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18 Zai Chunqiu add write · of city of butterfly dance another name for Ningbo Neon skirt is brilliant

Published on:2014/10/29 13:18:23

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Introduction:On October 26, 2014, division of clothing of international of the 18th peaceful wave is in by a definite date peaceful wave international exhibition c...

On October 26, 2014, division of clothing of international of the 18th peaceful wave is in by a definite date peaceful wave international exhibition center concludes satisfactorily, take big strides has been stridden " 18 years old of grown ceremonies " . Current clothing division follows government of people of peaceful wave city to be sponsorred jointly by association of clothing of federation of our country textile industry, our country.

Current clothing division surrounds " skirt of originality Ning Bo, Neon is Oriental " theme, buckle closely " 4 catenary rise 3 times " masterstroke, make chain of catenary of real estate catenary, the market that do work, the service that become actor, make strong innovation chain, through exhibiting stage, T stage, dais 3 carrier, heighten the actual effect of clothing division. Organization of current clothing division held an exhibition to negotiate, vogue is exhibited act, dress forum 3 big board piece, 42 professional activities, the production that involves spin dress, design, research and development, sale, talent, channel is built wait for element of entire industry catenary. According to preliminary count, current clothing division was attracted in all come from the whole world such as the United States, Argentine, Canada, Australia, England, France, Germany, Italy, Korea 30 many countries follow an area, 20 many provinces of countrywide (city) , professional traveling trader follows the municipality outside many 10 thousand churchyard round group of more than 100 essential trade attends a meeting negotiate, purchase, home, outside travelling merchant amount promotes further, the scale of high-end travelling merchant rises further, common people attention is spent rise further, visiting number breaks through 60 thousand person-time.

Effect of deal with concrete matters relating to work of tamp industry strength, pattern time is renewed brilliant

All through the ages of the meeting that take gain is the crucial activity of clothing division, insist to be begged in order to innovate live, plan development with actual effect, set in all exhibit 2000, cent sets men's clothing to exhibit an area, female outfit exhibits an area, childen's garments, outdoors motion recreational outfit follows international brand dress to exhibit an area, vogue is exhibited perform an area, complementary makings and intelligent equipment extend dress range area, manufacturing company is sold continuously exhibit an area to wait. Have come from 6 countries such as the United States, Japan, England, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan to be saved with 16 (city) , ginseng of 265 241 industries that the area follows and other places of Hong Kong, Taiwan, brands is exhibited.

The conference taking gain that takes the 18th year enters a road to go up to be stridden again in what finish entire industry catenary solid one pace, install to the student on foundation of catenary of industry of men's clothing, female outfit, childen's garments, outdoors and recreational outfit is outspread, the entire industry chain that to the face from dress brand, treatment, design complementary makings turns equipment with intelligence, one-stop purchase negotiate commerce platform is outspread, the structure of spin garment industry that drives Ning Bo continues to optimize.

Attract travelling merchant eyeball, divide fir of Yageer, Luo Meng, waxwing, fir, the Tang Dynasty lion " senior " card of ginseng item on display, the Italian men's clothing that still the current year lands the meeting that take gain first, headgear, deserve to act the role of, marriage gauze the 4 old brands, international brand such as KROP of American apple, Hong Kong, more stylist brand has addiction, mustard to wait in succession the glamour of originality of coruscate new fighting spirit, obtain numerous the favour that purchases business.

The business of card of ginseng item on display of the current year is exhibited in cloth also ingenuity carry alone, clever cloth exhibits originality to let clothing division appear young: Luo Meng makes those who give an assemble vogue to feel with the design exhibit a house, tie-in the Ying Lunnan model that change of 4 temperamental grace, business suit walks on, be vividly portrayed of brand fixed position; The Tang Dynasty lion is exhibited look those who be like column of a paling to assemble is giant case, however uniquely interiorly installed magnificent colour sense of sight. "We should create the experience of a kind of stirring, unexpected for the client, the new form of lion of Shi Tang of every detail Dou Zaiquan inside inn, the change that we show in a kind of atmosphere can follow in a space, be clear about continuously on whole again at the same time differentiate consistently force. " student outfit exhibits an area exterior wait for emulation decorations with green meadow and windmill, flowers and plants, green and fashionable breath is brimmed over with at exhibiting a house in.

Fashionable regale is luxuriant seize a body, two end climb riant curve litre

"Improve quality, extend channel, enhance company profit ability, quicken garment industry to fashionable industry transition, already made the basic outlet that at present transition of company of our city traditional clothing upgrades. " city classics is believed appoint vice director Zhou Xueming says on forum of dress of 2014 our country.

