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Yarn exhibits: Look forward to of gauze of China and foreign countries seeks poor dissimilation to develop in competition

Published on:2014/10/29 13:18:57

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Introduction:As the development of spin industry, yarn of spin of international of 2014 our country (Qiu Dong) exhibition (yarn of the following abbreviation exhib...

As the development of spin industry, yarn of spin of international of 2014 our country (Qiu Dong) exhibition (yarn of the following abbreviation exhibits) , continueing to innovate with in perfecting, already became the important vane of spin industry.

The reporter is in exhibit meeting site to understand, current sponsor by federation of our country textile industry, our country trade closes to branch of meeting spin industry is exhibited with Frankfurt (Hong Kong) the yarn that hemp of association of industry of chemical fiber of guild of spin of wool of guild of spin of cotton of limited company, our country, our country, our country, our country spins center of information of spin of guild, our country to undertake jointly is exhibited, the ginseng of many 100 enterprise that gathered to come from more than 10 country to follow an area is exhibited, exhibit an area to amount to 5000 square metre.

Current yarn is exhibited with fabrics of spin of our country international reached complementary makings 2014 (Qiu Dong) exposition, PHValue the first collect and the corresponding period of exposition of knitting of our country international is held together, 3 exhibit linkage, get through arrive from yarn fabrics, arrive again hand-me-down, the system of entire industry catenary of operation of dress dress brand.

Imprint, cling to market of our country of race to control

Exhibit according to yarn sponsor Fang Zhi one, frankfurt is exhibited (Hong Kong) Wen Ting shows the senior general manager of limited company, india exhibits a group to show newest bombazine product, booked ahead of schedule exhibit. With this at the same time, pakistan exhibits business to still follow in former years exactly like, dimensions did not narrow.

In recent years, india maintains with Pakistan attend yarn to exhibit, will attend yarn to exhibit regarding is to march the way with our country exclusive and efficient market. Have ginseng exhibit business to make known one's position, compare our country congener product, india has price advantage with Pakistan product, this is to attract India to attend yarn to exhibit to Shanghai with Pakistan enterprise, the greatest power of market of our country of race to control.

Make known his position according to the personage inside course of study, in recent years, although the bombazine of our country produces company transition to upgrade, gradually race to control in high-end market. But India of two big competitors follows Pakistan industry, also be in promote its yarn technology, attend yarn to exhibit through forming a delegation, expand its are in our country the proportion of the market.

But afore-mentioned personages also point out, instantly our country stopped cotton to close temporarily store policy, begin to implement purpose value new policy, this has active sense to yarn enterprise. So, the competitive pattern of enterprise of domestic and international yarn will produce tremendous change.

In the breakthrough in competition

"Every industry, want to develop only, competition exists forever. " the ginseng that comes from Zhejiang exhibits business to be opposite come from abroad and driving competitor, do not have too much apprehension. But he is not denied, yarn market competition turns white-hot increasingly, yarn produces a business how break out of an encirclement, it is the problem that urgent need solves.

In fact, in recent years, domestic company goes after poor dissimilation to develop in competition, already found new breakthrough place.

Exhibit an organizing committee to concern personnel specification according to yarn, current yarn is exhibited, have science of our country spin academy, without stannum 4 cotton spinning knit limited company of science and technology of fiber of grand of couplet of limited company, Zhejiang, Fujian 100 grand get together fine science and technology is industrial the enterprise such as limited company, revealed poor dissimilation, function to turn a product, caused the attention of industry.

As we have learned, exhibit meeting service quality to rise, yarn exhibits an organizing committee ceaseless innovation is optimized exhibit the service means of the meeting to follow content. Exhibit during the meeting, sponsor the situation that just is aimed at an industry with professional association to follow development demand, invited come from the expert inside the industry, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to undertake a series of special subject makes a speech, follow to exhibit business to discuss with meeting travelling merchant, ginseng at present yarn product follows direction of technical research and development.

The personage inside afore-mentioned course of study thinks, be competitive existence, force cotton spinning enterprise achieves tremendous breakthrough on product research and development -- use the of all kinds fiber that be not cotton, research and development high-grade pure bombazine, let cotton spinning enterprise enter a new development level.

Keyword:Yarn, the market, spin industry, bombazine, cotton spinning, the price, spin science, cotton fiber, fiber, cotton

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