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Exhibition of yarn of spin of 2014 China International is held in Shanghai

Published on:2014/10/29 13:19:00

Keyword:Yarn, chemical fibber, fiber, textile, bombazine, spin industry, the market, cotton spinning, fabrics, research
Introduction:Xinhua net Shanghai on October 21 report (Liu Peifang) on October 20, sponsor by federation of our country textile industry, branch of industry of spi...

Xinhua netShanghaiOn October 21 report (Liu Peifang) on October 20, sponsor by federation of our country textile industry, our country international trade promotes branch of committee spin industry to exhibit (with FrankfurtHong Kong) limited company, our countryCotton spinningKnit guild, our countryWool spinningKnit hemp of association of industry of chemical fiber of guild, our country, our country to spin center of information of spin of guild, our country the spin of international of 2014 our country that powerful powerful combination undertakes jointlyYarn(Qiu Dong) exhibition (the following abbreviation: Autumn winter yarn is exhibited) in Shanghai new international reads extensively the center kicks off. It is important to serve as one of spin industryExhibit meeting, qiu Dong yarn exhibits all previous to drill via the 12 harships calendar that carry, continue to innovate with perfect, already became spin nowIndustryA on chain important vane. Current yarn is exhibited exhibit an area to amount to 5000 ㎡, the 138 enterprises ginseng that gathered to come from 13 countries to follow an area is exhibited. Be worth what carry is, current yarn is exhibited will follow 2014 spin of our country internationalFabricsReach complementary makings (Qiu Dong) exposition, PH Value the first collect the corresponding period to be held together. 3 exhibit linkage, hit FMX-003 electrostatic volmeter to connect not merely from yarn- - fabrics- - hand-me-down- -DressThe natural resources of system of entire industry catenary of dress brand operation, also reflect the confidence with Chinese spin powerful industry to follow actual strength at the same time, and the newest trend that also shows development of Chinese spin estate to the world.

Force of domestic company labor is waited for send on-the-job He Yi exhibit on the meeting, the enterprise is absolutely leading role, in current Qiu Dong yarn is exhibited on, come from global much home well-known company will gather ceaselessly yarn is exhibited, them superior goods is revealed centrally come out. InChemical fibberAngle, academy of science of our country spin, ZhejiangLimited company of data of reform of fine of Jin Hui of limited company of Xing Huali chemical fibber, Suzhou will them the chemical fibber product of newest research and development is in exhibit reveal one by one on the meeting.

“ of the plan of 925 ” science and technology that prop up exceeds the national “ that by alliance of strategy of innovation of technology of chemical fibber industry the organization assumes synthetic fibre and technology of its textile industrialization develop copy cotton ” project already writtened guarantee at the current year the problem is checked and accept in August. In current Qiu Dong yarn is exhibited on, alliance of strategy of innovation of technology of chemical fibber industry will organize ginseng of each relevant attestation enterprise to exhibit, exhibit with be being installed especially form to industry inside and outside broad client recommends cotton of copy of new generation of ease continous —— product of polyester fiber series.

Quite at chemical fibber enterprise, although suffer,strand atCottonThe influence of policy, butShandongLimited company of limited company of poineering group of bridge of the Kingdom of Wei, spin of Nantong double great, JiangsuXin Jinlan spin makes the clothing the cotton spinning enterprise such as limited company of science and technology of valuable peaceful spin has finite liability company, Xiamen likewise enough confidence will attend yarn of current Qiu Dong to exhibit, be in exhibit oneself outstanding product is shown on the meeting. And angle is spun with hemp in wool spinning, control a limited company with Jin Da, HeilongjiangThe wool spinning that limited company of spin of the look forward to in limited company of fine flax spin and tung country city gives priority to afterwards of county of province Yan Shou spins an enterprise to be sure to be able to be wide audience to bring different surprise with hemp.

   AbroadCompany great ambition as before some closer year come, the earthen bowl full gold that overseas business earns in domestic yarn market is full. Autumn winter yarn is exhibited come again, they won't let off this naturally good good luck. In current exhibit on the meeting, come from India, Korea, Pakistan, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Wu Ci the company the current year that the many countries such as Biekesitan, Turkey follow an area will take new product to come to our country to join ceaselessly exhibit, india follows Pakistan in the center will still exhibit in order to extend conglomerate form in autumn winter yarn go up to appear centrally.

Explain according to exhibiting can relevant controller, abroad exhibit a group to current those who exhibit meeting expression is very active, they hope to be able to be its member as early as possible obligate is exhibited, good let them show newest bombazine product. Visible, in current exhibit on the meeting, the abroad great ambition that exhibit a group is not small. The Samil Spinning Co Ltd that comes from Korea is in the center one of. The textile demand of “ inland market, special the demand that is environmental protection textile, will rise steadily ceaselessly. This is the news with good profit to us, our main product is fiber of filament of tall tenacity man-made, include to exceed fine Modaier, mo Daier and day silk, it is environmental protection product. The assistant manager Isaac Hwang of ministry of sale of ” company research and development explains, the company still will show 3 new products, drysil® , Porexil® and Hysil. Drysil® a kind burgeoning the filament yarn that has favorable effect suction sweat, and Porexil® follows Hysil® is Peng of a kind of 100% man-made jet that does not have a ball change filament yarn to follow yarn of a kind of new-style and annular filament. Come from Indonesian PT Indorama Synthetics, will reveal its the product of top class bombazine that in Wu Ci new factory building produces Biekesitan. The company declares where one stands on behalf of Neeraj Gupta: We will be in “ exhibit meeting promotion to carry bombazine to follow freely use the eject of combing air current at knitting and tatting product to hand in pester gauze, and these products are produced be in area of rarely of this country grand from us only greenbelt factory building. ”

Keyword:Yarn, chemical fibber, fiber, textile, bombazine, spin industry, the market, cotton spinning, fabrics, research

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