"We want to be met through making major exhibit, highlight industrial catenary characteristic, attract major to buy the home, lead fashionable tide, improve service quality, do finally make industry of garment of strong our city greatly. " classics of peaceful wave city is believed appoint Zhou Xueming of director of office of vice director, organizing committee publishs the development demonstrate method that industry of Ning Bo garment is on the meeting in news again.

Upgrade with the brand to promote quality through raising level of research and development, design, current clothing division declares where one stands first " week of fashionable dress of peaceful wave international " concept, brand of 19 domestic and international dress and work of stylist of new fighting spirit publish assemble beautiful; Popularity of fabrics of spin of our country of 2015/2016 Qiu Dong develops tendercy to be published in show more than 1000 products, give popular development tendercy vane for clothing company; Work of stylist of new fighting spirit of 10 groups of China and foreign countries is taking gain meeting site undertakes a static state reveal; Global spin dress supplies congress of catenary butt joint to build platform of information communication, collaboration, in waiting, senior talented person follows design of industry of garment of stimulative whole world, layout, research and development, originality communication of butt joint of peaceful wave enterprise; Undergraduate of Sino-British spin school is pressed " INTREX " fixed position of dress brand market undertakes with brand style men's clothing starts a design formerly hand-in-hand travel work is published, development brand achieves design new perspective formerly; "Phoenix village " prize-giving ceremony of contest of cup dress design gives excellent design talent to follow fashionable news for clothing company.

In the one aspect of the matter of 3 houses, outfit of student of peaceful wave city exhibited an area to attract a lot of travelling merchant to stop. The student outfit that appears on clothing division first exhibits an area to cover an area of 330 smooth rice, share outfit of nearly 20 students and ginseng of student bedding enterprise to exhibit, revealed practical the student outfit that is united in wedlock with fashionable photograph starts design concept formerly, what be catenary of industry of peaceful wave garment is outspread undertook active brand appear with promotion.

The reporter still discovers on clothing division, more dress design what elemental backside had big data to prop up, partial enterprise already began to sell dress data to undertake conformity, undertake an analysis to the change of tonal, design, conclude ahead of schedule through big data give its to development develops tendency and make manufacturing sale plan. Dress of institute of art of peaceful wave university fastens director Liu Yun Huaceng to elaborate his viewpoint: In this informatization times, traditional clothing company makes joint-stock source through big data is a kind of necessary step, the measure that big clothing company wants to use high-tech has done the government of him interior informatization; Medium or small clothing company should hold his crucial dominant position, it is clear and idiosyncratic where be, it is to produce treatment to originality of advantage, design has advantage or sale to have an advantage after all.

Below new normal state with " change " beg put, the machine changes hasten of place of situation of National People's Congress

"The confluence that dress follows science and technology is more and more close together, each technology is brought possibly to dress production all-around change, upgrade for garment industry transition infuse is powerful motivation. " go up in forum of dress of 2014 our country, chen Guojiang of vice-chairman of association of our country clothing says so.

Equestrian power dress revealed on current clothing division brand-new of development " coffee carbon fabrics " , serve as raw material with coffee, through the technological process that a series of specializationing, extract coffee carbon fiber from which, the treatment that goes up through craft is made, use it in clothing fabrics, it is coffee carbon fabrics namely, not merely frivolous, still can suck lukewarm calorific, the fabrics innovation of heat preservation underwear had not small breakthrough again.

And another Ning Bo that makes complementary makings make one's fortune alls alone research and development of division spin Inc. gave a dress custom-built car, three-dimensional human body scanning equipment uses data of pair of human body dress to undertake be metricaled accurately, install a car to go up, make large quantities of quantities private and custom-built professional clothing becomes a possibility. According to explaining, dress custom-built car opens an unit, the person that estimate put oneself in another's position should be worn only dishabille is in 5 seconds on railroad car stage, can gain a piece of accurate indication height, 3 surround the three-dimensional block diagram that waits for data of 50 multinomial dress, a hour of Neikeshi shows the quantity body of hundreds of people, promoted work efficiency greatly. Exhibition period already had company of peaceful wave clothing to show purchase intent.

Innovation of science and technology changes for what traditional garment industry brings always is get effect instantly, in clothing division vogue of stylist of new fighting spirit is published in show, the reporter discovered need not the fashionable dress that stitch a gleam of oversews, "Author " arms of stylist Yellow Sea discloses, this is to not have seam ultrasonic technology, this kind of technology uses the tentative idea at fashionable dress to already had more than 10 years, many difficulty were encountered during this, through 10 years burnish of research and development just matures, ability has today's taste newly publish. " Yellow Sea arms still makes known his position, the contribution with this the largest engineering technology depends on those who promote garment manufacturing industry changing, the dress need not be seamed in the future, production enterprise can cast off one person the labor of a sewing machine is concentrated model production, a staff member operates 4 machines, productivity will promote greatly.

