing oar of cover Yin Bai: It is good that oar of good cover Yin Bai must have an oar to pledge softness of strong, feel, prison spends exquisite, covering power, do not block net, high temperature up not to float yellow wait for a characteristic. The oar divides better cover Yin Bai outside having above characteristic, still have the characteristic with touch denaturation good. Liquidity is had when churning namely and dormant when without fluidity, not merely printing of net of comfortable use Yu Ping, printing of net of comfortable also use Yu Yuan.

⑸ cloth with soft nap kind the coating of fabric unplugs active dye printing

Active and collective printing follows in a few coating in, constant need imprints in the cover extract when coating color of active dye ground; Need to join citric acid to wait at the same time in coating so do alkaline in will destroy active dye to deliver quality with the agent. The choice of agent of acid-proof thickener, acid-proof bind is core.

Acrylic kind thickener is alkaline add stiff polymer, encounter acid to be lost namely increase stiff capacity. Algal acid natrium encounters acid to also be destroyed add stiff sex, afore-mentioned thickener are so unwell makings of use Yu Tu unplugs imprint printing.

Of fabric of ⑹ cloth with soft nap unplug imprint

With corduroy of active dye colored kind of the product unplug white or unplug imprint, on market although not not little, but the product has distinguishing feature very much.

⑺ cloth with soft nap kind the bullion pink printing of the product

Printing core is in bullion pink to be able to bear or endure at choosing to have oxidisability, be able to bear or endure it is good to await a gender block net, itself up softly, not easily not to fizzle out with lubricious sterling, feel change and the transparent bind agent after stoving, imprint the hue after going out shines chastely beautiful.

⑻ cloth with soft nap kind the bead light printing of the product

Bead light printing uses the pearl burnish of bead light pink to undertake coating printing namely. Bead light pink has natural coating of bead light pink, man-made bead smooth pink, micaceous titanium bead light pink, with micaceous titanium coating bead smooth pink fights oxidisability best, it has dispersive to pearlescent pigment sex good, consistency is big, after becoming film, do not float the characteristic with yellow, transparent film.

The tall prison of fabric of ⑼ cloth with soft nap spends printing

Right prison spend the coating printing that has special demand to be able to adopt tall prison to spend printing oar to follow lubricious oar to be applied directly. Apply this kind of coating not to block a net up, imprint taste feel softness, prison of dry wet grinding of general colour and lustre is spent can amount to 4 class. Also can spend a requirement to cooperate to apply with side oar according to different prison.

The epispastic printing of fabric of ⑽ cloth with soft nap

Epispastic printing embraces bossed to feel, stereo sense is strong, prison spend actor, do not block a net up, apply convenient. Use commonly at in light color printing or decorative pattern of bubble of white hair of direct carry affix an official seal. If want to increase whiteness to be able to cooperate to overspread Yin Bai oar to apply, but affect epispastic height. Need to be under 80 ℃ after printing (or natural airing) thoroughly dry after appearing, at 130 ℃ , bake below 30s condition carbonado epispastic, epispastic before stoving temperature cannot too tall, otherwise easy and local epispastic, reduce overall and epispastic height. Bake carbonado epispastic temperature follows time to answer the basis produces a condition actually reasonable control, be like time long, temperature is high a bubble burst.

The sparge printing of fabric of ⑾ cloth with soft nap

Spraying decoration of sparge printing abbreviation. Technological process follows coating printing likeness, spraying decoration can reflect a rich and gaudy of admirable design and color to spend with outline bright and clean degree, flowers administrative levels is clear. Agent of spraying decoration bind has diaphaneity good, high temperature does not float softness of yellow, feel follows good mechanical stability (spraying decoration stability) wait for a characteristic.

⑿ cloth with soft nap kind printing of the softness of the product coating and Tu Ran

Coating printing makes because of feel problem its replace dye printing hard, apply thereby be restricted, the level that accordingly the feel of coating printing product is close to or reachs dye printing is the hope of people from beginning to end.

⒀ Gao Yan spends active dye printing

Printing of will active dye is used with thickener at active dye printing, get lubricious Ming Yan not merely, sex of osmotic, bath, feel is remarkable also acerbity natrium papers good Yu Haizao, special it is pair of black dye not gel, solved active Hei Yinrong kind the problem with fabric bad feel.

4. Characteristic is arranged

The color character that the assess of printing product should print the effect to organize norms with fabric itself with design is reflected after following deep treatment of fabric classics printing, make fabric is perfected, promoted class, increased additional cost to be accurate. Printing effect relies on printing not merely (include the sculpture, process that make a net) working procedure assures, still follow with quality of the see ban4cheng2pin3 before imprinting imprint aftertreatment (arrange) quality is relevant, can saying is " 33 make " , namely quality of around processing base fabric occupies 1/3, printing process occupies 1/3, after imprinting, arrange occupy 1/3. Especially corduroy is like quality of pre-treatment base fabric to cannot get assure, increase the difficulty of printing process not merely, and some problems are hind working procedure cannot be made up for, this affects product total result directly. Accordingly each working procedure of corduroy printing must close good quality. The pre-treatment, printing, mix colors, edition that make a net should be held on management, hind the production that trims 5 link is preliminary can go up in order to coordinate, medium, downstream working procedure.

Altogether, cloth with soft nap kind fabric has oneself uniqueness, printing deep treatment can be confluence of artistic aesthetic feeling on fabric, make a product of complete printing cloth with soft nap, make fabric promotes class, raise additional cost. Difficulty of technology of printing printing and dyeing is great, flexibility is strong, want to accumulate experience more in practice, according to particular situation integrated consideration establishs craft parameter.

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