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Machine fabric produces a course

Published on:2014/10/29 13:18:58

Keyword:Yarn, fabric, weaving, state, warping machine, knot classics machine, fluff, fiber, gas loom, warp sizing machine
Introduction:One. Interweave on loom by classics weft and the fabric of machine of the preparation before knitting of machine fabric is formed. In weaving experien...

One. The before knitting preparation of machine fabric

Interweave on loom by classics weft and machine fabric is formed. In weaving experience, warp follows end between, between classics weft, warp follows all sorts of thing on loom between, happening repeatedly fore-and-aft, transverse grind with bend. Follow flexibility to make yarn has enough strength, wearability, because of,do not send afore-mentioned all sorts of destroy the effect of force and happen to raid; To make gauze silk reduces defect disease, promotion is bright and clean degree, in order to ensure weaving manufactures efficiency, acquire good product; To increase the package length of yarn, benefit at serial production, must make before knitting, prepare to classics, weft, in order to achieve the technical properties of promotion classics, weft.

1. Canister of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy

Process of canister of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy has on cone winder. Its task is the spun yarn cop that will get in spinning project tries continue, in this size experience, make yarn is obtained proper, the tension that agrees equably; Press formulary demand, the examination follows the gauze defect such as section of degree of finish of cleared gauze on-line, impurity to follow dirt bits, form in clear defect experience small and soundly knot head; Winding becomes density even, capacity enough, figuration is good, facilitate the tube that retreats solution.

2. Warping

Warping undertakes on warping machine. The task of warping working procedure is to press craft to design the warp root of a regulation to count, on the tube from the warp creel after warping machine, derivative a gauze, press the length that designs a regulation, fabric width, in ensure yarn root follows a root between, piece with piece between, tension is even between around, below proper state, gauze piece parallel winding becomes the warp beam with good figuration.

3. Sizing

Sizing is a core working procedure in before knitting, preparing, undertake on warp sizing machine. The task of sizing working procedure advocate if promote yarn but weaving sex, the gauze that will pass sizing at the same time piece, in tension even, arrange the state that agrees equably with winding density equably to fall, winding becomes the beam with good figuration. Those who promote yarn but weaving sex, main watch is current 3 angle: It is to increase -- pass sizing, make a size penetrates yarn interior, reduce the possibility that yarn produces slippage between in-house fiber, increase yarn strength thereby, promotion bears the drawing, ability that pounds bear. 2 it is to protect extend -- in experience of size, drying, continuously the flexibility of yarn follows stretchy, because happen,do not send become fragile, change deadlocked and the broken end of the yarn when increasing weaving. 3 it is anti-friction -- in size, make one part serous Fu at yarn surface, form a chorion, stick the fluff of yarn surface add at gauze line to work on, in order to reduce yarn between, yarn is the same as the coefficient of friction between parts, promotion yarn is able to bear or endure rub grinding ability.

4. Wear classics or knot classics

This is last working procedure that before warp is knitted, prepares. The task of this working procedure is the requirement that designs fabric according to place, the derivative yarn on beam, press definite pattern, chase a root to cross stop classics piece, eye of put together silk ages with reed reed, so that shuttle mouth opens when weaving, bring into weft, weave the tissue that certain extent follows warp density. Wearing classics method traditionally is use manual method and have the aid of comes true at semi-automatic machinery. When the breed lot that should produce is bigger, can accept plane of automatic knot classics, the warp on will new, old beam chases a continue, implementation to wear classics work automatically.

5. Roll abb

Roll abb is the weft preparation working procedure before knitting. Main task is the weft tube that will changed package form, new on pirn winding machine winding, make it can accord with weaving requirement, appropriate density follows good figuration, tension even, facilitate retreat solution, have the package that accords with a requirement, in the meantime, eliminate defect of one part gauze, in order to change circumstance weft quality.

In weaving experience, pass when weft tension small and weft number of turn is bigger, or because weft twists instead when force is powerful, possible generation abb shrinks with phenomenon of remove manure from a pigsty. Go up to decrease or be prevented the generation of malady, besides reduce weft number of turn, outside increasing weft to withdraw solution pulling force, often still adopt wet, heating method to make weft twists surely.

2, the weaving of machine fabric

Pass the warp that before knitting, prepares, weft, want to undertake intertexture on loom, form fabric finally. The breed of loom, norms is very much. The mouth orgnaization that presses loom will divide, can divide for dish step (cam) loom of type loom, much arm type follows jacquard weave loom 3 kinds. Step dish of loom to use the fabric that makes the simple organization such as tabby, twill at knitting commonly, much arm loom can be used make the floret grain fabric with a bit mixed decorative pattern at knitting, and jacquard weave powerful machine can be knitted make fabric of complex old decorative pattern.

Press the shuttle box number on loom, can divide case of the shuttle that it is sheet (loom has case of a shuttle twice each) loom follows much shuttle case (loom a side or two side have case of an above shuttle each) loom. Former can use only at knitting the yarn dyed fabric that make sheet, latter can be used at knitting the yarn dyed fabric that make a flower.

What the basis brings abb method is different, loom can be divided follow shuttleless loom to have tatting opportunity two kinds. Former rely on clip to wear make pick, latter criterion change besides clip. In the center, staff of state relying on a sword comes those who bring abb call rapier loom, rely on jet air stream to come to those who bring abb weigh air-jet loom, stream of body relying on gush will bring the loom of water weighing gush of abb, rely on a shape shuttle to place those who will bring abb to weigh gripper loom. Still have the new-style loom that adopts other method to bring abb. Shuttleless loom is in our country to be popularized with world each district with comparing rapid rate.

It is why to be planted no matter loom, achieve string of classics, weft interweave, need commonly by the mouth, bring abb, dozen those who send the 5 big campaign such as classics, reel-up is abb, organic cooperate and of other and auxiliary motion cooperate, ability is able to come true.

1. Mouth motion presses the demand that the fabric of the design organizes, rise with definite pattern fall put together casing, form shuttle mouth, facilitating clip brings abb between shuttle mouth.

2. Lead abb campaign

Two side have loom having shuttle shuttle box stays for clip. In two side action of the orgnaization that send shuttle falls, clip marchs inside formulary time and pass shuttle mouth, the weft that will retreat unship to come introduces shuttle mouth, stay in next to side shuttle box inside, bring abb in order to have the next time.

3. The motion that hit abb falls in loom drive, the orgnaization that hit abb presses the weft that introduce to knit a mouth, implementation is the same as the intertexture of warp.

4. Sending classics motion its mission is follow weaving undertake, continue to make beam exits the warp of certain amount, the tension with make warp lasts constant.

5. Reel-up moves its task is to follow weaving undertake, make formation fabric in time from interweave area, on winding Yu Bugun, make filling density accords with weaving requirement.

Outside dividing 5 afore-mentioned main movement, still have via stopping oneself, be short of abb to stop oneself, weft supply (change shuttle) wait to assist movement by auxiliary orgnaization pilot.

Keyword:Yarn, fabric, weaving, state, warping machine, knot classics machine, fluff, fiber, gas loom, warp sizing machine

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