The development trend that from the current year measure of company of machinery of 5 houses clothing reverses times growth is not ugly piece, nowadays, clothing company is faced with come from the market to turn white-hot the double pressure that competition rises with cost expenses, want adversity break out of an encirclement, "Machine substitution " can yet be regarded as a kind of optimal choice: One angle, introduce through what advanced equipment follows craft, can improve manufacturing efficiency, promote a product quality; Another angle, change through intelligence, automation production, can eliminate redundant able-bodied person, managing cost expenses.

"Change " it is a kind of manner, it is a kind of strategy more, it is on the road of cragged transition, beg only change beg innovation, what just can realize traditional industry is perfect " butterfly change " .

Classics trade negotiates the pull wires that build the bridge, the travelling merchant that postpone business is harvested quite abundant

Congress of agency of dress of 2014 whole nations and buy a concentration to cross a country to purchase to receiving meeting, 2014 international order goods butt joint of business of cable of dress of meeting, 2014 our country is met... during clothing division, trade of classics of dress of a field negotiates the activity lets join meeting enterprise too many things to see. Compare with in former years, the clothing division activity of the current year more highlight actual effect sex, build the bridge for clothing company pull wires really " seek welfare " .

Turn to help force clothing company further the market inside the Warring States, widen channel of sale in domestic market, the travelling merchant that the butt joint of the current year can invite is increased from the department store with pure in former years wait to mart, agency, group of group of group of silver-colored peaceful group, general merchandise of Shanghai new world, Pacific Ocean general merchandise, Central Plains general merchandise, Hangzhou sees 100 groups 126 dress agency and dress agent controller attend a meeting the butt joint is purchased. The 8 brands controller such as Sai Junkai of shellfish of law of apple, love, Yi, mustard, Ou Bo follows can recommend negotiate. Agency of very much provincial city is right brand dress interest of Ning Bo is strong, speak bluntly is too short to receiving meeting time, commendatory brand is too little, the meeting after the meeting goes exhibiting the spot to look well again.

To promote brand of peaceful wave dress " electric business is changed " upgrade with transition, company of the business that it is report offers more and more strategies cooperative opportunity, alibaba, Beijing east a store, inn, taste a batch of home such as Sha of Ba of meeting, dream only sale of famous each big platform business, acting operation business, digitlization follows electric business retail chief arrives personally spot of electric business plenary meeting, talk about collaboration with be in harmony of brand dress butt joint.

3 cross a country to purchase congress is effect more apparent, have the 191 spin dress that comes from the 20 many countries such as the United States, Argentine, Canada, Australia, England to follow an area kind high grade purchase an enterprise to attend a meeting purchase. Dress of Luo Keniu young, Jin Hui, Lin follows exert of red of Nuo Boer dress, Hua Yi dress, Cheng Wen knitting, Xin Dachang, lion, Ou Bo, Kang Nan spin, take the lead in brand, . Bengal foreign trader issues sheet to Cheng Wen knitting in the center 3 container fabrics; Boer purchase amounts to Xiang Nuo of Iranian foreign trader the dress of 80 thousand U.S. dollor; American foreign trader purchases the dress of 1 million amount to Hua Yi dress; French foreign trader follows take the lead in brand reachs preliminary cooperation agreement; Egypt foreign trader follows Luo Meng to negotiate deep, suffer invite go to a factory looking around.

The travelling merchant of activity of eliminate above major, current clothing division already attended a meeting travelling merchant amounts to 8000 more than person for certain, a lot of ginseng exhibit an enterprise to make known his position clearly, because sponsor square tentative plan,comprehensive, preparation reachs the designated position, effect of division of clothing of the current year is distinct good at in former years. Laborious Ba Na childen's garments has client of 60 many intent to join in, fang Xiang is knitted belt receive 80 many order. Malic intent joins in business 40 many, waxwing dress receives 19 to join in intent, outside basically coming from a province famous commerce square, yi Sai Junkai is received in all join in the dress of intent many 20, intent client of Aifabei near 50, piquant child childen's garments is received join in intent 30 many, mai Zhonglin has 30 agency spot to express cooperative intention, the intent that one spends the trigger of CAD/CAM dress appearance of automation science and technology to reach 300 thousand yuan clinchs a deal amount. The numerous controller that take look forward to makes known his position to commercialize the effect to make known his position to affirm amply to the current year on the spot, want clearly to increase investment on the clothing division of next year, increase scope, exhibit with enougher preparative ginseng with better figure.

The message says, the division of clothing of international of the 19th peaceful wave of next year will be held at will coming 25 days on October 22, 2015.

Keyword:Dress, dress, the market, fabrics, automation, knitting, female outfit, clothing machinery, sewing machine, the dress

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