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Explanation Lai gets stuck

Published on:2014/10/29 13:18:15

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Introduction:. Lai gets stuck (LYCRA) , the trade name of fibrous of black silk ribbon of ammonia of bounce of a kind of man-made that is production of exclusive c...

. Lai gets stuck (LYCRA) , the trade name of fibrous of black silk ribbon of ammonia of bounce of a kind of man-made that is production of exclusive creation of Du Bang company says. It is black silk ribbon of the polyester that produces with dry method filature ammonia, its fiber is by flexible catenary catenary of Duan Gengang sex paragraph composition, be such molecular structure, gifted the extensibility with Lai exceedingly good card follows stretch reply performance. Laikakela extends the 4-7 that grows formerly times, the reply is led 100% , compare with balata, flexibility is longer more abiding, and weight light 1/3. It must not be applied alone, can interweave with any other man-made or natural fiber apply. It does not change the outward appearance of fabric, it is a kind of invisible fiber, can great improvement the function of fabric. Instantly, lai card already was used what produce at spin product extensively each domains, its are in the application of garment industry is very broad also; Light thin close-fitting underwear arrives massiness appearance, wait to fashionable suit from sportswear.

The characteristic that Lai blocks follows application

(1) , fiber reachs his to apply

Lai card is disappear smooth white, translucence or transparent filament form, its are fineness for 11dtex-1880dtex. All sorts of fineness Lai card silk basically should use at: Transparent silk socks; Circular knitwear () of clothing of underwear, sports; Leg guard socks; Narrow takes waist band; Women's the warp-knitted fabric of underwear swimsuit; Medical article (gigging cut into parts piece, the) such as bandage; Shoe kind wait.

(Form of 2) , yarn

Lai card is main in fabric in order to wrap core gauze / the bag pesters silk / the silk that wrap Fu appears with the form of naked silk.

The gauze that wrap core / the bag pesters gauze / the gauze that wrap Fu has the thread that wrap Fu (wait like cotton, abb, real silk) exterior feel, have good flexibility again at the same time, this kind of gauze should be used extensively in of all kinds fabric.

Lai blocks naked silk to have good coloring performance to follow take a sex. Lai card naked silk often is used wait at mouth of knitting underwear, socks, bandage, kit. Lai blocks can stretchy when drawing attenuate to should be used at the product such as transparent silk socks, more show garment inviting glamour.

(The 3) , application in fabric

Lai card is having conspicuous extend sex. To knitwear character, its much Xiang Yan is exhibited is decided by fabric itself, what Lai cassette comes is drawing only and the flexibility of the reply. Have on the way that machine cloth is weaving Lai to get stuck only extend a gender, be like warp knitting (linear to) or weft knitting (horizontal line to) .

1, in machine fabric

Lai card is used at warp, fabric is in fore-and-aft have extensibility; Gauze of use Yu Wei, fabric will have transverse flexibility; If use Lai card in classics weft, criterion fabric has two-way flexibility.

2, in knitted fabric

The Lai in weft knitting knitted fabric blocks naked silk to use make the same score knitted fabric at pledging gently; Gauze of card bag Fu uses Lai to be tasted at socks, the cuff of knitting pullover; The gauze that wrap core often is used what use with underwear at knitting pullover is light qualitative plain knit knitted fabric; The bag pesters gauze to often use Yu Luowen machine.

Get stuck with Lai in warp-knitted fabric advocate if increase the extensibility of fabric, make dress has exceedingly good applicability to follow comfortable sex.

3, tissue is brought in narrow in

Narrow brings tissue inside the application in belt of the garment, garment is wide. Lai card gives narrow to bring tissue abiding with easy high-powered spring. Can use at producing fine thin exquisite contemporary the cummerbund that exceeds light female underwear, improvement follows continuously its appearance follows bodily form.

(4) , Lai blocks the advantage in dress angle

1, extremely rich flexibility and be out of shape not easily

Lai card can enhance the flexibility of fabrics, it can be applied with all sorts of different fiber union, no matter be natural,still be man-made fibre, the outward appearance that won't change fabrics follows qualitative move. Like abb + Lai blocks fabrics not merely flexibility is good, and have better fit look, protect form sex, drapability to follow the gender can be worn to wait after washing; Cotton + Lai card has cotton fibrous not merely the comfortable, advantage that breathe freely, return give attention to two or morethings the stretch good, not easy metabolic that cotton place does not have is characteristic, make more close-fitting, fit, softness follows fabric comfortable etc. Lai card can increase distinctive good point for dress more: Freely of close-fitting and comfortable, activity follows to last for a long time appearance is changeless.

2, any fabrics can use Lai card

Laikake is used at poplin of fabric of cotton knitted fabric, double-faced abb, real silk, Ni Guan fabric follows different cotton cloth.

3, the comfortable sex that Lai blocks

In recent years, the people that has deep love for vogue is right of city busy feel depressive with competition, they do not wish the garment that daily photograph accompanies brings them to manacle, and in dress continuously decent while, need follows comfortable unity. And the dress that Lai blocks, having the characteristic that comfortable and formfitting, activity freelies, satisfied contemporary society the people need to dress dress.

4, the effect that Lai blocks pair of design

Close-fitting dress does not become aware close bundle; Dress Zhang Ge has degree, fit and not cabined, have better drapability; Childen's garments is more red-blooded, freely can skip after be being worn.

5, the design distinguishing feature that Lai blocks

No matter comfortable or narrow the design of the body, same cozy nature; Without cockle, also too won't comfortable, and perfect and formfitting, reflect simple aesthetic perception amply; Hour is close-fitting enjoy.

The treatment of goods of the card that contain Lai maintains function

Lai card is had good can machine maintain function. Great majority of Lai card ability is commonly used the processing of chemical reagents, after the most craft that fabric of the card that contain Lai can machine according to the other fiber that makes together undertakes whole, printing follows catching, arrange. Lai card goods maintains convenient, if do not have special introduction, can adopt the catharsis method that most fiber composition asks in fabric. Lai card can be used common wash clothes black is cleaned with scour, but should avoid to contain chloric bleacher to follow strong base.

The popularity that Lai blocks is analytic

Review dress to develop the history, the child that the popularity that we discover not hard to arisen, Lai blocks stretch fibrous is development of science and technology not merely and it is the best explanatory note that times spirit follows civilization. The retractile, easy that Lai card brings to goods suited the function such as body to cater to modern dress concise and straightforward design style and seek convenient and comfortable and optional, quick, facilitate the modern way of life of recreational motion. The knowledge that dress follows the mankind, breeding exactly like, it is to be in the interior idea that shows people. Lai blocks the fabrics application in dress, not merely shirt-sleeve the distinctive culture connotation that modern life follows modern dress, more created have revolutionary fashionable idea extremely.

Keyword:Fabric, dress, fiber, fabrics, abb, knitting, socks, knitwear, filar socks, ammoniac black silk ribbon

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